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Lost Ark Paladin Guide & Best Builds: SUP DPS Holy Knight

Lost Ark Class Guide: Holy Knight/Paladin Builds PVP - PVE - SUP - DPS

Holy Knight (Paladin), is the unique hybrid SUP & DPS Holy Knight class in the Lost Ark that can build for anything. While many PVE players see it as a simple support profession, which is not. Therefore, they misunderstand and underestimate the power of the Holy Knight (Paladin) DPS Judgment Builds.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Holy Knight (Paladin) class PVP/PVE guide with SUP/DPS builds that include engravings, gameplay, stats, and skills. As a result, it will change your idea about this class and open up many ways for you to build this hybrid profession uniquely unlike others.

In short: Holy Knight or Paladin is the 4th class of warriors in the Lost Ark MMORPG game. It’s not just a support class as players can use a fast gameplay build to do a high amount of damage. Especially after one of the big balanced updates that boosted the Holy Knight (Paladin) main DPS ability. Moreover, It can be built to be a DPS class, support, or hybrid in PVE and PVP. On top of that, the class still gets DPS Puff through occasional updates, and over time it has become easier to be a DPS than a support class.

Holy Knight (Paladin) Class Overview:

Holy Knight (Paladin) is a melee-type and unique hybrid warrior class (SUP/DPS) in the Lost Ark MMORPG game. Besides, it’s the fourth warrior character that uses a long one-handed sword as a weapon (there is no book, it’s just a skills appearance nothing else).

Moreover, Holy Knight (Paladin) can be chosen at a character level of 10 from a warrior advanced professions group selection that also includes Berserker, Warlord (Gunlancer), and Destroyer classes.

Additionally, you can find below other similar classes to the Holy Knight (Paladin) including their builds and guides for the Lost Ark game. Since they are in the same warrior category:

Furthermore, since this hybrid warrior character considers a support class, you can find below other related Lost Ark SUP classes:

Holy Knight (Paladin) uses the power of light to inflict damage on enemies. At the same time, it can support allies during the battles in all Lost Ark dungeons.

This class can endure a lot, as its skills have many defensive attributes (mostly for himself). As you will find that many of his skills have a barrier that absorbs damage instead of receiving it.

Holy Knight (Paladin) Identity:

Holy Knight (Paladin) class Identity or special ability in the Lost Ark MMORPG world consists of two parts.

Holy Knight (Paladin) can accumulate Faith during battles, which can be spent on the two blessings depending on the situation or the player’s build.

For example, doing high DPS by himself by being able to unleash the energy of the Light into his sword, increasing the damage and range of his fencer skills.

On the other side, doing healing and buffing support by creating a blessed aura that increases his damage and his nearby allies.

Is Holy Knight (Paladin) Just A Support Class In Lost Ark?

Many people think that HolyKnight or Paladin is just another support class like the Bard class. However, they completely forget the other ability that boosts DPS far beyond any other class.

For example, at the start of T3 content, our Holy Knight (Paladin) character was doing like 35%~40% DMG Done in one of the Lost Ark normal void dungeons (the rest of the team was close in gear level).

However, since all classes can do DPS (even support classes have DPS builds), most people are looking for support classes instead of DPS (This is common in MMORPG).

Therefore, to do better than Bard in Lost Ark PVE, a DPS Build with Some healing SUP is the best choice for Holy Knight (Paladin).

It’s Useless To Focus On Support Only:

Since Holy Knight (Paladin) is a melee class, just providing support without doing DPS is just useless and no fun, which is based on our long-time experience playing with the class.

This is also because we see many Lost Ark Holy Knight SUP Builds users running uselessly all the time inside Lost Ark dungeons. Sometimes they might not even touch the bosses. Also, support builds cant solo things in Lost Ark.

However, if you are looking for the best main support class in the game then see the Bard guide and build at the link below:

One Of Our Stories In-game With A SUP Holy Knight (Paladin) Player:

One of the times when the Holy Knight Class was just released, we were doing a dungeon with a Holy Knight player who was just giving us support without hitting the boss.

After several failures (the boss level was close to us), we begged that player to hit the boss using blue skills with us. Guess what, after he listened, he got the MVP with ~19% Dmg Done using a SUP build.

So all that player did to get better was just switch some of the yellow support skills to the blue DPS skills.

Plus, change the gameplay from just supporting only to dealing damage to the boss and using healing support skills for the team.

Holy Knight (Paladin) Is So Powerful DPS Class With The Right Skills Build:

Holy Knight (Paladin) does have a class engraving named Master Fencer (Judgment) that increases the damage a lot for all Fencer skills permanently. Even more, when active his ability “Z”, the damage increase by +40% for a short amount of time.

This means that the Fencer Blue skills now increased by 65% from just one engraving. Plus 15% buffs skills, it’s a total of 80% damage increase, so why waste all of that damage just for doing only support?

Therefore, the yellow skills don’t receive any increase from the Master Fencer (Judgment) Engraving. So using the wrong skill builds will make the Holy Knight (Paladin) DPS useless.

In addition, the Holy Knight (Paladin) is not as good a support class as the Bard. But still better SUP than Warlord (Gunlancer) class. To explain, the bard is outstanding support in every aspect of the Lost Ark game.

Look at the following images, which are some of the many Holy Knight (Paladin) MVP photos that we haven’t forgotten to capture at the end of the Lost Ark dungeon. Also, some of these images were taken before the big balanced update which increases the damage more.

Where many people are always getting shocked when we get MVP with high DAMAGE Done using a lower item level than others and using just 2 engravings. Most important, this is also due to our way of playing the game.

This proves one thing, Holy Knight (Paladin) will be always half DPS and half SUP no matter what. This is what Lost Ark developed or created this class for. So we can’t ignore the DPS side and just copy others.

PVP/PVE Gameplay For Holy Knight (Paladin) In Lost Ark:

You can see below some Holy Knight (Paladin) gameplay in Lost Ark MMO, which can help you to know this class better before continuing ​to read our guide:

In addition, you can see below one of our Paladin/HolyKnight gameplay in the Lost Ark PVP arena:

Also, the previous video shows one of the PVP Defense Builds that was tested in Arena 3V3 Deathmatch.

Furthermore, the video above shows PVE gameplay in the hard mode guardian raid boss dungeon in the Lost Ark game.

As we tried to do more skill-replace tests on the Paladin DPS builds with additional support skills. However, since many support skills are useless.

As we expected, it doesn’t perform well compared to the pure DPS build. However, it’s better than Support Builds.

Correspondingly, see the next video for pure DPS skill build:

You can note from the previous video that we all are close to the boss level.

Although our Holy Knight (Paladin) engravings build was incomplete, and although this video was recorded before the balanced patch that increases the DPS for this class, our player managed to get the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in his team and 32% DMG Done.

Best & Top Engravings To Build Holy Knight (Paladin) In Lost Ark:

These are some that we recommend for F2P players who are playing holy knight (Paladin) as a main in Lost Ark, you can change these engravings’ builds as you like. Plus, some P2W and common KR builds are also added without any changes, which suits P2W or some hardcore players.

Note: Balanced and Low-cost Holy Knight (Paladin) engravings guide and builds are based on our opinion that taking into account the whole build loss due to Lost Ark updates and the low playing time.

Plus, you can change it and do anything in Lost Ark based on your style so there is nothing wrong if you think differently.

Below is the shortlist of the best engravings in terms of their importance in our opinion:

1st Low-Cost Hybrid Holy Knight (Paladin) Engravings Build:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) level 2.
  • Expert (Specialist) level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: the inexpensive Holy Knight (Paladin) build can be used in PVP & PVE and for F2P players with Low gold and low playing time. In addition, this can be used with Critical/Agility or Critical/Specialty/Agility stats.

2nd Low-Cost DPS Holy Knight (Paladin) Engravings Build:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Steady State (Stabilized Status): Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: you can add Expert (Specialist) engraving to support your team without losing DPS and increase your tanky skills that have shields. This also leads to fearlessness in facing enemies without running from their attacks, which will increase the total damage and survivability. In addition, this can be used with Critical/Agility stats.

Also, since Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon) is so powerful, you can add it or replace Steady State (Stabilized Status) with it if you can waste more gold.

3rd Low-Cost DPS Holy Knight (Paladin) Engravings Build:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Mass increase: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: same as the second DPS build and you can add Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon) if you have more gold (must LVL 3 or big NO). This Build can be used with Critical/Agility stats.

1st Balanced Aggressive Judgment DPS Build For PVE & PVP:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Steady State (Stabilized Status): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: this can be used with Critical/Agility stats.

2nd Balanced Aggressive Judgment DPS Build For PVE & PVP:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Mass increase: Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: this can be used with Critical/Agility stats.

3rd Balanced All-In-One Hybrid DPS Build For PVE & PVP:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) or Expert (Specialist): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: We don’t recommend removing the support Engraving. Because some noob teams won’t accept DPS Paladin. Mostly, those are Grudge engraving users that are often defeated a lot due to shattered defense. However, some may not know how powerful this class can be when played as DPS or hybrid.

Additionally, you can replace Heavy Armor with Spirit Absorption or Grudge based on your stats and gear level. Plus, this can be used with Critical/Agility stats or Critical/Specialty/Agility.

Common Full Support Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) Engraving Build For PVE:

  • Healing Faith (Blessed Aura): Level 3.
  • Expert (Specialist): level 3
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Note: We don’t recommend using the full support build as it is useless in our opinion. However, if you like this type of build and it suits your playing style, don’t bother about opinions. Plus, this can be used with Specialty/Agility.

P2W Common Korean Judgment DPS Build For PVE:

  • Master Fencer (Judgment): Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Adrenaline: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.

Note: the Holy Knight (Paladin) P2W Common Korean Judgment DPS build is from one of the top players in gear score in the KR server. We don’t recommend this build, but if you are willing to spend real money in the game to keep this build relevant, then you are free to go for it. This build needs Agility/Critical stats.

No wonder some people don’t like the idea of the DPS Holy Knight if their opinion is based on this P2W build or something similar. Some of these engravings are bad with risky flows unless you have high-level equipment with a certain effect. This is very expensive and needs continuous DPS without stopping, which is impossible because the defense is shattered due to Grudge & Cursed Doll. Plus, enemies don’t just stand still without moving.

Guild War PVP (GVG) Holy Knight (Paladin) Builds For Lost Ark:

These can be added to any Holy Knight (Paladin) build to be suitable for GVG or the open-world PVP events.

  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will (Strong Will): Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Besides, if you followed the same All In One SUP/DPS Paladin/Holy Knight build that includes Heavy Armor level 3, that’s good enough.

However, you need to know that Lost Ark Guild War [GVG] type PVP is for massive P2W guilds or super hardcore gamers.

Check below to know more about it:

You Don’t Need Many Lost Ark Builds For Your Holy Knight (Paladin):

Furthermore, using fewer builds for your unique SUP/DPS warrior class will save you a lot of effort and gold.

Especially, if you focus on just one Holy Knight (Paladin) build such as the Balanced or Low-cost builds for all game phases.

Additionally, because Lost Ark game makes all progress wasted in a short time. Therefore, if you value your time, check the links below:

Plus, to get to know the game better, check out the following:

For more details about all Lost Ark engravings that can be added to any Holy Knight (Paladin) Class Builds or if you wish to replace the above-mentioned, check the guide below:

Furthermore, you also want to obtain gold in Lost Ark to upgrade your paladin or Holy Knight character and their builds. Therefore, check the following to know the methods that can be used to farm gold in this game:

Lost Ark Engravings Explanation Guide For Holy Knight (Paladin):

Each Lost Ark engraving that can be used for Holy Knight or Paladin class has been explained below:

Master Fencer (Judgment):

It’s important to have this engraving whether you are a support or DPS class. Master Fencer (Judgment) engraving increases all fencing skills by 25% damage at level 3 all the time. Plus, it fills the faith bar 100% faster when using fencer skills at all engraving levels.

Moreover, when using the “Z” ability, which is “Warrior Of Light, ” the fencing skills damage increases by 40%, range increases by 30%, and lasts 100% longer at all engraving levels.

Master Fencer (Judgment) engraving was powerful before the balanced patch but now is soo much more powerful and good and better than using Grudge engraving as your main DPS engraving.

Healing Faith (Blessed Aura):

This engraving is important to have when you build support. Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) engraving was useless. However, it got buffed because of the balanced update patch.

Besides, It becomes better since now it increases your defense for you and your allies by 20% and restores healthy by 2% of max HP every 2 seconds.

Moreover, you can use it also in your DPS build so people accept you in their team. Since most people are looking for support and don’t know that DPS Holy Knight (Paladin) is good. Therefore, if you have Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) “X” ability and Shield Of Faith with a healing tripod in your skills, then you are good to go.

Expert (Specialist):

This new engraving will be very effective with the Holy Knight (Paladin) class as it increases the strength of the Shield of Faith skill and Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) ability a lot.

To illustrate, the Expert (Specialist) engraving increases the Shield effects and HP recovery effects for himself and group members by +24%, and when the target’s HP is below -50%, this effect increases by an additional +12%.

Based on tanky aggressive fast gameplay, this can increase your damage since your defenses shields in skills ​become stronger. To clarify, you don’t have to run from the enemies and avoid all their attacks like others. In other words, you can continue hitting enemies, no matter the situation most of the time.

This can be also a perfect replacement for Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) in DPS and Hybrid Holy Knight (Paladin) builds. This is because now we can use Master Fencer (Judgment) all the time.

On the other side, it’s a great addition to a support Holy Knight (Paladin) class as this profession will now be more effective in support.


This engraving is very useful in both cases whether you build a DPS or SUP HolyKnight. It increases the number of times you can use an awakening as an +3 max, which in total 6 times uses and reduces the Awakening Skill cooldown by 50%.

In addition, when using the awakening skill, it will fill the faith bar like 50% or 70%. This will give you the capability to use Warrior Of Light “Z” or Healing Faith “X” abilities more.

Sharp Blunt:

This engraving works great with Holyknight skills in DPS build. As Sharp Blunt increases critical damage by 50%. But it has a very low chance to make the skill do 20% less damage.

However, the downside of this engraving is not a problem for the Holy Knight (Paladin) since most of the knight’s skills are multi-hit, not single-hit.

For example, one of the main paladin skills can do like 6 to 8 very fast hits, so if somehow the 20% less damage is applied. it will only affect 1 of 8 hits, which might do crit also and apply the +50% critical damage.

Consequently, Holy Knight (Paladin) skills do critical hits mostly all time, if you are using critical stats.

Spirit Absorption (Agility):

This engraving is good if you do not include agility stats. The Spirit Absorption engraving increases attack speed and movement speed by 15%.

In addition, Holy Knight/Paladin feels so slow without agility stats and spirit absorption (I couldn’t bear the slow). Therefore, if any type of build doesn’t include agility stats, then you should consider using Spirit Absorption.

However, You have two options, sacrifice your agility stats or spirit absorption engraving. Be aware that using both might be a waste since some skills have a huge cooldown and your mana will run out fast.

Heavy Armor:

We like this engraving a lot. Where Heavy Armor engraving increases the defensive stats by 150%, plus it can’t be reduced by other effects such as armor-penetrating or ignoring resistance.

Heavy Armor engraving makes us enjoy all the contents of the game without feeling bothered. It gives a good feeling when we see our class as the last one standing because everyone is using Grudge engraving which makes them squishy.

The Holy Knight or Paladin mostly has a high defense. This is because many of his skills include barriers. In addition, when using Heavy Armor you may find your character mostly at full HP.


We have to be honest, we don’t like this engraving since it reduces defense. Grudge increases damage by 20% to the bosses only and at the same time, you will receive 20% more damage from them.

Mostly, whatever your class build is, whether it’s SUP, DPS, or both. Your Holy Knight or Paladin class shouldn’t die, because the team depends on your healing skills, and the Grudge engraving will make you squishy.

Grudge engraving is somehow bad for all classes. Especially if your character is on the same level as the boss. Moreover, it applies only to bosses. After that, when your character surpasses the boss’s level too much, you won’t receive much damage from the boss, which became safe to use.

See the picture below that shows the best example of an end-game PVE build for the Holy Knight (Paladin).

end-game PVE engraving builds for Holy Knight/Paladin

Note: The above build has some defensive problems, due to the negative effects of Grudge and Wear (Red engraving). Moreover, it is just an example of what the engraving set will look like at the end game.

Below is the shortlist that can guide you for the best & top combat stats in Lost Ark that are mostly used for the Holy Knight (Paladin) class in PVE and PVP:

PVE Combat Stats:

1st PVE DPS & Hybrid Stats: ~80% Critical & ~20% Agility.
For example ~1500 Crit & ~400 Agility.

2nd PVE SUP Stats: ~60% Specialty & ~40% Agility
For example ~1200 Specialty & ~700 Agility

3rd PVE SUP/DPS Hybrid Stats 3: ~70% Critical & ~15% Specialty & ~15% Agility.
For example ~1400 Critical & ~300 Specialty & ~300 Agility.

4th PVE DPS Stats (P2W): ~70% Agility & ~30% Critical.
For example ~1800 Agility & ~650 Critical.

PVP Arena Combat Stats:

1st PVP Stats: ~70% Agility & ~30% Critical.
For example ~800 Agility & ~450 Critical.

2nd PVP Stats: ~70% Critical & ~30% Agility.
For example ~800 Critical & ~450 Agility.

Note: all Lost Ark classes including the Holy Knight (Paladin) can use those PVP combat stats in Arena.

Skill Tree & Tripods Builds For Holy Knight (Paladin) For PVE & PVP:

Here are Lost Ark Holy Knight (Paladin) class skill tree builds including the tripods guide for PVE & PVP. Moreover, you can find some popular KR & RU players and adjusted skill builds that can suit your hybrid warrior character, which you can choose from:

PVE Skill Build:

As requested, the following is Paladin builds with low-skill points. However, the true power of Holy Knight starts at level 3 tripod mostly, it’s hard to get a good build with low skill points. Because some skills are useless if it isn’t at LVL 3 tripods.

PVP Arena Skill Build:

Finally, we hope that our Lost Ark Holy Knight (Paladin) class guide is simple and useful for you all.

In addition, all of this is the epitome of more than a year of experience playing as the Holy Knight (Paladin) in the Lost Ark game. Besides, this game lets us do creative things.

Therefore, I highly advise you to make modifications to any Lost Ark builds or guides for Holy Knight (Paladin) class you find based on your playing style and not take everything exactly as you find it.

And as always, support our Lost Ark Holy Knight (Paladin) guide by sharing it. Plus, for updates and more builds leave a comment here or on our social media pages. Also, you can share your Lost Ark Holy Knight (Paladin) builds, stats, and skills here if you want to.

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  1. Hey!
    Huge fan of your builds and guides.

    Now that Valtan is out, what sets would you suggest for the Hybrid Paladin?

    1. Hi,
      If your team doesn’t use Grudge and Cursed Doll you can go with anything because Healing Potions will be enough. Grudge just gives ~3% more DPS than other DPS engraving and reduces survivability too much against Bosses by -20%, and Cursed Doll reduces overall healing a lot (If you and your team are P2W, ignore this).

      If your team has Gunlancer that uses shields, you can go DPS with a shield of faith as healing.

      Otherwise, use any build you like but you need to have the Shield of Faith and Healing Faith (Blessed Aura) engraving.

      Note: Nobody can suggest a specific build that can succeed with everyone, because each player has their own gameplay (F2P, P2W, etc…), so learn and try out all the builds in the training room and use what you find fun considering the above and your available in-game time.

  2. Oh, the last one quit aswell wish was playing RU before lol

    Helping a friend asked this : why RU the update didn’t have the class balance patch? Any idea if RU have class balance patch?

    I never played GW2 before, maybe should try out once sick of this game

    Thank you

    1. I just checked, and the last one hasn’t happened yet.

      but why care much about a not important thing.

      Actually, the game update timeline in the RU region continues as normal as the KR was done.

      On the other side, the Lost Ark global updates are super messy, weird and so confusing. It misses too many important things such as classes, skins, contents, fixes, and quality of life updates. They only apply parts of older updates later from time to time to feel like a big update to deceive people into paying more money and continue repeating.

      If they released the full game they won’t make much money as they doing at the moment and the game will feel empty, since the high level has limited or few contents.

      About Guild Wars 2:
      You really miss out on one of the best experiences you can find in the MMORPG history (also different).

      I was really stupid when recommended Lost Ark over GW2 two years ago.

      Guild Wars 2 has no limits and does not force you to do anything you don’t want to, also value your time seriously. The max gear in GW2 from 10 years ago is still relevant to this day. So if you have a friend who can’t play much like 1 hour a week, you can do together any type of content right away due to equalized and horizontal progression (Rewards have value for you both), not to mention 10 years of content. Also, a continuous siege PVP between worlds (WvW ) that is ongoing all day and every day (Not like Lost Ark P2W GvG wars that last an hour a week). In short, you are a free-will player who plays for fun and skins, not for gearing up or limited by enhancement level.

      We will make a review of GW2 soon, but it will not be like the Lost Ark review since it was too much big than necessary (a lot of explanation).

  3. Well said on that replied!

    Where can watch those steamer earlier video? do you have link? wnat to see how they wiped lol I know the numbers are decreasing, in the west, right now many steamers are off, the currently still steaming LA are always those 4 or 5 if including Asmongold ( He didn’t steam everyday LA also) the rest are always those fews who are actually mostly playing on KR server, ATK, ZealsAmbitions,Saintone,Stoopzz etc, so yes LA not doing so well in the west market for sure XD as said before the west have more comabt player and got used to monthly fee sub and not P2W b.s. am not suprised they get this result.
    I guess is always like this, when they have new char release then player come back for events and upgrade, when event is over and can’t progress then people stop play, back and forth like this lol

    I already lauch alot of their legion raids yesterday on YT! but i guess on RU people already can 1 carry 8 for this boss? XD
    btw do you remember which build you go do Valtan? I saw many seem just use the common full sub build, but kinda wodnering if possible to go with this build? https://lostarktree.ru/skill/holyknight?b=A231b23D122e231G322H132i312I132
    Do you think will not portaction enough for those grudge and cursed doll users? lmao

    Thanks keep responding to my boring questions, even tho you guys probbaly not playing LA anymore

    1. That was over a year ago, they were doing a Discord stream and I was listening to them I can’t remember if they did it on Twitch also or not.

      It may be similar to what would happen in equalized content. If Grudge and Cursed Doll engravings are only used.

      You can use any skill build since all you need for full support is healing from Healing Faith and Shield of Faith.

      Full support classes mostly go like this:
      Bard class for Heal and Protection
      Holy Knight (Paladin) class for Heal and DMG buffs.

      NP, we recently got back to GW2. The last one of us stopped playing Lost Ark recently after he watched the Divium Furor Youtube channel.

      But of course, we can log in to the game at any time if we need to check if there are new changes or updates to update our content if needed.

  4. Hey, thanks for the fun reply; it made me laugh 😀

    I just wanted to say I love your destroyer! HAHA, I don’t know how hard or easy to play the class, but those videos you make are super fun to watch! I mean, your holy knight skills are awsome of course, but his animation lockout and everything are kinda boring to look at; lmao but your destroyer, I keep laughing when watched, just the way how he smashes stuff and seems never die I know warlord seems never die too, but warlord is also boring to watch, all he does just poke and stood there, all warrior class destroyer are the most fun class to watch!

    I know what you mean about heavy armor because those steamers ( KR ) servers are always making fun of heavy armor users; they think should use DPS instead, but they don’t think about the actual situation and how DPS calculate, or they think they’re super good never get hit or never die so heavy armor are useless, like this video here ( see how many players watched this! and then yes, all think is noobs to use heavy armor)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkaVtrF0XF8&t=2s ( move to 4.12)

    I ended up just letting my pala go full sup now; I cba to convince them accepted hybrid since they’re also following those “meta” class grude engravings build, and they, after 5×3 those types of players, no point to trying to change their mind. Besides, pally was not my real main anyway; I have always wanted to play DPS painter or summoner ( not sure which one yet, I need to test out ). Pally was kinda my stepping stone just wanted to see what the lost ark support class is like compared to the wow healer class. Now I get a clue, lol

    Btw, I thought gold books would drop in price after the patch, but they didn’t!

    1. You are welcome,

      For me, I see Holy Knight (Paladin) as more fun than destroyer class. I think you are bored from the class or tired of discussions.

      Destroyer is too easy for me since I focus only on the Gravity skill.
      In my opinion, the Warlord class should get a rework, especially his backward dash.

      The game system is soo broken. They have P2W gear, which makes Bosses so weak. Also, they don’t think about other types of players (casual/normal).

      Therefore, they want to finish things over and over again faster. This isn’t fun.

      If you want to laugh more, watch their stream on new updates if they equal to the boss gear level.

      I once watched some funny attempts at the beginning of the tiar 3 update. Back then, the epic Abyss Dungeon was the end game.

      some players were streaming their gameplay and using these meta-joke builds trying all day to do it.

      But they can’t even pass the first boss because their defense is fragile they can’t keep hitting for fear of receiving fatal blows.

      Well, I got bored from watching their wipeout multiple times. But I laughed so hard when I saw them trying for the third or fourth day in a row and all day but felt sorry for them.

      Back then I didn’t know much about builds. But for me, my opinion was based on time worth. So it’s not worth rushing things. Since every, each one of them spent more than 200,000 gold to get it done in the first week (I listened to them on Discord).

      After that, they did it when they passed the recommended gear level too much.

      If they had just replaced the Grudge Engraving with Heavy armor, they would have finished it way sooner without overspending.

      I think they were using the Grudge and Cursed Doll (the double shit combo build lol).

      I just saw that video, thanks for letting us know, I just left a reply there.

      Some people have limited brains or are willing to sacrifice their soul for just +1% more DMG even if their HP became 1% (chicken with a big sword).

      Lost Ark Global is in the worst condition. Less event = higher price. if they removed bots the game will become unplayable (except for P2W or Alts zoomies).. since resources will be 10 much higher prices or even more.

      Compared to other content we doing, the Lost Ark game’s popularity is decreasing day by day because people lost interest due to the stupid system. It will be dead as much as the New World MMO sooner or later.

  5. Hahaha, so true that this game is keeping friends apart, I first can’t group with friends due to queue issue, then now other server friends also sick of the queue and can’t catch up with friends and moved to RU,which is funny when is semi MMO!

    Btw, we don’t have accessories that give+5, right now a earring or ring only give +3 Judement/+3 Expret something like that.

    I found it hard to get a stone with +6/+6, I tried buy 4 KBW with Heavy Armor stone last night,which is cheap 50g each, but none of them get +6 worse thing is even stone need to pay 5 blue coins aswell, hate this roll a dice stone system, I feels like gambling lol

    Friends can carry but just want sub specs but I don’t want go AFK or died as soon as get in lol I won’t spend gold to get the P2W sub build, I will just go what I have now, since new patch coming in few weeks, like you said everything might need to change again, I really dislike the fact those steamers and maxroll those builds are not given players options for sub/dps build, they all claim pala is useless in end game if not play sub, and that’s make all those engravings sky rocks, kinda become like wow ” meta ” build or classes in order to do this and that, when they said LA all class is balance? Balance my ass lol when a top KR Jugement pala need 12 mins to kill guardians while other DPS take only few mins, Oh and they said sub in KR solo have buff in tower as well. I think they should balance the dps for sub when do solo, otherwise they should remove completely, I don’t know why they can’t do like wow shadow priest or elemental shammy those once you put your point in DPS will be equal to a pure DPS,I feel very imbalance to play sub solo in LA, no wonder so little players play sub in EU/NA, they always said go Argos without sub, because hardly get 1, and if want to wait for a sub just take forever

    1. Hi again, thanks for your comment.

      First of all, Lost Ark is All about the gear level, which makes all classes seem broken and OP. Anything about the best classes DPS is fake.

      BTW, too many people play the artist class as DPS. It became obvious that all classes are DPS. Even bard DPS builds become popular in KR.

      If you searched enough on youtube, you will see some groups with 2 bards in the same group one of them is SUP and the other one is DPS doing the final 6th phase of Abrelshud (Brelshaza) The Commander of The Phantom Legion.

      Holy Knight (Paladin) is not a bad DPS. (Last year and before DPS puff, I saw a video about KR Holy knight solo Belganus in 5 min. I think it was 1400 ilvl and the skills build wasn’t that good)

      The problem is all about that bad common build they used. (Only a few people build their classes based on their MMORPG experience)

      They determine classes as good or bad based on the same meta-joke grudge engraving builds!!!!!

      They are just looking at the outcome DPS number on a freezing object, not the speed or anything else.

      If Holy Knight (Paladin) is bad as they say, then how do I surpass many DPS classes with lower item levels???

      Also, why these meta-joke builds are bad in equalized dungeons????

      Many claims that grudge builds are good meta. but it’s not about the build it’s all about their gear level.

      So if they are close to boss gear level they will be like a chicken without feathers to bosses.

      Just follow what you like and enjoy and will do better than everyone in what you do.

      Normally, any group needs a SUP class, but if your friend uses meta grudge engraving/cursed doll then they definitely and really need help from SUP class so they can do that 3% difference DMG with their shattered defense/healing.

      About the accessories, I think things mixed up between the legendary and the artifact accessories. Just follow the same strategy and get 3 or 2 engraving that suits your gameplay and have fun.

      Just don’t play the game too seriously by trying to get everything to be perfect (gear, stats, engraving) so you can have fun. just use gold for skins since it’s the only worthy thing in Lost Ark at this moment.

      If you get bored, just defeat the boss 1 or 3 times then take a rest for some time until new things add to the game.

      If you are tired of people talking about the support thing, then change the class. However and no matter what it will not end until you do what others want you to do, which will lead to no fun.

      I changed my main class to Destroyer. Then what happened!!! In the beginning, they said, why you don’t use Super Charge engraving, you are a noob (it was only powering up 1 skill of 8). When I surpassed them with the Gravity engraving build, they said, Why do you use the Heavy armor in PVE!!!

      Then I realized that I should have not changed my main class in the first place. I cant back to build my holy knight to be my main again due to the bad Lost Ark progression system.

      However, if you cant get what you want from your current class try other easy classes such as scouter or demonic (no need for skill points). last year, I have played with some demonic player who was only level 1370 he got 45% MVP in Argos P1 (it was so fast run) with just Blitz Commander (Raid Captain) and its class engraving.

  6. Hey thanks for the details set up, love your explanation but I don’t know if should spend the gold for gold Judement books, even now is cheap around 400 to 500g if buy 20 would be 8to9k gold while new patch is coming in few weeks…. went to Argos phase 3 last week with 1385 and friend said since 1385 do no dmg to Argos, so told me might as well go full sub to benefits the raid, so I went 3 expert, 3 heavy armor 3 blassing since I moved server lack of blue coins to buy stuff on AH, already use blue crystal for 100 coins, still I think should be careful what to use with it, your guide help me to plan without waste all the blue coins Right now I manage to get 3 Blessing aura, 3 Expert, 2 Heavy armor and 1 Judgement, 1 stablezie status 4 pieces Argos moon set, I will try this go again next week, they keep saying need 3 armor if below 1400 I don’t know if should spend gold switch Keen blunt to Stabillized, seem all pala use Keen blunt, Cuss doll and Grudge or Adrenaline for Velganos, I don’t think can handle having a dps set and sub set both, it just cost too much gold, I guess will just have to tag with a friend do Velganos with sub/dps build. Pugs always want full sub, they want 3 Blessing, 3 Expert and 3 Awakening and 1 Judgment build, thanks for maxroll I guess, every pally go with this build for end game but tbh Blassing and Awakening books coat 2k gold now is just crazy

    Btw, why I clears the cached still can’t see your reply on website? Only can see it with phone lol

    1. You are welcome.

      Below ilvl 1400 boss gets more DPS on you even with heavy armor you might get one shot from the boss. So If they won’t or can’t carry you, just wait till 1400.

      It’s normal to skip some dungeons. it’s not a must thing to do the phase 3.

      Anyway, soon P2W players will be able to sell entry to the current highest dungeons so do it just for fun because you will get everything by staying AFK.

      btw, if someone tells you to get ready for the new update, just don’t. Because you will regret every single gold you wasted.

      Grudge engraving is too costly and gives you just ~3% more DMG than any other DPS engraving and it’s for bosses only and powers up bosses +20% DMG on you.

      However, Keen blunt is good engraving since the side effect does not work with the Paladin multi-hit skills.

      Yeah, SUP/DPS build is what can keep your peace of mind from what other players say.

      The gearing level itself is pain. You say a few weeks before the new update, you will lose all your current engraving progression when surpassing your current gear level, which adds another pain.

      After 5 years of quitting Guild Wars 2, I didn’t lose anything when I came back. Everything still maintains its value, which is no way in Lost Ark.

      No normal player can handle the grindy system of Lost Ark. Those popular builds are for P2W or machines not for the normal players that looking for fun.

      So do what you can without pushing yourself too much to keep up with your friends. Also, do what you want to do not what others want you to do. Otherwise, you will hate the game like some of our friends. This game system is excellent for preventing and separating friends from playing with each other. It is impossible for a group of friends to stay relevant in gear to do the same content (cons that forgot to add to the review lol).

      The problem in the reply might be due to our CDN caching that speeds up the site. Sorry for that.

  7. Hey hey, I’m back now with 1370 finally 😀 coming back to ask some silly questions because am too lazy to think Hope you don’t mind lmao
    So the ability stone drives me a bit crazy with the books set up, and gears…..I don’t think can support 5 engravings, so 4 is the ideal……dilemma with heavy armour, some said is overkill for pala, but my friend said to need it for t3 Agros, but your guide said is so good, I trust your opinions lol now the question is….. how to set up books with stone and Accessories with these 4 engravings? Judgement, Expert, Stabilized status and Heavy armour?
    Should I use books for Judgements and Experts? and try to get stone for stabilized status and heavy armour, then get Accessories to max out the rest?

    Thank you <3

    1. Hi, np.

      First: try to max your Judgment using books to +12 in your first engraving slot. (if this is hard use Accessories in the Fifth step)

      Second: look for accessories with 3+ Judgment and +5 Heavy Armor or maybe +5 Stabilized status but the next steps may change.

      Third: Get a low-price stone you may find anything with Stabilized status (because it’s low-cost). For example, you might obtain an +5 Expert and a +7 Stabilized status stone.

      Forth: Accessories +5 Expert + 3 Stabilized status and +5 Stabilized status +3 Heavy Armor.

      Now the result might be:
      Judgment: +15
      Heavy Armor: +8
      Stabilized status: +15
      Expert: +10

      Fifth: use your last Accessorie and your second engraving slot to fill the missing. For example, books for Heavy Armor +9 or any Accessorie with +5 Expert. (Accessories or stones with Expert + Heavy Armor might be costly)

      Note: You don’t have to get heavy armor to level 3 unless you want to be ready for PVP contents or events.

      If this doesn’t work well or missing something, then the strategy is that you try to find the combination of the most expensive engraving with the most unusable engraving for P2W or hardcore grindy people.

      So you will save time and cost a lot. Especially when you throw away stones and Accessorie when rebuilding all of your engravings. ​(I think the next rebuild will be during ​Valtan hard mode)

      The idea of Heavy Armor builds is that you don’t interrupt your attacks by running away all the time like the others. So you sacrifice some DMG tripods for the intensity (skills cant be interrupted) and shield effects. All of this results in more skill usage and faster gameplay.

      This is an uncommon idea or gameplay (valuing your time). So most players will not understand this, especially those who pay a lot (time or money).

  8. First – amazing builds and very well explained, thanks!

    Currently i play the 3rd Fast Gameplay DPS/PVE Skill Build / 75-80% Crit and 20% Agi / Low Cost Holy-Knight.
    Didnt have 75-80% Crit or 20% Agi (play on EU), but this build is also good with my current stats 1148crit (41%) and 267 Agi (4.5%, 4.5% and 5.7%). Gearscore: 1355

    My question:

    What kind of tripods I have to use?
    Deadly Discharge for Foresight to push the critrate?
    Critical Threat for Sword of Justice?

    thx much love <3

    1. You are welcome, and thanks for your comment,
      We are glad that you liked this guide.

      But your question, what do you mean? because you already mentioned it and they are already used in the skill build O.o.
      Are you asking about the gear tripods? So, yes because it’s good to max crit chance tripods.
      Do you wonder why we use them instead of the damage increase tripods?

      Anyway, we have added a note to the low-cost build.
      You can use Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon) if you have more gold since it’s powerful for Holy Knight.


      You can use FIND WEAKNESS for Sword of Justice if you are not doing critical much and OVERCLOCKING and maybe also UNSTOPPABLE RAM for Foresight if you face a mana issue since OVERCLOCKING will give time for your mana to fill.

    2. Thanks for the answer!

      Yes i mean the gear tripods – i see it to late that you mentioned it a post before.

      Thx for all the effort with the guides/buildes!

      much love <3

  9. Can you recommend which Argos armor set to get for the DPS/SUP build you recommended?

    Preordained Diligence (+crit %) or Harsh Oath (+crit dmg)


    1. If you are using tripods in skills that increase the critical chance and you have enough high critical chance then use the critical damage sets.

      In our holy knight, we prefer to guarantee the 100% critical is some skills (tripods+stats) rather than using the damage increase tripods. so we use critical damage set since we have more than enough critical chance.

  10. This is the best Holy Knight guide ever seen. Thanks really for all your time and help!,

    I have questions for you! i am sorry and hope you can read me! (and sorry for my bad english)

    1: i want to play Paladin full DPS nothing support or hybrid, so im playing with main stat crit and second stat agility on neck ( i suppose spec no necessary), what engraving should i use on tier 2? im using judgment only right now cause i dont know what to focus! i saw your guide but only understand in tier 3. Sorry, im retard xD

    2: it is viable to play full dps against argos for example? i mean tier 3 hardcore game

    3: which are the best gear to focus on crafting on tier 2 and 3??

    thanks again for reading!!!

    1. Thanks, No problem at all.
      1- You don’t have to get any engraving in T1 or T2 other than books. Or even we recommend selling all the books at their current price for gold. This is because it will become much cheaper if any event comes with books as a reward which will make many books worth one gold at the market.

      Also, updates will reduce many engraving book prices such as the update that will give everyone the ability to enter all low-level void/abyss dungeons without a limit, like entering and grinding Yorn City void/abyss dungeons for an unlimited number to farm reward but no gold (we will upload a gameplay video about that soon).

      2- Argos is not that hard but random groups will look for support rather than DPS because all classes in Lost Ark are DPS.
      Also, few people recognize Paladin as pure DPS (as well tank builds or fast play builds which are better in overall DPS) because many have listened to some very nervy P2W people who are willing to sacrifice anything for 1% more DPS to grind the same dungeon faster rather than having fun. Many players suffer because these people recommend using Grudge and Cursed Doll engraving companions which have the worst side effects in the game.
      To make any one of these super angry just tell them that Grudge engraving is bad 😆 hehee.

      Anyway, adding one support engraving won’t cost you much (it will also increase your survivability and defense which in turn you will use more skills that lead to more DPS). For example, you might find a legendary accessory with Sharp Blunt +5 and Expert (Specialist) +3 that cost 1 gold perhaps. On the side, you might find the same accessory with Sharp Blunt +5 and Master Fencer (Judgment) +3 that might cost 10k gold.

      3- The gear effect is not important at this moment, since the global version is updating super fast, you will not have enough ​time to try all Argos gear effects. However, you can focus later on the critical damage set after getting the first Argos set because it needs fewer resources if updates of the legion raid’s dungeons are late

    2. Thanks for the help! very didactic, time to play with your amazing style hehe

    3. You are welcome,
      Also, We always recommend modifying builds to suit your playing style.

  11. Hey there

    REALLY LOVE THE WORK YOU DO FOR DPS PALLY! I absolutely love your build, tried another sub build but I can’t bear the slow casting time lol
    I’m still very new to the paladin, can you add information about Runes and Gems, please?


    1. thanks,
      It’s not something hard and it differs from player to player priorities, but we might add a note about it later.

      We think there are enough gems places to support the best skills by attack and cooldown. Plus, runes will depend on what is have been found.

      But you can focus first on:
      – Gems for Shattering Steel.
      – Reduce the cooldown of Shield of Faith.
      – Reduce the mana cost and cooldown of Guardian Angel.

    2. Thank you for taking your time replied 🙂 I’m really casual f2p, only tried 1 field boss and failed, so no bleed rune.
      I’m on t2 1k gs, got many random runes from quests and tomes or tower with green and blue only, like Quick Recharge, Overwhelm, Iron Wall, Rage and Galewind lol
      Should I put blue and green Galewind on the holy sword and execute the sword? what about dash slash?
      All these engravings and gems and runes are a bit overwhelming for new to this game, and I don’t have time to spend hours studying youtube, I like your guide’s simple and sharp point.
      I just want to login kill boss and loots and go HAHA, but this game has just a thousand things to do, in order to achieve 1, we must do 2,3,4, and when you do 2 and 3 and 4 then you realised you must go do 5 and 6 and 7 so on and so forth…..this guide save me lots of time for research about judgement paladin 😀

      Thanks again!

    3. You are welcome,
      Like most casual normal players, use what is available and sell what you find valuable and can be sold before it loses its worth.

      Wait for the balanced equalized content in the global version ​since it’s very fair for all players and the gear level doesn’t work in that kind of dungeons. Especially if you don’t like the gearing system which is waste of time in our opinion.

      The equalized content in Lost Ark will make you enjoy the game at any time you like without feeling like a slave, zombie or overwhelmed by a daily progression system designed in P2W MMO.

    4. Totally agree; as combat players, grinding to max out gear is pointless to me; the equalised mode, you mean hell mode? I can’t find much information about this, is a solo thing or 4 man thing? Only 1 post on Reddit about it, but they said need ilvl requirement to be able to enter?
      Sounds like wow mage tower? You get a tittle or mount something special to show off right? sound good I me lol

    5. Hey thank you so much for the link, look real fun! Would watch them all when I finish the good damm tower for potion But I have a serious question about the t2 tower atm lol I was progress with 1040 only managed to clear up to floor 45, then the dps was struggle until I upgrade to 1060 be able to clear floor 46, now the problem is 47, I feels really struggle with those tiny spilders come, 1 EoJ can’t finished them, and lose too much downtime on the boss, or get many debuffs, feel this boss are extreme melee unfriendly with judgement build, I suspect would that be easier with sub build where you can stunn the adds and no need to think about back attack running around lose so much downtime on boss? This boss seem pure dps race, coz if not quick enough at the end the ground just fill with shit with ice form other 4 coroner bosses aswell. What’s your opinion about this 47 to 50? I don’t know if should keep 5 blue 3 yellow with the rest floor or switch to 5 yellow 3 blue and wait for 1080 to do again? I have t3 judgment, t3 heavy armor, but only 650 crits, I buy t3 stabilise states try to switch out the heavy armor, a bit better with battle items, what do you think? This is the skills I use on those floors https://youtu.be/Hb5-yQLQ3aY


    6. Hi,

      It’s been a long time but I do remember there was an ice spider and I had a hard time when I played against it as a destroyer.

      I noticed from the video that you are slow and using Sword of Justice the 3 hits tripod that is less in DPS but does more impairments.

      Also using ultimate skill while you are in Z is not a good idea. Because ultimate skill increases the bar of faith.

      SUP skills are too low in DPS but you can try what you want.

      Plus, most DPS comes from Shattering Steel so use it as fast as possible when it becomes ready.

      You can do the following If possible for you, since it may not suit some gameplay styles:
      Any skill, then Shattering Steel, any skill, then Shattering Steel, and so on.

      Don’t really overthink about going back attack or head attack you lower your speed which affects your DPS hard, especially since you are already slow in movement and attack and I think the boss may also slow your movements more.

      So just use your skill when they are ready. But of course, if you are in front of the boss then use head attacks or back for the back attacks.

      Shield of Faith can remove debuffs if you choose the right ​tripods.

      Also, heavy armor is the last thing to focus on for a balanced build, also level 2 may be enough ​for most classes in PVE contents. since all engravings in accessories will be lost.

      You are on T2 so don’t waste more gold or time, since all progression will be reset in T3 and T2 content will become have no value.

      I don’t really use battle items most of the time, some people make a joke in one of our videos because I did the bosses with only potions xD.

    7. Thanks, quick reply! you must have done everything perfectly to do this boss without pots. And yes I can’t stand the sub slow casting time with animation locked, everything is like 5-sec global cd 😀 But look at this guy here, the holy explosion seem very nice for those tiny spiders 😮 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMHY22_SSc8
      I thinking maybe reducing ss to get 10 on holy explosion for those adds? coz I only have 285 points, the last tripod give knockback + explosion. those tiny spiders if on hit will stun and slow.
      I use 3 on soj bcoz these bosses all have staggered, I dunno what can do more quicker stagger except using battle times, and holy sword and soj. I have clean with a bubble on a tripod, just didn’t use it at the right time before, should have used it when having 4 stacks lol
      The clone spiders who shoot ice spawn every 1 min, so when I enter phase 3 is on 6.30 mins, then if I don’t kill her within 4 mins, it will get 4 bosses around the room cross shooting ice arrows+ falling rocks, and then with my slow speed just hard to dance around, but I tried with Scarecrow when having 2 clones lmao
      It seems too early when only the last 30 sec, which I can’t bring her down in 30 sec with x3 hp bars up.
      My last tried like you said just ss spam whenever possible while dancing around her breath and shit, when 2.40 mins, she still have 2x hp bars up!
      I noticed this pala in the video, he can use the ultimate skill every 2 mins, do you think is worth swapping t2/t3 ultimate instead of t3 stabilized states? Otherwise, just have to wait until 1080
      Thanks for the tips about z and ultimate, thought is more powerful to use together

    8. Hi, not always reply quickly (sorry about that).
      We were responding to another comment at the same time you left your comment xD.

      It’s not really perfect, but it’s just because my gameplay mostly is aggressive and defensive that comes from years of playing open-world PVP MMO games. Any PVE boss, no matter how developers try to make it hard, cannot be compared to fighting against a real player in Open Wars.

      In some games, there were PVPVE battles, where instead of the mobs, there were players. Sometimes I (or us as a group) try to be really careful while fighting a boss, to not get surprised by the PVP player during the fight or fight the boss and the player at the same time.

      Also, if the WarLord class was a little different in terms of the dash, you’d see us talking about it more instead of Holy Knight.

      About the video:
      For the Harsh Retribution skill, he uses the slow and lowers DPS tripod, but it’s okay if he likes it more. (if he using Z mode a lot and the right tripod then it would give the same damage)

      Using Shattering Steel without full tripods makes it useless.
      Using Shield of Faith without a heal is a waste.

      I like Wave of Light but it takes a lot of time, I tried to make it work but it’s only good for SUP/DPS. In our gameplay, the maxed Foresight skill does more DPS, it has so low cooldown and it’s instant.

      Using Hand of Heaven to increase overall DPS is ok (Useless to use it with Guardian Angel at the same time since it doesn’t stack), but I would use 150% more skill damage instead. ​

      Using Dagger Lunge without a barrier is a waste of skill points better to use it without tripods if you don’t like the barrier. I use it mostly to dash to the boss then use Sword of Justice (or any ready skill) and the barrier to prevent skill interrupting on head attacks and to get protection.

      Anyway, anything can work in this game if you like what you do as well as having fun.

      Low skill points are a serious problem for holy knights since most skills are useless if they are not full tripods.

      Just save AOE skills for tiny spiders. Wait and gather them all including the boss and strike all AOE.

      Using ultimate every 2 min means that he is using the Awakening engraving. If you notice, he hits 2 million damage ​at the start (compare this with yours). This may be the main reason how he finished the dungeon with such a build.

      Use stabilized states if you can maintain the full HP otherwise change it. but since you are T2. just do the dungeon with anything or skip it if it costs you much time and gold. Just get T3 as fast as possible with fewer resources waste as you can since to make your in-game life easier.

      In T3 you can farm gold AFK by paying 1/3 of rewards to P2W players carry, this means easier progression. After that, you can go back to T2 with any class or do anything you like in the game.

      You are welcome, you can try everything and anything in the training room and compare the damage.

    9. Thank you for your details information 🙂 nice to talk to someone who really knows about MMO 😀
      I finished the t2 towers, wasn’t easy on 47 and 48, 49 and 50 easier than those on 47 and 48 :S
      I get what you mean, as oldies MMO players, always know that a good PVP player can always counter any PvE gameplay, but not the other way around, a good PvE player can be bad in PVP, real players without a pattern after all.

      I do like the bubble with dagger lunge but always not enough points 🙁
      I noticed you post that for low skill point 285 there
      without foresight and you replace unbearable radiance for foresight why is that? in the beginning, I was not used to foresight, but now I love it lol why can’t use foresight with 285 skills? But foresight is not instant, need to hold down to use? like 2 to 3 sec before a hit, the problem is without a back attack, the dmg is not that much, but I love the mobility 😀

      I keep stabilized, I always use pots and bubble to keep full hp not a problem 😛 but I would switch server make new again, coz euw just nobody at mightnigt, I need to switch to a server found some night owls or Chinese can group up to t3, matchmaking takes a too long time to wait on euw server. this time starts over and does all necessary quests to gain more skill points, I want to have all 10 points for blue skills! 😀

      BTW, in hell mode, those videos, do your holy knight still judgement build or have to go with sub build? since gear does not matter anymore, the team would need more buffs and heal?

    10. You are welcome,

      It’s just a different build.
      We add many builds and options and you have to choose and change based on what you like.
      Any build can be turned into a small one. But you will sacrifice skill or something.

      Also, any build has its own use and gameplay or benefit, as “Unbearable Radiance” can be very good in PVE since all will do +10% more DMG to the target all the time due to the skill low cooldown. On the other hand, “foresight” needs a full tripod or it will be so weak.

      With a full tripod, “foresight” became powerful like “Harsh Retribution”. However, a lower tripod makes ​”foresight” no way to be compared with any other skills in DMG.

      In our Holy Knight class, we tried to replace the “foresight” skill many times (with “Unbearable Radiance”, “Wave of Light”, or “Ray of Hope”) until we got enough skill points for it.

      Foresight skill becomes instant if you released your hand instantly ​xD.

      Well, Lost Ark global is the worst region or server right now, they didn’t add F2P friendly content like equalized dungeons, also they nerfed gold and materials dropped, so everyone became forced to pay money to be relevant.

      When the same update came to KR, there was an event helping people get 1415 ilvl.

      Lastest recorded runs, we were using SUP/DPS build. But DPS can work fine but you need to have one of the SUP engravings to support the low defense “Grudge engraving” users.
      You can notice from our last video we didn’t use any potion with the destroyer class, unlike the rest. In our opinion, we see the support classes ​as a potion saver xD

    11. HAHAHAHA relased hand become instant! I actually figure it out after wrote to you and tried on a dummy XD
      But then shouldn’t put the tripod on overclocking, but I guess depends on the situation, I found it hard to hold 3 sec without the boss moving and land the hit on the ground I tried the unstoppable ram in chaos, which is super funny

      Thank you again for the skills explains, I see you have made 5 SUB/DPS PvE builds, I probably need to try them all for different boss see how it goes. so far I don’t like Wave of Light very much, the animation lock and casting time are just annoying, unless know the boss very well time it right to be good with this. on the other hand, Unbearable Radiance does a good party buff, I like Ray of Hope compare to Unbearable Radiance, I guess solo can go with Ray of Hope and party go with Unbearable Radiance 😛

      Yes, horn gears suck when not enough materials, some of my friends either quit or become login a few hours a week, they have to give more events for EU players or else people quit the game, many are combat players not farmer players in EU

      HAHA I also have that feeling about pots saver when people always trash about “hybrid” or DPS pally in raiding, usually those are bad party always make mistakes and don’t do machines properly so took a lot dmg and NEED heals, when you have a good party and barely take much dmg, then more outgoing dmg is always better than pure healing. Besides bard isn’t an easy class to be very skilful to play with, so far I haven’t met any decent bard in pugs. The support class in this game for casual players become like a nanny job, no wonder sup class not enough players
      I would definitely add expert engraving for the 4th when I get enough gold to have 4 engravings.

      Thank you once again, go back to levelling ❤️

    12. Thanks to you too 🙂

      Try, test, and adjust anything and everything to serve your fun in the game.

      Even if they do machines, it really near impossible for the group to do 100% of things right and all the time.

      Mostly, SUP classes are required for some dungeon’s end game at the start of an update then when everyone surpassed the gear requirement (after 1 day to 2 weeks). These 8 player dungeons become easy to solo to farm gold from AFK low geared players.

      Some players just copy without thinking some Youtuber P2W builds that need to span out thousands of dollars monthly ​to do good in-game. (They even imitate the way they speak)

      Such as a Grudge-based Engraving build, which is too expensive for 3% different DMG and shattered the defense. And When they do no good in the game or dungeon ​they judge the class or other players xD.

      Moreover, so any small mistake, the boss will wipe the player or his full team.

      See our last video, 2 players were wiped out by the boss.
      The demonic player (grudge user) was doing good damage in the previous dungeons (we will upload those videos later). But when things became harder in this one, he struggled. In the same way, it was very easy for me, I even did it even though I forget the machines xD and I was still getting used to the class because I didn’t log in to the destroyer class since a long time.

  12. Hello, i would like to know if DPS holy knight (paladin) is viable in the new NA/EU servers, i see alot of people trash talking about this build and some others talking about an incoming nerf to the paladin, i really like this build but i’m afraid of this nerf. Dou you know something about? Should i keep spending gold and time on this build?
    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi,
      All classes receive nerfs or upgrades that balanced their ​strength
      depending on this game patch and gear effects.

      So if you pick always depends on this, then you will never choose a class. Some players quit before picking their main class because of these nonsense nerf topics.

      For example,
      We know some people didn’t pick the blade class they liked so much last year because of some noob P2W, Korean, and hard-core players who spread information about the class being soo weak (which was not) because they were top by gear level.

      We all know that a gear score is not a standard for professionalism because it can be reached by P2W or by being an Alts zombie player. Also, these broken gear levels have destroyed classes ​differences.

      The blade class back then was hard to build and to play not weak. But now, it’s one of most op classes because class engraving changes made it possible to play with an easier build.

      In the main time, many people complain about bard class being so OP DPS. Why bard DPS is OP? It’s simple because all classes in Lost Ark are DPS. There is no real support in this game. It’s not even a real MMORPG, it’s a good dungeon quality PVE game.

      To make it simple to you, just avoid people who force their opinion such as telling you must have a grudge engraving or you will be kicked or who telling you do what he wants or you will be kicked.

      Just do anything you find fun it’s just a PVE game.

      Finally, up to this point, we have nothing left that we have not added to this article to support the holy knight DPS idea or gameplay.
      Pictures, videos, information, and our gameplay style are in front of you, so if you like what you see, use it to make your own build. In addition, some people said to us that there are other sites that use similar skill builds to what we have here, this also indicates that it is effective.

  13. Hey, I would just like come clarification for the Judgment engraving.

    At each rank, it says “Piety Meter gain +100%. Duration of Sacred Executioner +100%” is that saying that it’s increasing at each rank by an additional 100%, or is it staying the same rate from by the time you have it at level 1?

    Sorry if the wording is confusing, I hope you understand what I mean, if not let me know and I can try to clarify.

    1. No problem,
      It’s the same meaning as we have written above.
      Quote: “Plus, it fills the faith bar 100% faster when using fencer skills at all engraving levels.”
      In other words, 1, 2, and 3 same rate, only higher-level gives higher damage.

  14. Hey just wondering, is the Adrenaline engraving not that good for dps? It sounds pretty strong on paper and very high uptime compared to something sort of situational like stabilized status, was just wondering what you thought of that?

    1. Hi, the Adrenaline engraving is good but it depends if you can maintain the full stakes by keeping DPS, which is difficult if you are facing a hard boss.

      Some players use skills builds of Holy Knight (Paladine) that deplete mana fast so they lose their stakes and DPS or cant continue DPS because of grudge engraving that increases bosses’ attack power so they need to escape all the time.

      So it depends on the build, how much you have overpowered gear level, and the boss you are facing.

      On another side, Stabilized status is good for classes that have a high defense or use tanky builds, so if you used something like Grudge engraving or Cursed Doll, you will have a hard time trying to keep your class HP over 80%.

  15. What a beautifull guide dude !!!
    Thx a lot for your work, it’s amazing. Plus, I share the same vision as you of this class. (Hybrid Power).
    There is a lot of informations and i’m really happy to find your website. So thx again ! i’m not alone who feeling this class in this way.
    But to be honest, at the end, i don’t understand what are you playing finally ? ^^
    DPS version if i’m not wrong, with “3rd Fast Gameplay DPS/PVE Skill Build” template and 75~80% Critical/ 20% Agility ?
    And for engravings, i’m not sure, Judg, Blessed Aura, Heavy Armor and … IDK XD

    Plz Can you resume me your “Conclusion Build” ?

    And … WAit … Thx again !!!!
    Peace <3

    1. Thanks and sorry for the confusion, sometimes this happens due to an article update.

      We have updated the engravings builds:
      The latest used build:
      – 75~80% Critical/ 20% Agility
      – 3rd Fast Gameplay DPS/PVE Skill Build
      – Low-Cost Holy Knight (Paladin) Engravings Build For F2P Players
      (This is because we can’t keep up with the continuous progression lost as F2P players)
      Otherwise, Balanced All in One Hybrid Master Fencer (Judgment) DPS Build For PVE & PVP.

      We don’t do “Conclusion Build” because there are many options and playstyles in this game. In turn, our main build might not work for everyone.

  16. Hey there, is the sup/dps viable in endgame ?

    Talked to a lot of ppl who told me it’s not.
    They say it’s only good to do full support, since in KR and RU almost no one invites hybrid paladins to raids and so on :/

    Really love the idea of hybrid Paladin but worry about not getting endgame stuff as i want to

    1. Based on our experience, the best way to play Holy Knight is using DPS Build with just the Shield of Faith as the only good SUP skill including using two SUP/DPS identities based on the situation in battle.

      The SUP/DPS Build that we have tested was a full SUP build with some DPS skills, which was better than only SUP but still was low DPS because of SUP skills and Specialty stats.

      SUP Paladine build is so useless (based on our long-term MMORPGs experience) and its gameplay no way fun (based on how we play MMORPGs). So just make bard if you are looking for good full support.

      Also, this is what it is or is supposed to be. Plus, this is what the developers of Lost Ark created this class for, which is half DPS and half SUP. So we can’t ignore the DPS side and do like others by just copy-paste.

      Mostly, the end-game in Lost Arke is easy since many are full geared people who can solo group dungeon.

      Each player has a different way of playing, we see many may prefer high-numbered slow strikes with a max weapon who don’t recognize the quick play with a low gear. So they get so shocked when we surpass them with lower gear with high defense build.

      Since Holy knight is a fast class with shields, the secret of doing High DPS (can work with some other class) is to use or spam skills so fast. This needs defense tripods and defense engraving and no way this can work with Grudge users.

      Therefore, If you listened too much to people you will quiet Lost Ark very soon (There are so many opinions that you can’t imagine).

      In the end, you can do anything because it is a PVE game that everything can work fine. Plus, a PVE game shouldn’t be taken seriously and just have fun. Plus, if you build any class in a way that can suit your gameplay, then you will surpass everyone.

      Also, I will include some MVP of DMG Done so everyone can see that.

    1. Ty,
      As for me, I prefer the third build (I added it now), as I no longer participate in the P2W PVP guild wars.
      Besides, since there are no more long cast time skills, you will take more advantage of the low cooldown skills, which make holy knight faster and do more DPS including supporting your team as well.

    2. Okay awesome thank you for replying so fast and yeah I was going towards that one almost lvl 30 now and unlocked the tier 3 and holy does it make the difference destroying everything in my path now!

    3. Yeah, “Shattering Steel” does a lot of continuous damage when becoming maxed tripod (low cooldown skill), especially when attacking from the back including using the Sharp Blunt Engraving at LVL 3.

  17. Would you consider making a leveling guide? Where to (initially) stack points in skills until you get enough to redistribute as you level?

  18. Thank you for sharing this awesome guide. Will definitely make a Holy Knight when Lost Ark will finally launch in EU/NA.

    Could you please share what stat distribution you use in Arena? Do you use more then one setup for stats? Would be nice to have a little explanation also, as it is hard to understand the stats in this game.


    1. You are welcome 🙂 .
      Mostly all players use the following stats:
      – Specialty: increase the special effects of the class and the awakening skills.
      – Agility: increase speed (attack/movement/cast) and reduce skill cooldown.
      – Critical: increase crit chance.

      In PVP, many prefer increasing Agility more than Critical. But it’s ok to use more Critical than Agility.
      I will update the post with examples of PVP stats.

  19. Do you need special gear for Support, DpS and DPS/Sup Builds? So is it a bad Class to start out with, because you have to gear it for both, group and solo play?
    I am concerned especially with soloing dailies if he does not pack enough punch.

    1. Paladin can solo dungeons like chaos dungeons so easily (Based on my own playstyle).

      Paladin is a hybrid class, it can be DPS or support or both at the same time. Even my DPS build can support and heal since the build uses Healing Faith & Master Fencer engraving as well as Shield of Faith.

      Using these 2 engravings and Shield of Faith skill makes Paladin usable in all types of dungeons whether solo or group.

      There is no special gear for support mostly. What I saw was that there are 3 types of gear for every end game. For example, when Argos Raid was the end game boss he was dropping craft materials for damage increase set, critical chance set, and critical damage set (the first one is the lowest and easy to craft).

      Note: every class in this game can solo content easily, even the bard class has a DPS build.

    1. Its works for all, and I am currently using it already. However, I may change some skills, since my playstyle ​is very fast and I can’t stand the charging skill or skill with a long cast time. Also, Keep in mind that you can change anything as you like and based on your playstyle.

  20. Love this guide! Will definitely be referring to it often as I plan to main Holy Knight. Looking forward to the updates!

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