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Lost Ark Destroyer Guide & Best Builds: Tanky DPS Warrior

New PVE Only Destroyer Skill Builds

Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide & Builds [PVP/PVE/DPS/Tank]

Destroyer Class Guide & Builds for PVP/PVE: the powerful aggressive Tank DPS warrior and boss breaker in the Lost Ark MMORPG world. It’s a class everyone wants on their team in all PVP or PVE situations and any dungeons.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Destroyer class guide for PVP and PVE with multi DPS/Tank builds that include engravings (Gravity Training or Super Charge), gameplay, stats, and skills. Therefore, this can help new players, especially non-hardcore F2P players to know this advanced Tank DPS warrior well. Plus, it will remove common misunderstandings and mistakes that involve this profession.

In short, Destroyer is the 2nd warrior class in Lost Ark MMORPG that has a high impairment and destruction effect on its skills that can destroy any kind of boss. Besides, Super Charge is not the only effective Gameplay Destroyer in the Lost Ark PVE. The profession can be played in many ways such as Gravity Training Tank/DPS build. Therefore, players should build their Destroyer engravings, skills, and stats in a way that suits their time spent in Lost Ark. Otherwise, it will be extremely painful to keep up.

Destroyer Class Overview:

Destroyer is a warrior-type and melee-range Tanky DPS class in the Lost Ark MMORPG world. In addition, it’s a warrior’s second advanced profession that uses a big hammer to smash and inflict massive damage to the enemy.

As described by its name, it’s a destructive class due to the many impairments and destructions effects on its skills.

Also, it considers as best crowd control (CC) that can wear down enemies fast, especially to break normal bosses and big raid bosses. This in turn makes this class a bosses destroyer or breaker in the Lost Ark world.

Furthermore, you can see below other classes’ builds and guides, which are related to the destroyer class in Lost Ark since they all fall into the same warrior category:

Destroyer Class Identity:

Destroyer class Identity skill or special ability in Lost Ark is divided into two parts and interconnected with each other.

The first Identity part is about acquiring gravity cores (orbs) from using blue skills, which in turn these core used to power up purple (spending) skills. To illustrate, more cores = more powerful purple (spending) skills.

The second Identity part is about using the powered-up purple (spending) skills to fill the blue bar which in turn is used to activate gravity Z mode.

To illustrate, the more cores used with each purple (spender) skill the more the blue bar is filled.

This is not everything, using purple (spending) and gravity Z mode gives the destroyer class a high defense ability.

To certify, a powerful shield or barrier will activate every time these skills ​are used which makes the survivability of the Destroyer class incredible in Lost Ark.

Are Charge Skills The Only Best Way To Play Destroyer Class In Lost Ark?

As always in all Lost Ark classes, everyone makes the same common mistake by listening to some P2W players. Whereas for the destroyer class, everyone imitates/copies the same guide, build, and gameplay without making any effort to learn all aspects of the class.

So the answer is no, Super Charge or Charge Skill Builds are not the best way to play the destroyer class in Lost Ark, and it’s not the best build for DPS Destroyer.

In our point of view, charge skills are really annoying since these skills need time to be prepared and have a big chance to miss their target.

Enemies in Lost Ark PVE are unique and not like other MMORPGs. To illustrate, enemies such as bosses and raids move a lot and some of them knock down players like crazy.

However, the charge skill does one single hit with high massive damage. The high damage may satisfy some players who are obsessed with big numbers.

At the same time, it may give the player a heart attack if the charge skill missed the target (funny expression). Especially, since everything built in the destroyer character was for this only one charge skill to hit its target and to do critical damage at the same time.

The Lost Ark gameplay video below is an example of one of many builds that focuses on the Destroyer class Gravity skill.

Moreover, you can see more gameplay of the destroyer class in the next section.

PVP & PVE Gameplay For Destroyer Class In Lost Ark:

You can watch one of our videos below, which shows the gameplay of the Destroyer class in the challenge mode void/abyss dungeon.

Besides, the Destroyer gravity tank build was used, which did 40% DMG Done without using Grudge or Super Charge engravings. Additionally, Heavy Armor level 2 was used which made the destroyer class very tanky in Lost Ark.

The balanced dungeon is one of the best ways to measure your class and test build to the guide you follow. Since everyone is equalized and because the broken overpowered gear level system and equipment effects are not working inside.

Same as the previous video, you can notice that our destroyer gravity build is still effective after a long time in Lost Ark. Since we stopped gearing up in Lost Ark after losing our 2 years of progression, the only content worth playing that we can compete with others is the equalized once.

The second video shows Lost Ark Destroyer PVP gameplay inside Command Arena 6V6. Where it was PVP combat training between the guild members.

The third video shows a player using Destroyer Gravity Training PVE gameplay and fighting some type of boss in one of the Abrelshud Legion Raid Dungeon levels.

Additionally, the last video shows the same PVE boss as the third video, but this time the Destroyer Charge Skills gameplay was used.

Best & Top Engravings Builds For Destroyer In Lost Ark:

Here we present two ways to build the Destroyer Engravings based on the gameplay type (F2P, P2W, or Hardcore) you chose to play in Lost Ark MMORPG.

Besides, you should change any engravings builds you find as you like to suit your gaming style and time in Lost Ark.

To illustrate, the Balanced Destroyer build is One For All that should be low-cost as possible, effective, and easy to get for Casual Normal F2P and PVP players. As an example, 1st Balanced Gravity Training Engraving DPS Build, which works in PVP & PVE.

Further, the Common Destroyer Build is for P2W or Hardcore players with High-Level Equipment in Lost Ark. It’s a build for those who don’t care about wasting gold, or losing their entire warrior build every patch, and seeing the game as a second job. So, it’s very costly Destroyer builds in time and resources. As an example, the 1st Common Super Charge Engraving DPS Build works in PVE only.

Be aware, that both types of builds are fine. However, each has a different gameplay style that shines in certain situations. So, choose what you find fun and suits your playing style and your time in the game.

Consequently, check the shortlist of the Lost Ark Destroyer Engravings builds that are based on Gravity Training and Super Charge/Hammer of Rage, which is presented below:

1st Low-Cost Destroyer Gravity Training Engravings Build:

  • Gravity Training: Level 1-3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Barricade: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: the inexpensive Destroyer build can be used in PVP & PVE and for F2P players with Low gold and low playing time. In addition, this build needs a gem that increases Gravity skill damage, Critical/Specialty stats, and Critical chance set.

1st Balanced Gravity Training Engraving DPS Build For PVP & PVE:

  • Gravity Training: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Barricade: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: you can use the gravity gem to increase Gravity skill damage. For example, a level 5 gem will increase gravity (Z) ability by 15%. Also, this build needs Critical/Specialty stats and a Critical chance set.

2nd Balanced Gravity Training Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Gravity Training: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Guillotine (Master Brawler): Level 3.
  • Barricade: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 1-3.

Note: Same as 1st build, get a gem that increases Gravity skill damage. Also, this build needs Critical/Specialty stats and a Critical chance set.

Note: For PVE purposes, you don’t have to max Heavy Armor, so level 2 is enough for the Destroyer class, which is also because it’s a super tanky profession in Lost Ark.

1st Common Super Charge Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Super Charge: Level 3.
  • Hammer of Rage: Level 3.
  • Barricade: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Guillotine (Master Brawler): Level 3.

Note: this build needs Critical/Specialty or Critical/Specialty/Agility stats.

You can replace some of the previously mentioned with the following:

  • Broken Bones: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Ignore the weak: Level 3.

1st P2W Gravity Training Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Gravity Training: Level 3.
  • Guillotine (Master Brawler): Level 3.
  • Barricade: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.

Note: you can switch Cursed Doll with Broken Bones or Ignore The Weak. Plus, this build needs Critical/Specialty stats.

Class Engravings Details for Destroyer Profession In Lost Ark:

Below is a small brief of level 3 effects of Destroyer class engravings:

Hammer of Rage: every core increases critical chance by 5% and critical damage by 15% for the Release skills.

Gravity Training: fills the energy bar so fast, and increases the critical chance of gravity skills by 10%.

For more details about all Lost Ark engravings that can be used to build your Destroyer class or if you wish to replace the above-mentioned, check the guide below:

Best Combat Stats For Destroyer In Lost Ark PVE/PVP:

Below is the shortlist of the best combat stats for the destroyer class that we recommend in Lost Ark PVP and PVE:

PVE Stats 1: 50~60% Specialty / 40~60% Critical.
For example 1200 Specialty / 800 Critical.

Note: This is for Gravity Training Engraving Tank/DPS PVE Build.

PVE Stats 2: 80% Critical / 20% Agility.
For example 1600 Critical / 400 Agility.

Note: This is for Super Charge Engraving DPS PVE Stats.

PVE Stats 3: 70% Critical / 15% Agility / 15% Specialty.
For example 1500 Critical / 350 Agility / 350 Specialty

PVP Arena Stats 1:50~70% Agility / 50~30% Critical.
For example 800 Agility / 450 Critical.

PVP Arena Stats 2: 80% Critical / 20% Agility.
For example 950 Critical / 300 Agility.

Note: Used For Tanky PVP Build with High damage but slow.

Skill Tree & Tripods Builds For Destroyer In Lost Ark:

For now, these are our latest PVE & PVP skills tree builds and guides for the Destroyer class in Lost Ark. Also other common builds are included that can be used by P2W players:

Note 1: Don’t forget to change the following Destroyer skills build and tripods based on your current Lost Ark patch (region), item level, and gameplay style. If you notice a difference in the writing Destroyer skills in the tool, just follow the tripod color until it’s updated to match your current Lost Ark game patch (region).

Note 2: older Destroyer builds still work fine in Lost Ark. However, the balanced updates mostly fix useless or unusable skills, which provides new switching options for the Destroyer or any Lost Ark class and gives ideas for new builds. Also, we might add a modified version of some Destroyer builds that match the same gameplay (you can speed this up by leaving a comment below).

Gravity PVP/PVE Skill Build (All IN ONE):

This is a very stable build for non-hardcore players. On top of that, Gravity Build is super tanky and deals a lot of damage overall in PVE dungeons (Look at the total DPS or top MVP).

In addition, this build gets MVP a lot because it does high impairment alongside the damage since skills are used a lot and fast to fill the energy bar.

It works for all dungeon types. Also, some of these builds can be changed slightly to suit GVG and island PVP. These are perfect builds for F2P players since there are no additional costs.

A -14% casting speed rune used on Full Swing skill in the fowling build:

The following build changes the Earth Eater skill from Rock Storm To Earth Fury:

The next build is similar to the 2nd gravity build but changed Gravity Impact to Heavy Crush:

New Gravity PVE Only Skill Build:

Super Charge PVE Skill Build:

New SuperCharge/Hammer of Rage PVE Skill Build:

Arena PVP Skill Build:

Finally, we hope that our Lost Ark Destroyer class guide was simple and useful for everyone. In addition, don’t forget that this game lets us do creative things.

As always, we highly advise you to make modifications to any Lost Ark Destroyer class build, stats, and skills you find based on your playing style.

Lastly, support our Lost Ark Destroyer guide by sharing it. Plus, for updates and more builds leave a comment here or on our social media pages. Also, you can share your Lost Ark Destroyer engravings, stats, and skills builds here if you want to.

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  1. I want to congratulate the people who made this guide! Is super complete and easy to understand.
    I was looking for a good guide for the release of the Destroyer on SA/NA (I play on SA), and I found this really good one.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. You are welcome and thanks for your comment,
      We are glad that you liked our guide.
      You can always suggest anything you want or ask for additional information and we will be happy to add it.

  2. Is this updated for the new patch where destroyer gets 2 orbs for a lot of skills? Great guide, thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment,

      At this moment it’s just in Lost Ark KR. So, when it hits the RU region, we will take a look at the entire article.

      Initially, it will not affect older builds. As each skill still has its use. For example, skills used for counter or for its low cooldown or increase impairment.

      However, the new changes will provide more options for new builds.

  3. how about build 1 with 280 skill points ish? build 1 seems stronger cause 4 release skills (purple), im sometimes not dealing enough damage and cause skills are on CD.

    1. Yes, you can, but if you are looking for damage in skills, I am not using the best tripod for its damage in that build. For example, I am using Storm Tripod in Earth Eater, which does less damage than the other Tripod, because I can move to the boss head while I am using it, which in the end makes me do more damage. Also, Full Swing skill I use the low damage Tripod to be faster in filling the energy bar and fast impairment.

  4. Also ma y i ask, what do u use running crash for? just for its debuff? and u cancel it immediately?

  5. is there any builds for the gravity build with 280 skill points for mid-tier players?

    1. It’s not difficult, you can use any build no matter how many skill points you have.
      Where you can reduce the skills that you see as less important for your playing style.
      For example, let’s modify gravity build 2:
      Now Its a 268 skill points build, you may notice that I have reduced some skill tripods from lvl3 to lvl1.
      It’s easy to modify any build according to your skill points.

    2. Thank you so much sir. It is infact true that the gravity build is so much more fun than super charge 😀

    3. is the gravity build 1 stronger? since it has 4 release skills? im on build 2 and sometimes i dont have enough daamge because blue skills not that strong

    4. Blue skills are good since the damage isn’t everything, every one of these skills does have a role in gameplay. However, Jumping Smash has very good damage, plus its role to break boss so fast (huge impairment effect).

      I used Full Swing skill to fill the bar faster but then discovered that I lacked the counter attack skill that I needed for dungeons such as Baltan 1415/1445. I also use it without charge so that I can quickly turn to other skills fast. Full Swing skill without charge, it’s lower damage, but it is much faster.

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