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Lost Ark Berserker Guide/Builds: Gameplay, Skills, & Stats

Lost Ark Berserker Class Guide & Builds: PVE, PVP, DPS, Skills, Stats

Berserker Class Guide & Builds For PVE/PVP: the classic DPS warrior class in the Lost Ark MMO world that wields a massive greatsword with high attack power and is incredibly fun to play in all game content.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Berserker class guide for PVP and PVE that includes multi-builds based on Secret Technique Engraving and Madness Engraving. Additionally, the Berserker gameplay, stats, and skills tree for the Lost Ark game is also included, which can help new players to know this advanced warrior profession well.

In short: Berserker is the first warrior DPS character in Lost Ark MMORPG. Besides, it’s the most recognized class since it’s a classic warrior known in all MMORPG games. Moreover, this advanced profession uses a huge greatsword and can deal a high DPS to enemies. Since this is a PVE game, the berserker class can suit P2W, hardcore, and casual players. However, players should build their berserker engravings, skills, and stats in a way that suits their time spent in Lost Ark. Otherwise, it will be extremely painful to keep up using with the game or other players.

Berserker Class Overview:

Berserker is a warrior-type and powerful mele-range DPS class in Lost Ark MMORPG. Besides, it’s the first warrior character that can wield a massive two-handed greatsword as the main weapon, which looks very gigantic throughout all Lost Ark game tiers.

In addition, this character has high-damage attacks including having good defenses. Plus, the Berserker class considers the most stable class and balanced among all Lost Ark classes.

Berserker was one of the first characters introduced to the Lost Ark MMORPG back in 2012. whereas currently, players can choose Berserker class at a character level of 10 from the advanced warrior professions group selection, which also includes Holy Knight (Paladin), Warlord (Gunlancer), and Destroyer classes.

Furthermore, you can find below other related classes to the Berserker including builds and guides. As they all fall into the warrior category in the Lost Ark game:

Berserkers are always a mighty warriors class that possesses great potential to turn the battlefield upside down in an instant. Plus, when berserkers enter the burst mode they become unstoppable in PVP and PVE.

Berserker Identity:

Berserker’s identity or their special ability ​is all about storing up rage energy every time they attack and when this rage scale fills up, they can enter the Burst state that changes skills look and become overwhelming attacks.

In the burst mode state, berserkers gain a great increase in attack and movement speed. Plus, this rage state unlocks additional special skills that can only be used in that state, which delivers a world of powerful pain to all types of enemies.

Lost Ark Berserker PVE & PVP Gameplay:

You can find here some videos that present the Berserker class gameplay in the Lost Ark end game. In turn, it will help and guide you to get to know this fierce warrior character more:

The video above shows one of the Mayhem (Madness) PVE builds for the Berserker class. Where the player is clearing one of the levels inside legion or leader boss dungeon the Abrelschud Commander in Lost Ark MMORPG.

Another PVE gameplay video for Berserker Class fighting Valtan the Demon Beast Commander in Legion Raid dungeon. You can notice that the warrior is using the Secret Technique build to solo the dungeon, which many players do mostly to collect gold.

Moreover, the second video above is about PVP gameplay for the Berserker inside the 3V3 arena.

Best & Top Berserker Engravings:

Here we share two ways to build Berserker profession engraving based on the gameplay type you decided to play with this mighty warriors class in the Lost Ark MMORPG world.

In more detail, we included Balanced Berserker Builds (one for all) that should be low price, effective in all game contents according to our opinion, and easy to get for Casual Normal F2P and PVP players, such as the Balanced Secret Technique Engravings DPS Build.

Besides, the Common Berserker Builds are for P2W or Hardcore players with High-Level Equipment who don’t care about the wasted gold/progression and see Lost Ark as a second job, such as the Burst Dark Madness Engravings DPS Build.

Furthermore, check the Lost Ark Berserker Engravings builds below:

1st Low-Cost Balanced Secret Technique Engravings Build For F2P Players:

  • Berserker Technique: Level 3.
  • Any DPS Engraving: Level 3. (No Grudge)
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: the Inexpensive Berserker engravings build is For F2P Players with Low gold and low playing time. Plus, it can be used with Critical/Agility stats or Specialty/Critical stats.

2nd Low-Cost Balanced Dark Madness Engravings Build For F2P Players:

  • Madness (Mayhem): Level 3.
  • Master’s Potential: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: this F2P Dark Madness build is more friendly as Master’s Potential Engravings mostly cost 1 gold so losing it over time will not be a problem. Plus, the is preferred to be used with Critical & Agility stats.

Balanced Secret Technique Engravings DPS Build For PVP & PVE:

  • Berserker Technique: Level 1.
  • Mass increase: Level 3
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: you can swap Mass increase with Awakening. Plus, the Balanced Secret Technique Engravings build is preferred to be used with Specialty/Critical stats.

Common Secret Technique Engravings DPS Build For PVE:

  • Berserker Technique: Level 1.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Note: you can swap Awakening with Mass increase for more damage increase. Plus, the Common Secret Technique Engravings build is also preferred to be used with Specialty/Critical stats.

Common Dark Madness Engravings DPS Build For PVE (LOW HP):

  • Madness (Mayhem): Level 3.
  • Master’s Potential: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander: Level 2.

Note: the Burst Dark Madness Engravings build is preferred to be used with Critical & Agility stats.

Guild War GVG & PVP Berserker Engravings Build/Guide:

These can be added to any Lost Ark Berserker build to be suitable for GVG or the open-world PVP events.

  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Besides, if you are using any Berserker balanced build that includes Heavy Armor level 3, that’s good enough.

However, you need to know that Lost Ark Guild War (GVG) that involves PVP is for massive P2W whales guilds or super hardcore PVE gamers.

Check below to know more about it:

Lost Ark Berserker Class Engravings Details:

Below are small briefs of the Berserker engravings level 3 effect, which can power up the Identity or the special abilities of this classic melee warrior class:

Berserker Technique Lv.3: While Burst mode is activated the critical damage increased by +50% and removed the negates exhaustion after the burst state ends.

Old Madness (Mayhem) Lv.3: Hitting enemies while burst mode is activated recovers 0.5% of Max HP, and while hitting multiple enemies the recovery increases by a little more.

New Madness (Mayhem) Lv.3: The rage gauge is always maintained at its maximum, and when it is activated, it goes into a Darkness Burst mode or state.

In the Darkness Burst Mode or State, Berserker damage to enemies is increased by +18%, attack and movement speed are increased by +15%, and all damage received is reduced by -65%.

However, the moment Berserker enters the Darkness Burst Mode, the HP is set to only 25% of the maximum health, which can’t be exceeded by any health recovery effects, and all shields can only do 25% of their effects.

Darkness Burst Mode can be canceled by pressing the ‘X’ key, which can restore +25% of maximum health is immediately upon release, but you cannot enter Burst Mode for 30 seconds.

For more details about the rest of the engravings that can be used for Berserker and other classes, check the guide below:

F2P Berserker Guide To Fast & Fun Lost Ark End-Game:

Check out the following that can help you to maximize the fun as a F2P player in Lost Ark progression with Berserker class faster with little effort instead of grinding dungeons and repeating them over and over:

Moreover, check the gear upgrade guide below to know more about it:

Furthermore, you may also want to get the gold for your Berserker character to boost it in Lost Ark. So check below to see what methods you can use to farm gold in this MMORPG:

Plus, to know the game better, check out the following:

Here is the shortlist guide that presents the Berserker combat stats builds that are likely to be used in Lost Ark PVE and PVP:

Note: Specialty = Specialization / Agility = Swiftness.

PVE Combat Stats:

1st PVE Stats: ~70% Specialty & ~30% Critical.
For example ~1700 Specialty & ~600 Critical.

2nd PVE Stats : ~65% Critical & ~35% Agility.
For example ~1500 Critical & ~800 Agility.

3rd PVE Stats : ~60% Specialty & ~25% Critical & 15% Agility.
For example ~1400 Specialty & ~600 Critical & ~ 400 Agility.

PVP Arena Combat Stats:

PVP Stats 1: ~80% Agility & ~20% Specialty & ~1% Critical.
For example ~1000 Agility & ~249 Specialty & ~1 Critical.

Note: many classes including Berserker can use the first PVP stats. Plus, Specialty can be replaced with Subdue.

PVP Stats 2: ~80% Agility & ~8% Subdue & ~12% Specialty & ~1% Critical.
For example ~1000 Agility & ~100 Subdue & ~149 Specialty & ~1 Critical.

PVP Stats 3: ~60% Agility & ~40% Critical.
For example ~800 Agility & ~450 Critical.

Note: all classes including Berserker can use the second PVP Stats.

Lost Ark Berserker Skill Tree & Tripods Builds For PVE/PVP:

Eventually, here are Lost Ark Berserker class skills tree builds and tripods guides that are used in PVE & PVP. Where below we include popular skills built for this aggressive warrior character as well as the ones we modified:

PVE DPS Skill Builds:

PVP Arena Skill Build:

Below are some of Lost Ark Berserker’s PVP arena skills builds that do have the same skill tree but with different tripods:

Finally, we hope this Berserker class guide is simple and useful for everyone. Again, we highly advise customizing any Lost Ark Berserker PVP or PVE builds, skills, and stats you find for this mighty warrior profession to suit your way of gameplay style.

Furthermore, if you’re a non-hardcore F2P player that looking forward to playing the Berserker class in Lost Ark. Then don’t miss out on our guides and recommendation on how you can progress your class faster.

Especially, if you’re a new Lost Ark player who also wants to have fun with using this amazing mighty male warriors character in this MMORPG game with a little amount of effort and time.

Lastly, support our Lost Ark Berserker guide by sharing it. Plus, for updates and more builds leave a comment here or on our social media pages. Also, you can share your Lost Ark Berserker PVP or PVE builds, skills, and stats here if you want to.

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    1. Just choose what you see fit for you and your time, I am doing a balanced build because there is a very big cost and waste of gold since the game is updated quickly so we lose our builds and start from scratch as the accessories lose their value after two weeks or a month. Also, it’s 1 build for all content PVP & PVE, which you don’t need to change.

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