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PGR Noan Arca Guide & Builds: A DMC Nero-Inspired Character

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A frame was made with the purpose of saving Neon, being so lightweight, it was modified to ensure its functionality. Noan Arca, the S-Rank Vanguard character that resembles Nero from Devil May Cry, is available to play from the Cinder Burns patch in Punishing Gray Raven.

In this article, we present a beginner’s guide for Noan Arca in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Series, highlighting his Skills, Expulsion Blade weapon, Memory build, suggested Teammates, and more.

In short: Noan Arca, a PGR S-Rank Vanguard Uniframe that can utilize Lightning elements, use combos similar to Nero from DMC4, and deal burst damage. His 6-star weapon is called Prometheus, which increases attack, restores energy, and recovers Dodge Gauge. Shelley is his only memory build designed specifically for him. Lastly, it’s a Good F2P-friendly unit that can work fine with a 5-star weapon. If your BC is tight, consider saving for the upcoming characters.

Noan Arca Character Overview

Noan Arca in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) is an S-Rank Lightning character and a Vanguard Uniframe that features a distinct and enjoyable playstyle. He wields an Expulsion Blade as a weapon and is capable of dealing 90% Lightning Elemental Damage and 10% Physical Damage. Also known by Punishing Gray Raven players as Noan Auberge, or in PGR China as 诺安·逆旅 BPZ-01.

In addition, Noan Arca is from an executive army called Argali or 寒羊小队. He specialized in performing combos by continuously activating core passive to deal high damage and inflicting Burst Damage.

As an S-Rank Uniframe (formerly Transcendant), Noan Arca or The Auberge can be summoned starting from the Cinder Burns event banner in PGR with a 100% Pity rate guarantee after just 10 pulls. After the event ends, Noan Arca will always be available in Punishing Gray Raven with an 80% pull rate, unlike Omniframes (formerly Construct).

For those who enjoy Devil May Cry, the similarities between Noan Arca and Nero from DMC4 are quite fascinating. The familiar Red Queen, the attacks that trigger memories, and the interesting sword revving during fights all make it feel like a tribute. Although there’s no Devil Bringer, the enemy execution, like the first fight scene from DMC4, adds an exciting touch to Noan Arca’s in Punishing Gray Raven.

Additionally, check out the official “Cinder Burns” PGR trailer below. It highlights the Lightning Noan, new coatings, game enhancements, and more.

The Gameplay of the Arca Frame

The following points summarize how to play Noan Arca in Punishing Gray Raven:

  • First Stack: Start by using a 3 Orb/Matrix ping and then tap the Basic Attack button.
  • Second Stack: Use another 3 Orb/Matrix ping and keep tapping the basic attack button, this time charging more than the existing gauge to reach the level 2 stack.
  • Third Stack: Repeat the process. You can charge up to the maximum.
  • Empowered Attack: At max 3 stacks, trigger a 3 Orb/Matrix ping and tap basic attacks, charging more than the existing gauge to execute an empowered core passive attack. This will reset the gear stacks.

In short, charge power with 3-Ping Orbs and tap Basic Attack to trigger stronger combos. Max Gear Level unlocks a powerful Assault-Rising Combo.

Furthermore, take a look at the Noan Arca gameplay video below. It perfectly shows just how enjoyable he can be:

Skills Guide Introduction For Noan Arca In PGR

Here are the vital skills of the Noan Arca in Punishing Gray Raven, and they are as follows:

Normal Skills

Red Orb (Cyclone Downburst): Rushes forward with a spinning attack, dealing Physical Damage (Lightning DMG on a 3-Ping).

Yellow Orb (Laws of Magnetic Storm): Leaps back, flinging a magnetic storm generator to deal Physical Damage (Lightning DMG on a 3-Ping), pulling nearby enemies when the field contracts.

Blue Orb (Sparkle Night Thunderclap): Swings Rev Blade across the ground, causing an energy explosion and generating plasma torrents that deal Physical Damage (Lightning DMG on a 3-Ping).

Ultimate Signature Move: End of Night

He swiftly advances, then halts to channel Rev Blade’s energy for a powerful strike, dealing Lightning Damage.

Core Passive: Rising Key

Charge Engine: After casting a 3-Ping, tap Basic Attack repeatedly to charge up the Rising Engine. This charges his power, and when released, it triggers a Gear-Break Combo based on Signal Orb colors. The damage depends on Gear Level, and using this combo consumes charged energy for higher damage.

Gear-Break Combo: Tapping Basic Attack repeatedly triggers a Combo Strike. If the charged energy surpasses a certain level, the Gear Level increases by 1.

Assault-Rising Combo: If the Gear-Break Combo is unleashed at max Gear Level, a stronger Assault-Rising Combo follows with increased damage. Rotational Speed and Gear Level reset after this combo.

Noan Arca Weapon & Memory Builds

The great thing is that Noan Arca doesn’t demand his 6-star signature weapon in PGR. The 5-star weapon is adequate for F2P players to enjoy playing without heavy investment. While the 6-star adds more power, the 5-star suffices for effective combat.

If you still want to invest in his 6-star signature weapon, don’t forget to save for the upcoming meta-characters in Punishing Gray Raven.

Weapons Guide

For F2P players, it’s recommended to go for the 5-star High-Frequency Particle Sword to save Black Cards. The weapon increases Signal Orb Damage.

For P2W players, the 6-star Prometheus is the ideal signature weapon for Noan. The weapon increases Attacks, restores energy, and doubles the recovery rate of the Dodge Gauge.

Memory Builds

You can build your Noan Arca in PGR with 6-star memories from the Cinder Burns or any future events. Check his designed set below:

6 Shelley: Main Set

This set increases the Lightning Damage, gains him Super Armor, Nullifies/Converts Damage, and doubles the base Damage multiplier for some effects.

  • 6 Shelley: TOP & Bottom.

PGR Resonance For Noan Arca

Here are the suggested Resonance setups for Noan Arca’s memories and his 6-star expulsion blade (Prometheus) in Punishing Gray Raven:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: Prometheus

  • 1st: Limit Break.
  • 2nd: Signal Overload.
  • 3rd: Matrix Burst.

All Memory Resonance: Shelley

  • Top Memory Slots: Attack.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: Core Passive.

Team Setup:

For Noan Arca’s team setup in Punishing Gray Raven, prioritize Uniframe teammates for optimal synergy. Alternatively, he can fit into any Lightning team.

Suggested Lightning Team

  • Attacker: Bianca Veritas.
  • Vanguard: Selena Tempest.

F2P Friendly Team

  • Vanguard: Qu Pavo.
  • Vanguard: Selena Tempest.

Feel free to explore their guides here:

Bianca Veritas Guide Selena Tempest Guide Qu Pavo Guide

Pull Recommendation: Is Noan Arca Worth It?

Noan Arca appears as an F2P-friendly character worth getting in Punishing Gray Raven. He performs well without the need for a big investment, making him a good choice for F2P players, obtainable within just 10 pulls.

But consider skipping him if you’re low on Black Card especially If you are saving for upcoming characters. It ultimately depends on your preferences and current priorities in the game.

The game sometimes gives free pulls, you may manage to pull Noan Arca on the first attempt, such as using 250 Free Event Tickets of Vanguard Uniframe characters. As a result, there is no need to spend anything else premium, it’s great to enjoy this character gameplay and at the same time save Black Cards for future characters.

Conclusion: He Is A Great F2P Unit, But

Finally, we hope that our Noan Arca guide and builds for Punishing Gray Raven are easy and helpful for everyone, especially F2P players and beginners.

Whether or not you choose to pull for the Noan Arca character, the decision can indeed be challenging. While he presents a distinct gameplay similar to Nero from Devil May Cry, which is pretty cool, some may find it not as useful as it should be.

However, highly anticipated meta-releases such as Bianca Stigmata often surpass other characters. Many players are reserving their Black Cards for these upcoming meta characters, which may make pulling him seem less worthy for many players.

For more information about the game, check below:

Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) First Impression Punishing: Gray Raven Official Game Website

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