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PGR Nanami Starfarer Guide & Best Builds: Airframe Tank

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An Airframe Nanami made for herself. It’s custom-built featuring lightweight manufacturing that has surpassed humanity’s technology. Nanami Starfarer, the S-Rank Tank character available to play from the Her Last Bow update in Punishing Gray Raven, the Global Edition.

In this article, we present a beginner’s guide about Nanami Starfarer in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Series, highlighting her skills, Ultra-Saw weapon, memory builds, suggested fire teammates, and more.

In short: Nanami Starfarer, a PGR S-Rank Tank Construct that can utilize fire elements and reduce enemy resistance. Her 6-star weapon is called Implosion, which boosts her elements, gains her energy, and reduces target resistance. The Unimate/Einsteina set is her main memory build. Lastly, her best teammate of all time is Liv Empyrea.

Nanami Starfarer Character Overview:

Nanami Starfarer in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) is an S-Rank fire character and a Tank Construct that ride on a custom-built Airframe featuring Mechanics battle suit gameplay. Capable of dealing 100% Fire Elemental Damage, she wields the Ultra-Saw as a weapon, which enhances her fire effects. She is also known by Punishing Gray Raven players as Nanami Remote Star or in PGR China as 七实·遥星之座.

Besides, Nanami Starfarer is from a secret organization called the Mechanical Church or 机械教会 in China. She has the ability to reduce the resistance of enemy elements and can switch attack modes.

As an S-Rank Construct, Nanami Starfarer or Remote Star can be summoned from the Her Last Bow event banner in PGR, which has a Pity of 100% after 60 pulls. Otherwise, it’s 70% after the Her Last Bow event ends, when she returns later.

Check out the Her Last Bow game trailer below, which features Nanami Starfarer, new Coating, and more in Punishing Grey Raven Global:

The Gameplay of the Nanami Starfarer Character:

The following points summarize how to play Nanami Starfarer in Punishing Gray Raven:

  • Charge energy using skills orbs.
  • Activate the Ultimate Signature Move.
  • Hold the Basic Attack then release when the Gauge is almost full.
  • Repeat until it reset to zero.
  • Activate the Ultimate Signature Move again to activate the Finisher Move.

Besides, you can check her gameplay fight against the ER01-13 Boss in the video below:

Skills Guide Introduction For Nanami Starfarer In PGR:

Here are the vital skills of the Nanami Starfarer in Punishing Gray Raven, and they are as follows:

Normal Skills:

Red Orb (Scorching Whirlwind): Fires flames with the mecha’s left-wrist cannon to push it to the target, dealing Fire Damage. Gains Super Armor upon a 3-Ping and restores Signature Energy with a follow-up Flame Chain Dance, pulling the enemies nearby and dealing Fire Damage.

Note: the Switch-in skill will trigger the 3-Ping Scorching Whirlwind automatically.

Yellow Orb (Quantum Compression Shot): Fires Quantum Compression Shots with the mecha’s left-wrist cannon and deals Fire Damage via explosion on hit.

Blue Orb (Flame Bombing): Opens the missile bays on the mecha’s shoulders to fire missiles, dealing Fire Damage.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Ace Star

When in Normal Mode, spend Signature Energy to cast Blade Flash. Nanami: Starfarer launches a powerful slash using the left-arm flame saw, which detonates and deals Fire Damage, entering the Rumbling Mode immediately after.

During the Rumbling Mode, Gigabyte Star Strike can be cast by spending Signature Energy, dealing ADE Fire Damage, and triggering Time Lag Calculation. Ironsoul Slice will be reset upon the end of the effect, and Nanami will exit the Rumbling Mode.

Core Passive: Soul Of Molten Steel

Trigger Nanami: Starfarer’s Slide Mode by holding Dodge or casting Quantum Compression Shot/Flame Bombing. During this time, the above skills can be consecutively cast.

During the Rumbling Mode, a Pressure Gauge of up to 200 points is gained. Hold the Basic Attack to trigger Nanami’s Bzzz Mode when Ironsoul Slice hits an enemy. In this mode, release Basic Attack at different times to trigger “Oops! Missed it!” or “Perfect!”.

Upon full Pressure, cast a Burning Blow at the cost of all Pressure by holding until the gauge cap is reached. “Oops! Missed it!” and “Perfect!” of Ironsoul Slice I, Ironsoul Slice II, and Ironsoul Slice III will deal Fire Damage. “Oops! Missed it!”/”Perfect!” will grant Pressure and Signature Energy while Nanami gains Super Armor and Extra Damage Reduction.

Burning Blow: Restores Signature Energy and grants “Perfect!” damage of the corresponding Ironsoul Slice and increased Damage multiplier plus Damage Bonus based on the Pressure consumed. Each Pressure consumed will increase Base Damage.

The damage dealt will be recorded after calculation. When Nanami casts Gigabyte Star Strike, she also deals 50% of the recorded damage and becomes temporarily Invincible.

Nanami Starfarer Weapon & Memory Builds:

Nanami Starfarer (Remote Star) is great to build in PGR, but F2P players may struggle to get her 6-star weapon, hindering their chance of summoning the next Haicma Veiled Star character if they spend black cards on it. Choose wisely based on resources and black cards.

Weapons Guide:

If you’re a F2P player, the 5-star Redshift, is the only good choice for the Nanami Starfarer to save your Black Cards. Besides, It has a StarBurst Heat effect that can increase Fire Damage.

For P2W players, the 6-star Implosion is the signature weapon for Nanami Starfarer. It has an effect that increases Fire Damage more than the Redshift. In addition, It gains her energy every time an ally performs 3-ping while she is off-field. Moreover, enemies hit by missiles will get a resistance reduction. Also, triggering QTE will reset the duration If Missile Support is active.

Memory Builds:

You can build Nanami Starfarer easily with 6-star memories from the Her Last Bow event, don’t waste resources on 5-star. Check the suggested sets below.

2 Einsteina & 4 Unimate: Main Set

This set increases Nanami’s Fire and Base damage while reducing Enemy Elemental Resistance. Additionally, Nanami’s QTE applies a debuff that lowers Fire Resistance.

  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP.
  • 4 Unimate Memories: Bottom.

2 Condelina & 4 Unimate: DPS Set

This set increases Basic Attack even more, which replaces the Enemy Elemental Resistance effect from the Einsteina/Unimate set.

  • 2 Condelina Memories: TOP.
  • 4 Unimate Memories: Bottom.

2 Einsteina & 4 Da Vinci: Niche Build For Pain Cage

This set empowers Nanami’s QTEs and triggers another character QTE while reducing Enemy Elemental Resistance.

  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP.
  • 4 Da Vinci Memories: Bottom.

PGR Resonance For Nanami Starfarer:

Here are the suggested Resonance for Nanami Starfarer for all of her memories and her 6-star weapon (Implosion) in Punishing Gray Raven:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: The Implosion

  • 1st: Diode Torch.
  • 2nd: Resonant Echo.
  • 3rd: Dead Line Timing.

All Memory Resonance:

  • Top Memory Slots: Attack & Any.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: Tank: Class Skill.

Team Setup For Nanami Starfarer In PGR:

When building a team for Nanami Starfarer in Punishing Gray Raven, there are many Fire Elemental characters to choose from. Here are some Fire Teams suggestions to consider:

Suggested Fire Team:

  • Attacker: S Roland Flambeau until Lee Hyperreal comes.
  • Support: S Liv Empyrea.

Note: You can still use Karenina Ember.

F2P Friendly Fire Team:

  • Attacker: A Lee Palefire
  • Support: A Sophia Silverfang, B Liv Eclipseor, or anything.

Check the available guides below:

Finally, we hope that our Nanami Starfarer guide and builds for Punishing Gray Raven are easy and helpful for everyone, especially F2P players and beginners. Additionally, it’s nice to see that PGR developers have finally started to give Nanami love and attention via the Starfarer (Remote Star) Airframe.

For more information, check below:

Further, support us by sharing our Punishing Gray Raven Nanami Starfarer Guide, it will encourage us to create more content like this.

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