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PGR Haicma StarVeil Guide & Best Builds: Veiled Star

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A frame from the Church of Machina that acts on Earth to find the Sages for different reasons. Haicma StarVeil, the S-Rank Vanguard character available to play from The Ark Beyond patch in Punishing Gray Raven, the Global Edition.

In this article, we present a beginner’s guide about Haicma StarVeil in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Series, highlighting her skills, Scythe weapon, memory build, suggested Ice or Uniframe teammates, and more.

In short: Haicma StarVeil, a PGR S-Rank Vanguard Uniframe that can utilize Ice elements and immobilize enemies. Her 6-star weapon is called Galatea, which boosts her ice elements, and abilities greatly. The Aisha set is her only main memory build. Unfortunately, without her 6-star weapon, she is unplayable, which disappoints F2P players.

Haicma StarVeil Character Overview

Haicma StarVeil in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) is an S-Rank ice character and a Vanguard Uniframe that features reaper-style gameplay. Capable of dealing 90% Ice Elemental and 10% Physical Damage, she wields a Scythe as a weapon, which has effects that enhance her abilities. She is also known by Punishing Gray Raven players as Haicma Veiled Star or in PGR China as 哈卡玛·隐星 MPA-01.

In addition, Haicma StarVeil is from a secret organization called the Church of Machina or 机械教会. She specialized in the Crowd Control ability to immobilize enemies via AOE freezing, while also capable of delivering Burst Damage by dealing high damage in a short time.

As an S-Rank Uniframe (formerly Transcendant), Haicma StarVeil or Veiled Star can be summoned from The Ark Beyond event banner in PGR with a 100% Pity rate after 10 pulls. After the event ends, Haicma StarVeil will always be available in Punishing Gray Raven with an 80% pull rate, unlike Omniframe characters (formerly Construct).

Check out The Ark Beyond game trailer below, which features Haicma StarVeil, new Coating, and more in Punishing Grey Raven Global:

The Gameplay of the Haicma StarVeil Character

The following points summarize how to play Haicma StarVeil in Punishing Gray Raven:

  • Activate the First Ultimate as soon as possible to increase her power.
  • Use Normal Attacks and Orbs to recharge the Second Ultimate.
  • Use Second Ultimate to deliver an AOE Ice Damage which also freezes enemies.
  • Press and hold dodge to enter defense mode then release for a Normal Leap attack.
  • Releasing the defense mode after using Second Ultimate will trigger an Ultimate Leap Attack.

Moreover, you can check her solo gameplay in the video below:

Skills Guide Introduction For Haicma StarVeil In PGR

Here are the vital skills of the Haicma StarVeil in Punishing Gray Raven, and they are as follows:

Normal Skills

Red Orb (Gravity Matrix): a spin attack that can pull the surrounding enemies, dealing Physical Damage. Using 3-Ping makes it Ice Damage.

Note: Switch-in will use the Gravity Matrix skill at 3-Pings automatically.

Yellow Orb (Frostbite Leap): a dash attack toward the enemy, dealing Physical Damage. Using 3-Ping makes it Ice Damage.

Blue Orb (Chain Reflection): a slash attack that deals Physical Damage, followed by a backward jump then a frosty ray in an arcing trajectory. Upon a 3-Ping, both become Ice Damage.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Frost-Treated Blade

By spending Signature Energy, she can unleash Frost-Treated Blade Critical Point, infusing her weapon to convert all her damage into Ice Damage. While in this state, Signature Energy won’t regenerate, but her attacks will gradually raise the Froststream Level.

Tapping the Signature Move Button again activates Frost-Treated Blade Quench, dealing damage and inflicting the Frozen Status on all enemies for a duration determined by the Froststream Level. Damaging affected enemies with Bitter Frost will remove the Frozen Status from them.

Core Passive: Huntress Command

By holding the Dodge button, you can activate and charge the Bitterfrost Level. Releasing Dodge when the Bitterfrost Level is fully charged will unleash Bitter Frost, dealing Ice Damage. Releasing Dodge before it’s fully charged will not trigger any attacks and gradually decrease the Bitterfrost Level.

If you get hit while charging, your Dodge Gauge will be reduced, and a Flash attack will be executed if sufficient Dodge remains. Activating the Bitterfrost Level provides Super Armor and boosts Extra Damage Reduction.

Haicma StarVeil Weapon & Memory Builds

While Haicma StarVeil is a desirable character obtainable with just 10 pulls. But unlike other characters who can work with the 5-star weapon, she heavily needs her Galatea 6-star weapon.

As a result, she becomes a character that needs a big investment, presenting a challenge for many F2P and new players. Choose wisely, as it may impact your chance to summon the next Karenina Radiant Daybreak character.

Weapons Guide

If you’re a F2P player, the 5-star Faded-Color is your only choice for Haicma to save Black Cards. Moreover, the Faded-Color increases Damage when performing QTE or 3-Ping skill.

For P2W players, the 6-star Galatea is the signature weapon for Haicma. It has an effect that makes Bitter Cold charge very fast and increases Bitter Cold Damage.

Memory Builds

You can build Haicma StarVeil easily with 6-star memories from The Ark Beyond event, don’t waste resources on 5-star. Check her designed set below.

6 Aisha: Main Set

This set increases Haicma’s Ice and Basic Damage as well as her Frost effects.

  • 6 Aisha: TOP & Bottom.

PGR Resonance For Haicma StarVeil

Here are the suggested Resonance for Haicma StarVeil for all of her memories and her 6-star weapon (Galatea) in Punishing Gray Raven:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: Galatea

  • 1st: Limit Break.
  • 2nd: Single Overload.
  • 3rd: Matrix Burst.

All Memory Resonance

  • Top Memory Slots: ATK +15.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: Signature Move.

Team Setup For Haicma StarVeil In PGR

When building a team for Haicma StarVeil in Punishing Gray Raven, she synergizes the best with other Uniframe teammates. However, you can use her with any Ice team if you want to.

Here are some Ice Teams and Uniframe suggestions to consider:

Suggested Ice Team

  • Attacker: Lucia Plume
  • Support: Wanshi Hypnos.

Note: you can instead use a tank character like Chrome Glory.

F2P Friendly Mix Team

  • Vanguard: Qu Pavo or any Uniframe you like.
  • Support: Wanshi Hypnos.

Check the available guides below:

Chrome Glory Guide Wanshi Hypnos Guide Qu Pavo Guide

Pull Recommendation: Is Haicma StarVeil Worth It?

While Haicma StarVeil’s uniqueness and gameplay style make her desirable to have. Unfortunately, not having her 6-star weapon limits her potential, causing her defense mode to take double the time to charge. This makes her either unplayable or uncomfortable to use by F2P players.

It’s kind of disappointing to see an Uniframe character, originally seen as F2P friendly unit to pull, become unplayable without investing in her costly weapon.

This discrepancy grants pay-to-win (P2W) players the advantage of enjoying the game while being taken away from F2P players.

This leads players to skip or hesitate to upgrade her, choosing to save their Black Card for a more F2P-friendly option instead.

Conclusion: Haicma An Unplayable Unit

Finally, we hope that our Haicma StarVeil guide and builds for Punishing Gray Raven are easy and helpful for everyone, especially F2P players and beginners.

Regardless of your decision to pull for Haicma StarVeil, she remains easily obtainable with just 10 pulls. If you have an interest in collecting waifus, she can be an okay addition to your list, even as a free-to-play (F2P) player.

For pay-to-win (P2W) players, investing in Haicma’s signature weapon can transform her into a highly enjoyable unit in Punishing Gray Raven.

For more information about the game, check below:

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