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PGR Karenina Scire Guide & Best Builds: The Radiant Daybreak

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A frame developed by Karenina herself to adapt to the low-gravity environment on the moon’s surface. Karenina Scire, the S-Rank Tank character available to play from A New Divide patch in Punishing Gray Raven, the Global Edition.

In this article, we present a beginner’s guide for Karenina Scire in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Series, highlighting her skills, Blast Hammer weapon, memory build, suggested Dark teammates, and more.

In short: Karenina Scire, a PGR S-Rank Tank Omniframe that can utilize Dark elements, can deal burst damage, and reduce enemies’ resistance. Her 6-star weapon is called ILLUMINARE, which empowers her effects greatly. The Boone/Condelina is her main memory build set, but it shins when she maxed. Lastly, she is an expensive unit, not recommended for new or F2P players.

Karenina Scire Character Overview

Karenina Scire in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) is an S-Rank Dark character and a Tank Omniframe that features a spinning hammer gameplay style in mid-air. She is capable of dealing 100% Dark Elemental Damage and wields a Blast Hammer as a weapon. Also known by Punishing Gray Raven players as Karenina Radiant Daybreakor, Huixiao, or in PGR China as 卡列尼娜·辉晓 BPD-72.

In addition, Karenina Scire is from a non-combat army called the Engineering Force or 工程部队. She specialized in reducing elemental resistance, inflicting Burst Damage, and has some AOE Crowd Control.

As an S-Rank Omniframe (formerly Constract), Karenina Scire or Radiant Daybreakor can be summoned starting from A New Divide event banner in PGR with a 100% Pity rate guarantee after 60 pulls. After the event ends, the Karenina Scire banner will not be available, but it may return in the future with a 70% pull rate.

If you’re interested in other Karenina frames, you can browse our previous articles below:

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Besides, check out the “A New Divide” game trailer below, which features Karenina Scire, new Coating, and more in Punishing Grey Raven Global:

The Gameplay of the Karenina Scire Character

The following points summarize how to play Karenina Scire in Punishing Gray Raven:

  • The jump strike can be performed by holding and charging the Basic Attack while in the matrix or while having 3 orbs.
  • While in midair, using basic attacks will perform spin attacks and stacks the counter.
  • Dodge in midair will gain more hummer energy, more signature move energy, and more time in midair.
  • Performing the Ultimate Signature Move while the counter at 999 will max out its damage.

Note: to maximize the charging jump strike, you can utilize up to 2 sets of 3 orbs or a matrix ping with 3 orbs.

For in-depth details about Dark Katarina’s gameplay, refer to the skills guide section below, which includes a summary of her Core Passive and Ultimate Signature Move.

Furthermore, the video below shows her gameplay and highlights the stunning appearance of one of her in-game coating skins:

Skills Guide Introduction For Karenina Scire In PGR

Here are the vital skills of the Karenina Scire in Punishing Gray Raven, and they are as follows:

Normal Skills

Red Orb (Comet Propulsion): With the mighty Blast Hammer in hand, she unleashes a surge of Anti-gravity Energy, propelling herself forward and dealing Dark damage to the enemies in her path.

Yellow Orb (Gravity Beacon): Ascending into the air, she unleashes the power of the Blast Hammer, transforming it into a cannon. She fires a gravity shot toward the ground, drawing nearby enemies and slowing their movements. This attack deals Dark Damage and applies Chain Fusion, reducing the enemies’ Dark Resistance. Additionally, she gains an Anti-gravity Shield, which can be stacked up to a maximum limit. If a Blue or Yellow Orb is activated during her attack, she remains in the attack state and delivers another blow, dealing damage based on the number of activated orbs.

Blue Orb (Meteor Track): With the mighty Blast Hammer, she converts it into a cannon, unleashing a gravity shot that pulls enemies along its path and deals Dark Damage. If a Blue or Yellow Orb is activated during her attack, she remains in the attacking state and fires an additional shot, dealing damage based on the number of activated orbs.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Starshatter Horizon

Karenina spends Signature Energy to activate her Signature Move. She leaps towards the ground and strikes the enemy with the Blast Hammer, triggering Time Lag Calculation. Additionally, Starshatter Horizon is unleashed, dealing Dark damage. If she is in the Anti-gravity status at the time of casting, she will exit the status immediately after the Signature Move is performed.

Core Passive: Space Walk

Karenina Scire’s Core Passive ability activates when she has at least one set of 3-Ping Orbs among her up to 8 Signal Orbs. Holding the Basic Attack button initiates a charging process, consuming the 3-Ping Orbs (up to 2 sets can be consumed). Each set grants Anti-gravity Energy. While charging, she gains Super Armor and Extra Damage Reduction based on the number of consumed sets.

Once charged, she leaps into the air with a Leap Attack that deals Dark damage. The base damage of the Leap Attack increases if 2 sets of 3-Ping Orbs have been consumed. This also activates the Anti-gravity status, providing her with Super Armor and Extra Damage Reduction. Tapping the Basic Attack button repeatedly allows her to cast Radiant Whirlwind, a series of attacks that deal Dark damage. Each Basic Attack increases her airborne duration and spin speed.

Upon landing, Gravity Overload is triggered, granting Signature Energy and dealing Dark damage. If she has more than 20 Anti-gravity Energy, she automatically leaps into the air again by consuming the Anti-gravity Energy. Once the Anti-gravity Energy is depleted, she exits the Anti-gravity status. Each Radiant Whirlwind and Basic Attack speed-up grants Kinetic Energy. Casting Starshatter Horizon consumes all Kinetic Energy, further increasing its base damage.

When the Anti-gravity status is activated, tapping the Dodge button allows her to perform Airborne Spin. This move consumes double the Dodge Gauge and pulls and knocks back nearby enemies while dealing Dark damage. It also restores Anti-gravity Energy and Signature Energy. This ability can only be triggered once every 10 seconds. Upon a successful dodge, Returning Repulsion is cast, pulling and knocking back nearby enemies, dealing Dark damage, and restoring additional Dodge Gauge.

When Karenina enters Matrix, holding the Basic Attack button initiates the charging process, automatically consuming the enhanced orb effect of the Matrix (which is considered a set of 3-Ping Orbs).

Karenina Scire Weapon & Memory Builds

Although Karenina Scire introduces new mid-air gameplay mechanics to Punishing Gray Raven, she heavily relies on her 6-star weapon, the ILLUMINARE. Not only does this weapon greatly enhance her skills, but it also adds unique effects.

Therefore, she requires a significant investment, which can be challenging for F2P and new players. So choose wisely to avoid hindering future summons such as the next Noan Auberge or missing out on Black Card exclusives like the Dance of Ripplets coating skin which was available for Lucia Plume.

Weapons Guide

For F2P players, the 5-star Dire Crusher is the recommended choice for Karenina Scire, as it allows you to save Black Cards. However, it’s important to note that the Dire Crusher only enhances Dark Damage.

For P2W players, the 6-star ILLUMINARE is the ideal signature weapon for Karenina Scire. It boosts her fundamental effects and skills damage. Additionally, Karenina gains 1 Signature Move energy every time Spin is performed.

Memory Builds

You can build your Karenina Scire in PGR with 6-star memories from A New Divide or any future events. Avoid wasting resources on 5-star memories. Check the suggested sets below:

4 Boone & 2 Condelina: Main Build

This set increases Karenina’s Dark damage and Basic Attacks while providing a boost to her fundamental effects.

  • 4 Boone Memories: Bottom.
  • 2 Condelina Memories: TOP.

4 Boone & 2 Einsteina: Secondary Build

This set increases Karenina’s Dark damage and boosts her fundamental effects while reducing Enemy Elemental Resistance (Dark).

  • 4 Boone Memories: Bottom.
  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP.

4 Da Vinci & 2 Einsteina: Support Build

This set empowers Karenina’s QTEs and triggers another character QTE while reducing Enemy Elemental Resistance (Dark).

  • 4 Da Vinci Memories: Bottom.
  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP.

4 Bathlon & 2 Einsteina: Secondary Support Build

This set empowers Karenina’s Dark Elemental Damage while reducing Enemy Elemental Resistance (Dark).

  • 4 Bathlon Memories: Bottom.
  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP.

PGR Resonance For Karenina Scire

Here are the suggested Resonance for Karenina Scire for all of her memories and her 6-star weapon (ILLUMINARE) in Punishing Gray Raven:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: ILLUMINARE

  • 1st: Tenebrion Shock.
  • 2nd: Dead Line Timing.
  • 3rd: Resonant Echo.

All Memory Resonance

  • Top Memory Slots: ATK +15.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: Main 6 Core Passive or Support 6 Tank Class Skill.

Team Setup For Karenina Scire In PGR

When building a team for Karenina Scire in Punishing Gray Raven, she synergizes the best with Dark teammates. Here are some Dark Teams suggestions to consider:

Suggested Dark Team

  • Attacker: Luna Laurel.
  • Amplifier: Selena Capriccio.

Note: you can instead use a tank character like No.21 XXI or Kamui Tenebrion.

F2P Friendly Dark Team

  • Attacker/Amplifier: Selena Capriccio or Watanabe Astral.
  • Support: Vera Rozen.

Check the available guides about these teammates below:

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Pull Recommendation: Is Katarina Scire Worth It?

Katarina Scire at base S rank can slightly surpass Kamui Tenebrion and No.21 XXI. However, unlocking her full potential requires a costly investment, especially her signature weapon. Without it, pulling her is not recommended.

Considering the high cost of 20k to 40k Black Cards, which depends on your luck. It may not be worth pulling Katarina Scire for a minor power gain compared to free A-rank units.

Therefore, If you’re a free-to-play (F2P) player or low on Black Cards in Punishing Gray Raven, consider skipping her as she becomes not worth it.

On the other hand, No.21 XXI remains an outstanding Dark Tank and even receives a stunning summer coating skin for free. As a result, F2P players are recommended to prioritize A-rank characters like No.21 XXI or free-obtainable S-rank characters like Kamui Tenebrion.

No.21 XXI Guide

For pay-to-win (P2W) players who looking to upgrade from No.21 XXI, acquiring Katarina Scire with her signature weapon becomes a good option. Spenders can further maximize her potential by obtaining additional copies, her weapon, and her pet.

Conclusion: Dark Katarina Is An Expensive Unit To Pull

Finally, we hope that our Katarina Scire guide and builds for Punishing Gray Raven are easy and helpful for everyone, especially F2P players and beginners.

Regardless of your decision to pull for Katarina Scire, it’s important to note that she is considered an expensive unit, often not worth it for free-to-play (F2P) or new players. However, with a substantial investment, she can become a great dark meta unit in Punishing Gray Raven.

For more information about the game, check below:

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