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PGR Karenina Blast Guide & Best Builds: A Physical Attacker

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Karenina Blast is an A-Rank Physical character from Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) and an Attacker-type Construct that is playable from the first day this Action-RPG Game was launched.

In this article, we share the Karenina Blast guide and the best builds in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Series. This RPG Game guide covers her Cannon Signature Weapons, best memory builds set, and more.

In short: Karenina Blast is an A-Rank Construct that primarily uses Physical elemental damage in the PGR game (Punishing: Gray Raven). Additionally, her 6-star weapon is called Berserk Fusion, a Cannon that increases the physical damage with additional effects. However, the 5-star weapons Firecrackers or Magma Pillar are good enough. Plus, Hanna and Darwin’s memories are her main build set in PGR. Further, she is one of the ideal characters for new players to fit into any team easily.

Karenina Blast Character Short Overview:

Karenina Blast is an A-Rank Physical character and Attacker-type construct from the Engineering Force Army in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game. In addition, she can deal element damage of 80% physical and 20% Fire. Further, she can be gotten easily from PGR in-game.

She is a Cosmos Technicians Union graduate and solves issues by blowing them up, which Purifying Force sees as beneficial.

Karenina Blast’s specialty lies in inflicting burst physical and elemental fire damage. Plus, her Signature Move switches attacking forms and provides Crowd Control.

Besides, you may want to see her enhanced frame, the S-Rank Fire Construct, in the link below:

Furthermore, watch the official Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Explosion Life PV trailer, in which the first half introduces the Karenina Blast character in this Mobile Action-RPG game:

Gameplay Of Karenina Blast In Punishing Gray Raven:

Karenina Blast’s gameplay is about using 3-Ping or Matrix Ping 3 times for any Orb skills to activate the Core Passive Ability which will switch her attacking form. In Addition, Ultimate Signature Move will also immediately activate the Core Passive Ability.

Her Blue skill and QTE can pull or group enemies, which is very useful for teammates such as Lucia-Alpha the Crimson Abyss.

Furthermore, see below the solo gameplay of Karenina Blast vs Sharkspeare Boss (Event), which also shows her beautiful coating in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game:

PGR Karenina Blast Weapon & Memory Builds:

The recommended PGR Karenina Blast memory builds and her cannon weapons guide, are as follows:

Weapons Guide:

The 5-Star Magma Pillar and Firecrackers Cannons can be used with the Karenina Blast without any issues. Especially the Firecrackers Cannon since it has the Light Firecrackers effect that inflicts physical damage. On the other side, the Magma Pillar Cannon has the effect of increasing attacks.

The 6-Star Chaos Particle Cannon is the ideal Signature Weapon for her. In addition, it empowers physical damage and increases the Basic Attack extra damage bonus. 

Note: Karenina Blast’s 6-star weapon is not worth getting.

Memory Builds:

Voltaire & Aife: Starter

Voltaire and Aife Set is the starter 5-star memory build for Karenina Blast for New PGR Players, which is used to reduce enemies’ physical defense, empower orbs, and give more Matrix.

  • 2 Voltaire Memories: TOP.
  • 4 Aife Memories: Bottom.

Darwin & Hanna: Main

Darwin and Hanna Set is the Main 6-star memory build for Karenina Blast which is used to empower damage and orbs and gives more Matrix.

  • 2 Darwin Memories: TOP.
  • 4 Hanna Memories: Bottom.

Catherine & Da Vinci: QTE

Catherine and Da-Vinci Set is the QTE Focused 6-Star memory build for Karenina Blast, which is used to reduce enemies’ physical defense and activate additional QTEs.

  • 2 Catherine Memories: TOP.
  • 4 Da-Vinci Memories: Bottom.

PGR Resonance For Karenina Blast Weapons & Memories:

The recommended Karenina Blast Resonance for 6-Stars Weapon (The Chaos Particle Cannon) and Memories in the Punishing Gray Raven, are as the following:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: The Chaos Particle Cannon

Since Karenina Blast’s 6-star weapon is not worth getting, it’s pointless to Resonance.

All Memory Resonance:

  • Top Memory Slots: ATK & CRIT.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: ATK & CRIT.

Team Setup For Karenina Blast In Punishing Gray Raven:

Karenina Blast is really useful and can fit any team due to her QTE and works best with physical teammates, as the following:

Suggested Teammates:

  • Lucia-Alpha (Crimson Abyss): S-Rank Physical Attacker.
  • Liv-Eclipse: B-Rank Physical Support.

Note: you can swap Lucia-Alpha (Crimson Abyss) with any Physical Attacker.

Finally, we hope that our Karenina Blast the A-Rank Physical Construct Guide & Builds for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is simple and useful for everyone. For additional information, check below:

Furthermore, support our Punishing Gray Raven Karenina Blast guide by sharing it. Sharing will motivate us to produce more gaming content like this. Additionally, leave a comment for more PGR Karenina Blast builds, updates, or fixes.

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