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Neural Cloud Honest Review: F2P Friendly & Worth Playing Gacha?

Neural Cloud,Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud, the unique strategy anime Gacha game that is free to play on mobile and PC using Emulators. But is Neural Cloud P2W and grindy or it’s a friendly F2P Gatcha game for non-paying players?

In this article, we share our honest review of Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud in 2023, which answers many vital questions evaluating how good the game is. Especially for F2P players, such as Neural Cloud Gacha rates, P2W concerns, whether it’s F2P friendly, and whether it’s a worth playing game or not. Additionally, the pros and cons of the Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud, are also listed.

In Short: Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a 3D sci-fi strategy Gacha game that features Auto Chess, Roguelike gameplay, and beautiful anime character to collect. The game’s story takes place in an apocalyptic future. The gameplay consists of commanding a team of dolls via a stage that has many phases and layers. The pull rate is great and does have 2 types of pity to grantees the wanted character. The game is friendly and looks great at first sight, but it lacks the endgame elements making it hard to retain players.

What Is Neural Cloud?

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a 3D sci-fi strategy role-playing game (RPG) that features Auto Chess and Roguelike gameplay elements with an online Gacha system and its F2P on mobile devices. It was developed and published by the MICA Team, also known as Sunborn Network Technology. The game is available on the App Store, Google Play, and PC Emulators.

The game is based on the popular Girls’ Frontline (GFL) franchise that features humanoid anime characters, known as Tactical Dolls, who are tasked with fighting off a global enemy threat.

However, these T-Dolls in Neural Cloud are called Exiles, which players will have to collect and upgrade for fighting. The game features a story mode and various events with a strategic combat system that takes place on a grid-based map.

Take a look at the Neural Cloud Version Trailer below. The video presents a PV of one of the game’s events, the Inverted Mordent Resonance.

Game Story:

The game story takes place in an apocalyptic future where the dolls have been abandoned by Humans due to system integrity being severely compromised. However, as the player in charge of Project Neural Cloud, you stand up for them and found the Exiles, a place where these Dolls can live with you.

You become their leader and the hero who will uncover the secrets of the world and find a way to put an end to their suffering by bringing them justice and freedom.

Neural Cloud Gameplay & Combat System:

The gameplay in Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud consists of several steps:

First, players have to get the desired dolls, some of which can be obtained for free, and the rest from the Gatcha system.

Second, before entering the game field, players will have to choose the proper dolls to form a squad. The squad should have a good synergize and harmoniously with each other. For example, building a sniper team or a warrior team.

Third, before entering the game match, a stage plan map will appear with paths, where the player will have to choose the best path to play. Besides, the player needs to take into account the combat power in each path and the program cards set that can buff and enhance the squad. This depends on the type of dolls that you have chosen to get the best strengthening.

Fourth, the battle room resembles a grid of hexagon-shaped tiles, and the players can place all of their dolls on several tiles, some tiles may have power-up buffs. However, it is important to understand each doll’s potential and arrange them in accordance with their abilities (Tank, Sniper, Healer). Moreover, some battle room tiles may have corrupted effects that can hurt and determine the fate of the battle.

Fifth, at the end of the paths, there is a final boss, and the all-game stage ends once defeats all enemies in the boss room. However, sometimes there is a bonus boss that is not required to defeat but gives a bonus reward. Also, some big stages have layers, each one has its own end-path boss but the last layer boss is the strongest.

Furthermore, without the player’s influence, battles happen automatically, and the dolls behave by moving and fighting in combat. Players may only influence the combat by using the skills available in the lower corners. Every doll on the squad has a green bar for health and an orange bar that shows whether the skill is ready to use or not.

Besides, there is a full autoplay stage planned mode, which isn’t bad for this type of game (Quality-of-Life feature). Due to the large number of faces and layers that a single stage may have, in addition to the easy-to-complete game modes and events that need to be farmed and repeated on a daily basis.

The video below shows how the Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud gameplay works in a special hard stage that doesn’t allow auto mode:

You can notice that he is a Pro-Player who manages his squad smartly and chooses a buff card set that suits his squad well.

Neural Cloud Gacha System & Summoning Rates:

Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud offers a summoning system to pull out characters like other gacha games. But at first glance, you can notice that the game treats the free-to-play players very well.

The game presents three main different summoning banners called Neural Search. The game also offers a great pull rate for obtaining 3-Stars Dolls without the need to get the same character again (no dupe).

In short, the primary rates for Neural Cloud are 3.60% for 3-Stars, 18% for 2-Stars, and 78.40% for 1-Star. Not only, but also has 2 types of pity to guarantee 3-stars dolls.

First of all, no one uses Advanced Search. This is the standard banner and needs an Advanced Search Command or costs 150 Quartz Sand for a single pull. It has only one type of pity that guarantee a random 3-star character in the 60th pull.

The Event Search is what everyone uses to pull out the desired character. It usually comes as 2 banners and increases the chance of obtaining the featured dolls. It also requires the Advanced Search Command or costs 150 Quartz Sand for a single pull.

The first Pity guarantees a random 3-star character in the 60th pull. However, if you have really bad luck, there is a secondary Pity that provides the featured character after 180 pulls. Take a look at the video below:

Further, the video below shows the Pity of 180 pulls and how unlucky Gacha could be in a Neural Cloud game.

It’s a Basic banner that needs Basic Search Command to pull out some characters, items, and upgrade fragments. It guarantees 1-star or 2-star dolls but there is a chance to get 3-star dolls.

Take a look at the image below. After nearly two months of daily summoning of 40 pulls, we obtained one 3-star character. It’s fine; this banner is used to acquire fragments and items rather than 3-star dolls.

Neural Cloud,Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud

Designated Neural Acquisition:

This one-time banner for Beginners allows players to choose a 3-star doll from a list. Please keep in mind that you should only use this banner when only one doll is left.

As shown in the image below, we still didn’t choose since there are 2 dolls left.

Neural Cloud,Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud

Is Neural Cloud P2W Cash Grab?

One of the most common criticisms leveled against mobile games is that they are often pay-to-win, with players who spend real money having a significant advantage over those who don’t.

So, is Neural Cloud a P2W cash grab? While the game does offer in-app purchases, we found that it’s not required to progress through the game. While you can purchase items to help speed up your in-game progress, it’s possible to play and advance without spending any money.

However, same as all games P2W can get everything in one day using real money. On other hand, F2P needs mouths to catch up by grinding and repeating on a daily basis.

Is Neural Cloud A Friendly F2P Mobile Game?

If you’re looking for a friendly F2P mobile game that won’t nickel and dime you at every turn, Neural Cloud is a solid choice.

The game features a generous friendly Gacha System with 2 types of pity to get the character you desire. As shown below, we got too many 3-star characters from the first Gacha try in Neural Cloud without rerolling:

Not only, but also F2P players can reach the same level of power as those who spend real money. Also, no duplicates are required to get your characters to the maximum stars. However, it will take more time for F2P players as we said before.

Besides, there are daily login rewards and events that provide players with free items and resources. While you can spend money on the game if you wish, you won’t feel pressured to do so to enjoy the experience fully.

Should You Play Neural Cloud In 2023? Pros & Cons:

If you’re a fan of sci-fi anime games with Auto Chess and Roguelike, Neural Cloud is definitely worth playing. The game features a clean smart UI, a good visual novel storyline, and a good amount of content to keep you entertained for a while without worrying about running out of stamina.

Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer, there’s something for everyone in Neural Cloud.

Furthermore, the following pros and cons may help you decide for yourself whether Neural Cloud is worth playing or not:

Pros & Advantages:

  • Good 3D Graphics & Anime-Inspired Visuals.
  • AI Autoplay Planned Mode.
  • Visual Novel Storyline.
  • Good Amount of Characters.
  • Cant Autoplay Hard Content.
  • Enjoyable Strategy Gameplay.
  • Reasonable Stamina System.
  • F2P Friendly Gacha System With 2 Types of Pity.
  • Fair Power Score-Based System.
  • Pretty 3D Characters.
  • F2P Can Reach The Same P2W Power Level by Just Playing.
  • Animated Cutscenes For All Characters.
  • Login Daily Is Not Required To Have Fun (Freedom).

Cons & Problems:

  • Repetitive Gameplay Modes & Contents.
  • Daily & Weekly Rewards Are Low.
  • Non-Event Rewards Mostly One-Time Only.
  • NO PvP.
  • There Is No Real End Game.
  • No Co-op or multiplayer (Single Player Game).
  • The Story Lacks the Narrative.

Girls Frontline Neural Cloud In Overall: Is It A Good Game?

In conclusion, Girls Frontline Neural Cloud is a solid game that is worth checking out because of how much the game is friendly for its players. In addition, if you are of those who enjoy the anime visual novel story, and strategy gameplay, this game is defiantly good for you.

While the game does have some flaws such as limited reward to do Gacha. This can be overcome by obtaining the needed amount of currency for the pity and then waiting for the wanted banner, which should have a number of characters you don’t have. Knowing that character duplicates are unnecessary in Neural Cloud.

However, the Girls Frontline Neural Cloud’s main issue is the lack of end-game content while focusing on the daily repetitive grind to power up characters without a real goal.

The grind is mostly simple autoplay, but players end up with a powerful squad to find nothing to do after that. As a result, players quit playing really very fast. Especially those who spent real money to obtain everything and became powerful all at once.

Neural Cloud developers should consider adding PvP and Co-op multiplayer as well as an open world similar to old games such as Digimon World or Final Fantasy. This can keep people playing the game even after they have maxed out everything. Also, developers should move away from traditional ideas that focus on adding new power-up systems that need more grind.

Anyway, these issues are relatively minor compared to the overall advantages of the game. Also, some of them can be overcome by playing smartly and casually.

Overall, Neural Cloud is a great friendly F2P game for fans of the genre, and we highly recommend giving it a try.

Play Neural Cloud Right Now: Mobile & PC Emulator

Finally, we hope that our honest game review of Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is simple and useful for everyone. Therefore, if you are interested in trying this anime sci-fi strategy roguelike gacha game check out the following:

Furthermore, support our Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud Honest Review by sharing it, also leave a comment for continuous updates and fixes.

Neural Cloud Honest Review In Short

Gameplay - 80%
Game Story - 60%
Graphics - 80%
Progression System - 85%
End-Game - 50%
Free To Play Monetization (F2P Friendly) - 85%

Overall, Neural Cloud is a great friendly F2P game that we recommend trying. However, It has some minor issues that can be overcome by playing smartly and casually.

User Rating: 3.43 ( 2 votes)
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