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PGR No.21 XXI Guide & Best Builds: A Dark Tank

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No.21 XXI the Cerberus Tank Construct that came to Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game as a playable A-Rank Dark Character on the Inscription of Labyrinth Patch/Event.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about No 21 XXI the A-Rank Tank character in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game guide series. This guide covers her 6-star Collab Bot Signature Weapon, best memory builds set, and more.

In short: No.21 XXI is an A-Rank Tank Character that uses Dark elemental damage in the PGR game (Punishing: Gray Raven). Additionally, her 6-star is called Growl, a Collab Bot weapon that increases the Dark damage and it has different dark effects. Plus, her main memories build set (Bathlon and Einsteina) that will increase her Dark damage and reduce the enemy’s Dark Resistance. Further, No 21 XXI is the ideal Dark Tank for the PGR F2P players who can’t pull S-Rank Kamui-Tenebrion or Karenina-Radiant Daybreak.

No.21 XXI Character Short Overview:

No.21 XXI is an A-Rank Dark character and tank-type construct from the Cerberus Army in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game. In addition, she can deal element damage of 20% physical and 80% Dark. Further, Number 21 XXI can be pulled easily and can be gotten for free from PGR in-game events.

No.21 Construct was formerly a Daedalus test subject, she was recovered during a Kurono mission and later transferred to the Babylonia Task Force alongside Vera. She has a limited understanding of human emotions and might become violent in extreme situations.

Furthermore, check the trailer below of the Inscription of Labyrinth patch/event, which introduces the No 21 XXI character in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game:

Gameplay Of No.21 XXI In Punishing Gray Raven:

No.21 XXI gameplay is about doing 3-Ping Red or Yellow and then dodging immediately. In addition, dodge can break out of the stun.

The Ultimate Signature Move button sequence is: Blue ⇨ 2 Basic Attack ⇨ Blue ⇨ 2 Basic Attack ⇨ Blue ⇨ 2 Basic Attack.

Additionally, see below the No. 21 XXI gameplay against Gabriel Boss in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR):

Skills Guide Introduction For No.21 XXI In PGR:

The major skills of No.21 XXI in Punishing Gray Raven, are introduced as follows:

Normal skills:

Red Orb (Nightfall Realm): Leaps into the air, expanding a Duskglow ReaIm on the targets. Moreover, the skill pulls enemies in a large area once, then continues pulling the enemies within the realm, inflicting physical damage.

Using When a 3-Ping orb will inflict dark damage and stay in the air for a short time, during which an Instant Dodge will release Twilight Matrices on the targets.

Co-Bot: Twilight Matrix triggers a realm collapse in the Duskglow Realm, pulls enemies in a large area, and deals dark damage.

Note: switch-in uses a 3-Ping version of this attack.

Yellow Orb (Dusk Bladewheel): Leaps to the chosen direction and unleashes a Dusk Bladewheel that deals physical damage. Moreover, using 3-Ping will inflict dark damage and makes the character stay in the air for a short time, during which an Instant Dodge will release Twilight Matrices on the targets.

Blue Orb (Cluster Recursion): Enters a Hyperposition State and copies the next Basic and Shadow Prism Attacks (effect doesn’t stack).

Co-Bot: unleashes a dash attack at the target, deals physical damage, and reduces the target’s attack power.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Shadow Prism Collapse

Consumes energy to unleash an Enhanced Duskglow Realm on the targets and enters Quick Attack mode. Spends all Signal Orbs and Shadow Prism Energy for Unlimited Blue Orbs and incredibly fast attack speed.

Moreover, Dark damage is dealt with each Basic Attack. When Quick Attack mode is over, the realm explodes to cause damage and deplete all energy, blue orbs, and buffs.

Creating Twilight Matrices while performing the Shadow Prism Collapse will boost the explosion’s damage. Plus, Twilight Matrices will increase the Signature Move’s rank (S Rank), boosting also the explosion damage.

Co-Bot: while the Signature Move is performing, it won’t use any other skills. After Quick Attack mode is over, all Twilight Matrices are detonated by a Force Wave that is released.

Core Passive: Shadow Prism Agglomerate

Shadow Prism Energy will be created by the basic Attack. When a certain amount of Shadow Prism Energy is reached, the next Basic Attack will deplete all Shadow Prism Energy to perform a Shadow Prism Attack and create Twilight Matrix on the target, dealing dark damage and granting the character Signature Move Energy and Dodge Energy.

When the Co-Force Bot’s Wave destroys a Twilight Matrix, a Resonance Pulse is released, dealing dark damage to nearby enemies. Instant Dodge: When No 21 XXI is in Haywire status (when attacked, downed, or in mid-air), press the Dodge button and spend more Dodge Energy to perform Instant Dodge to negate all uncontrollable states and create Twilight Matrix on the target. Plus, Instant Dodge grants Super Armor and a shield.

PGR No.21 XXI Weapon & Memory Builds:

The following are the No 21 XXI Character Weapons and suggested Memory Builds for the Punishing Gray Raven game:

Weapons For No.21 XXI:

Same as other A-Rank characters, No.21 XXI in the PGR game doesn’t worth getting her 6-star weapon (Growl Collab Bot).

So, the 5-star Animus Collab Bot is good enough unless you really like the No 21 XXI character or you are a pay-to-win whale player.

The 5-Star weapon Animus Collab Bot can be used with the No 21 XXI Character without any issues. It can unleash a Positional Wave that infects dark damage when No 21 XXI uses Shadow Prism or when she breaks out of stun. Also, it increases the Twilight Matrix and Resonance Pulse damage.

The 6-Star weapon Growl Collab Bot is the ideal Signature Weapon for the No 21 XXI Character. In addition to all effects from the 5-Star Animus, the 6-Star Growl will empower the No 21 XXI Dark Damage even more. Also, dark characters will obtain an effect that reduces the healing effectiveness of enemies.

No.21 XXI Memory Builds:

Einsteina & Bathlon Set: Main

This Memory build set focuses on increasing No.21 XXI Dark damage and reducing the enemies’ resistance to Dark elements.

  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP
  • 4 Bathlon Memories: Bottom

Einsteina & Da-Vinci Set: QTE Focused

Replacing Bathlon with Da-Vinci Memories will empower No 21 XXI QTE skills and activate additional QTE.

  • 2 Einsteina Memories: TOP
  • 4 Da-Vinci Memories: Bottom

PGR Resonance For No.21 XXI Weapons & Memories:

The following are the recommended Resonance for No 21 XXI in Punishing Gray Raven:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: Growl Collab Bot

  • 1st: Tenebrion shock.
  • 2nd: Resonant Echo.
  • 3rd: Matrix lightning.

All Memory Resonance:

  • Top Memory Slots: ATK +15.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: Tank Class Skill.

Team Setup For No.21 XXI In Punishing Gray Raven:

Since No 21 XXI in PGR is a Dark A-Rank Tank character, she works best with Dark Teammates, as the following:

Suggested Teammates:

  • Luna-Laurel: S-Rank Dark Attacker.
  • Vera-Rozen: A-Rank Dark SUP.

Note: you can swap S Luna-Laurel with A Watanabe-Astral.

Dark Tank Alternatives:

  • Kamui-Tenebrion: S-Rank
  • Karenina-Radiant Daybreak: S-Rank

Check their guides below:

Finally, we hope that our No 21 XXI the A-Rank Dark Tank Construct Guide & Best Builds for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is simple and useful for everyone. For additional information, check below:

Furthermore, support our PGR No 21 XXI guide by sharing it. Sharing will motivate us to produce more content like this. Additionally, leave a comment for more PGR No 21 XXI builds, updates, or fixes.

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