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PGR Qu Pavo Guide & Best Builds: The Peafowl’s Plume

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Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) the marvelous physical Vanguard (Uniquant) character that came to Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game as a playable S Rank Transcendant type in the Lost Chapter Event.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about the S Qu Pavo The Peafowl’s Plume character in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game guide series that covers her gear (Memories and Weapons), builds, gameplay, and skills.

In short: Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) is the S-rank melee Vanguard with 100% physical DMG in the PGR (Punishing: Gray Raven). Besides, she is a transcendant character that has only 1 full 6-memory set. Also, her 6-star weapon is recommended for her to be more powerful.

Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Character Overview:

Qu-Pavo is an S Rank Vanguard Transcendant character with 100% pure physical damage, also known as the Qu-Peafowl’s Plume, which can be played in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) the RPG game.

She is the last head of Kowloong. After the battle on the Metropolis, Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) hid away from the sight of every other faction and secretly continued with her project to achieve the Tabula Akasha.

Since Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) is a Transcendant, she can’t be teamed up with other normal Constructs in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Global at this moment.

Qu Pavo’s (Peafowl’s Plume) gameplay doesn’t concern much about 3 Signal Orbs Ping as other characters.

This is because consuming a total of six Orbs allows her to enter a Concentrated Will State that will power up the following three Orbs. To illustrate, 60 Homology or sync points are required to enter, and an Orb provides 10 points.

As a result, skills can be used randomly or in a spammy way and as you like without thinking too much, which creates more fun gameplay than any other character in “Punishing Gray Raven” the RPG game.

Still, using 3 Signal Orbs Ping skills can deliver big amounts of damage whatever skill you use.

All of Qu Pavo’s (Peafowl’s Plume) skills grant a Super Armor while performing, which mostly can’t be interrupted. Plus, her ultimate signature move summons Huiyu that can perform a companion of slamming attacks and then lingering to continue striking the enemy for additional percent damage.

This also grants homology or sync points, allowing her to quickly enter the Concentrated will state again.

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Punishing Gray Raven Qu-Pavo Gameplay:

For a better idea of the S Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) character in Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) watch its gameplay below:

Moreover, you can see Qu-Pavo gameplay with the gorgeous outfit or coating in PGR.

Additional Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) gameplay video for this amazing Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) coating.

Qu Pavo Skills Guide For Punishing: Gray Raven:

Normal skills:

Red Orb (Sky Breaking Cleave): Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Jumps forward and then slams down onto the ground dealing physical damage. The slams down on the ground create a Shockwave that deals physical damage to enemies. Gain Super Armor that makes her Immune to CC while using.

Yellow Orb (Warhoof Sprint): Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) attacks 3 times when close to a target, dealing physical damage. When there is no close target or the target is afar, enter the sprint state. When the sprint state ends or the attack button is pressed during the state, slash the nearest target 3 times.

The hint circle around Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) will change based on how she is close to the target. She gains a Super Armor that makes her Immune to CC when using.

Blue Orb (Sweeping Tempest): Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) swings her spear and does a sweep attack 2 times, dealing physical damage, and gains Super Armor for 3 seconds. This skill can interrupt enemy attacks.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Dragon’s Wrath

Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) consumes energy to summon a Peafowl, which will release a Shockwave upon summon and deal physical damage. In addition, she will gain 60 sync points and then enter the Concentrated will state.

Moreover, the Peafowl will continue to attack for the next 7 seconds that deal physical damage. Plus, Peafowl attacks the target locked and when Peafowl is on stage the ultimate cannot be cast.

Core Passive: Concentrated Will State

Gain 10 sync points for every orb consumed, which is up to 60 points. When her sync bar is filled, it will power up the orbs, and consuming any orb will enter the Concentrated will state.

The Empowered orb can only be consumed individually, but it will deal full 3 orb damage and have a Condensed Will Effect it consumes 20 sync points and no energy will be gained.

When the Concentrated will state is active, consume 5 sync points every second, then ends once depleted, which cancels the effect of empowered orbs.

  • Red Condensation: Shockwave in the ground, dealing physical damage.
  • Yellow Condensation: Shockwave in the front, dealing physical damage.
  • Blue Condensation: Release a whirlwind that follows, dealing physical damage to nearby targets.

Qu Pavo Leader Skill: Baptism of War

The Physical DMG for All team members will be increased by +10%. In addition, the Vanguard Trascendants character’s attacks will also be increased by +5%.

Rank Passive Effects:

The following effects will apply when the Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) rank evolves by using Transcendant Shard:

  • SS Rank (Steadfast): Increases the Basic Attack extra DMG bonus by +10%. Plus, the Concentrated Will Stat extra DMG bonus increases by +5%.
  • SSS Rank (Load Force): At the start of the battle, the character will gain +100 Energy. Plus, the Ultimate Signature Skill will increase the physical DMG bonus by 10% for 8 seconds.
  • SSS+ (Inscription): The Huiyu DMG dealt will be increased by +25%.

PGR Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Weapon & Memory Builds:

Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Weapon:

She can work fine with the 5-star weapon. However, the 6-star weapon is way better for Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) which will Increase her physical damage by 20%.

In addition, the 6-star weapon will Increase the Peafowl’s attack rate by +50% and gains an additional skill “Curse” that morphs Peafowl into an amulet that binds to the target dealing physical damage.

After a short time, the amulet explodes for additional physical damage. The scale of the damage dealt increases with Qu-Pavo’s (Peafowl’s Plume) ultimate level.

Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Memory Builds:

At this moment there is only 1 main memory build set for S Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) in Punishing Gray Raven:

6 Wu’an Memory Set:

This set of 2 pieces will increase the basic attack DMG by +5%, and physical DMG by +7%. In addition, at 4 pieces it will give a Super Armor effect for the Blue orb that will be increased by 2s and physical DMG +15% during the effect.

Furthermore, at 6 pieces Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) will gain 24 energy when in the Condensed form and Gain 1 of each orb type when triggering the ultimate signature.

Moreover, you can check other Memories in Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) from the link below:

PGR Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Resonance:

6 Stars Weapon Resonance:

  • 1st Slot: An entrance skill grants 1 additional signal orb. Plus, the Signal orb skill extra damage increases by +10% for 8 seconds.
  • 2nd Slot: All attacks increase by +10%.
  • 3rd Slot: When in Matrix, All DMG increased by +15%.

Memory Resonance:

  • Top Memory Slot: Attack + Crit.
  • Bottom Memory Slot: Signature Move.


  • All Memories: Attack + Crit.

Note: we got some “Attack + Crit” & “Signature Move” in the Bottom Memory Slot. So it’s okay for us and we will keep them both since the Memory Resonance is costly RNG.

Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Team Setup In Punishing Gray Raven:

Qu Pavo can fit teams with only Transcendant characters, see the following:

S-Rank Selena Tempest & S-Rank Camu-Crocotta:

For other PGR Transcendant characters that can team up with Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume), check the finished guides below:

Finally, we hope that our S Qu Pavo (Peafowl’s Plume) Guide, Builds, and Gameplay for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is simple and useful for everyone.

You can support us by sharing our Punishing Gray Raven Qu Pavo Guide, it will encourage us to create more content like this.

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