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PGR Rosetta Rigor Guide & Best Builds: Physical Tank

Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Rosetta Rigor Guide, Builds, Gameplay

PGR Rosetta Rigor Guide, Memory Builds & Gameplay: the incredible Physical S Tank Character in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about the S Rosetta Rigor character in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game guide series that covers her gear (Memories and Weapons), builds, gameplay, and skills.

In short: Rosetta Rigor the S-rank melee physical tank construct in the PGR game. Besides, her best memory build is to reduce target defense in addition to her abilities which push that even more. Moreover, the S Rosetta-Rigor 6-star weapon is recommended for her to be more effective. Moreover, S Lucia-Alpha is the best physical teammate for her.

Rosetta Rigor Character Overview:

Rosetta Rigor is a tank S character with pure melee physical damage in the Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) game and can especially fit in any high-end physical team.

Originally, Rosetta was the commander of the Forest Guard. She has been taken by Babylonia then redesignated as a special unit and re-deployed to the battlefield in human-like form.

The Arctic Route Union created Rosetta (IH-31C), a humanoid-hybrid construct. Rosetta is a very mobile and strong Construct that fights with a transformable spear as her primary weapon.

By removing her centaur module, she turns into a human-like Construct. Her charge attack potential is much more powerful in her human form, thanks to the addition of auroral wings and the HFEM levitation device.

Punishing: Gray Raven Rosetta Rigor Gameplay:

For a better idea of the S Rosetta Rigor construct in Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) watch its gameplay below:

The previous video shows the best Rosetta Rigor Story Moments. Plus, the 100% Summoning Gacha chance for an S-rank character in Punishing Gray Raven is incredible, which is nearly impossible to find in other RPG games these days.

Also, we depleted all our BC Cards trying to get all needed weapons to Resonance. We thought that we were lucky but we ended up running out of cards. However, it doesn’t matter since we collected enough black cards for the next character and her 6-star weapon. This proves again that this game is super F2P friendly.

The previous video shows another gameplay for Rosetta Rigor in PGR.

Moreover, the previous video shows you the Rosetta-Rigor gameplay with the Valkyrie outfit or coating in PGR.

Rosetta Rigor Skills Guide For Punishing: Gray Raven:

Normal Attacks:

Rosetta hit enemies with basic attacks using a lance and shield that dealt pure physical damage.

Charged Normal Attack: Electromagnetic Cannon

holding the basic attack gives Rosetta the ability to use an electromagnetic cannon as a charge attack. The electromagnetic cannon deals physical damage based on the charging time. Plus increases damage reduction by 30% while charging up.

Normal skills:

Red Orb (Frozen Wind): It’s an AOE forward attack skill that throws 3 shockwaves dealing physical damage 3 times based on the number of orbs pinged. This is considered the most powerful skill in terms of damage.

Yellow Orb (Inver Chariot): It’s a double hit skill and forward attack that deals physical damage based on the number of orbs pinged. Plus, provides Rosetta a shield equal to % of the maximum HP few seconds including Super Armor while using this skill.

Blue Orb (Hunter of Sin): It’s the most valuable skill that makes Rosetta really shine as a tank. As the skill can pull enemies closer dealing physical damage based on the number of orbs pinged and inflicting Lance of Perception for a few seconds decreases the target’s physical defense by 20%.

Moreover, it’s also her switch attack so when switching to her in battle she will also decrease the target’s physical defense.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Absolving Spear

Rosetta consumes 80 energy then rises into the air and aims her electromagnetic cannon toward the ground. While charging up energy, all nearby enemies will be pulled and damaged. Once the cannon is fully charged, it fires a large area effect blast that deals huge physical damage.

Core Passive: Valkyrie Heart

Rosetta has 3 energy points, when performing a 3-ping consumes 1 energy point to gain a damage bonus. Plus, the Ultimate Signature Skill consumes up to 2 energy points to gain a damage bonus based on consumption.

When there are no energy points left, Rosetta enters the Full Burst form. In addition, Electromagnetic Cannon can be charged even more than fire a wide area with huge physical damage restores 8 Energy, and inflicts Lance of Perception for seconds.

Moreover, 3 energy points will be restored in a few seconds after the Electromagnetic Cannon is fired. Plus, extra damage reduction increases by 90% while charging up.

PGR Rosetta Rigor Weapon & Memory Builds:

Rosetta Rigor Weapon:

She can work fine with the 5-star weapon. However, the 6-star weapon is way better for Rosetta Rigor to get more orbs and reduce the target’s physical defense. Also, additional Orbs help in performing more charged attacks, which are also associated with ultimate skill.

Rosetta Rigor Construct Memory Builds:

There is 1 main best build for S Rosetta Rigor in Punishing Gray Raven at this moment:

2 Catherine & 4 Leeuwenhoek:

Catherine Memories is good since it reduces the target defense in addition to Rosetta’s abilities. In addition, the Leeuwenhoek Memory set is designed specifically for use by Rosetta-Rigor, which increases her pure physical damage even more.

Catherine Memory is better than Leeuwenhoek Memory in 4, 5, and 6 slots for max attack and critical stats.

PGR Rosetta Rigor Resonance:

S Rosetta Rigor 6 Stars Weapon Resonance:

  • Second Slot: Gain more orbs.
  • Third Slot: Increase moving speed and decrease enemies’ extra damage reduction.
  • First Slot: Increase weapon attack at the start of the battle.

S Rosetta Rigor Memory Resonance:

  • Top Memories: Attack + Crit.
  • Bottom Memories: Tank skill.

Rosetta Rigor Team Setup In Punishing Gray Raven:

S Lucia-Crimson Abyss (Alpha):

Lucia-Alpha is considered one of the best physical DPS teammates for Rosetta despite the game story. The Lucia-Alpha sword waves and rosetta QTE that can reduce the target defense will allow you to annihilate most bosses fast.

B Liv-Eclipse

Liv-Eclipse is another good teammate for Rosetta Rigor who can fit in a high-end physical team.

Finally, we hope that our S Rosetta Rigor Guide, Builds, and Gameplay for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is simple and useful for everyone.

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