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Lost Ark F2P Gold Guide: All Best Farm Ways, Methods & Tips

Lost Ark Gold Guide: All Best Farm Ways & Methods

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide: the only valuable currency that doesn’t lose its value in the game over time. Consequently, everyone searches for guides, ways, and methods to farm gold (especially F2P players) in the Lost Ark MMORPG Game.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark gold guide that includes all ways to farm and get gold in this MMORPG game, which can help new, F2P, hardcore, and casual players to choose the best method that fits their time.

In short: Gold in Lost Ark is everything. Besides, many players seek guides & ways to farm gold. Since the game provides very few amounts of gold versus the needs. In turn, this forces players to do unhealthy and not fun activities to get more. Yet, there are many discovered ways players can start getting gold from it in Lost Ark MMORPG.

What Is Gold In Lost Ark?

Gold in Lost Ark is an in-game currency that lets you buy everything in this MMORPG world. Plus, it is considered the most worthy thing that doesn’t lose its actual value over time. Since many things in this PVE game particularly lose their value.

Lost ark continuous updates may not add anything big most of the time. However, when the update comes with a new dungeon. As a result, the new items come in the place of the old items.

Consequently, old gear level, old items, or previous progression ​become worthless, unlike gold. Furthermore, you can check the article below to see what I meant by losing the Lost Ark game progression.

Our Story With Those Who Bought Gold With Real Money:

You may find a large percentage of those who farm gold to sell it for real money as a job like hardcore players.

In the same way, you may also find other players besides hardcore exchanging gold to get the in-game cash shop currencies to buy P2W benefits.

Not only that, but you may see P2W players who buy hundreds of thousands of gold and waste them like nothing.

As we have come across some of those people who have already bought about 500,000 gold with real money.

Where they want to convert the gold to silver, which is a great waste. Since it’s so easy to get silver, literally everything in the Lost Ark game gives silver.

We discovered that they are among those types of players who buy gold with real money when they asked us about the location of the exchanger NPC, which the ratio was about 10 thousand gold to 1 million silver.

We told them that a big waste because 10,000 gold need a lot of effort to collect at that time in Lost Ark. However, they didn’t care, as they told us they had a lot, then they did the exchange.

This is because they bought it from people with real money.

Furthermore, you can see the funny video below from the “Viva La Dirt League” channel. In addition, it’s about buying in-game gold – Gold Farmer, which is something too similar to what happens in Lost Ark Game.

Don’t Exchange Gold For Silver:

Lost Ark silver can be got in-game by completing daily and weekly quests including Chaos Dungeons and Cube Dungeon.

Where you do those dungeons anyway and not for silver. This means that you will get millions of silver in Lost Ark without farming or doing any additional thing, unlike gold.

As result, you will find that one character can collect about 0.5 To 1 million silver per day, according to the current update.

Don’t Waste Much Gold On Gear & Accessories:

As Lost Ark global comes in EU and NA with the Punika Region that has the T3 content available at launch. We don’t recommend wasting much gold on gear and accessories (engravings builds) and just focus on getting Tier 3 (or T4 if it’s released in the future).

As we mentioned before in our articles, Lost Ark dose has a stupid gear progression system that gets wasted in no time. Plus, it wipes out your progression including class builds such as engravings.

To be clear, the game gives new players low/free enhancing costs that can bypass the painful old process. This includes events and updates that cost new people a few days to get a high item level in Lost Ark MMORPG.

See the following articles for more information:

On the other hand, if you upgrade your gear level in the normal without events or in the old days, the upgrade will cost hundreds of thousands of gold or real money (P2W) per month and sometimes weekly if you have many Alts.

Every Tiar, players are forced to start from scratch multiple times (A total of ~10 times for every character until max T3).

Well, that’s not the hardest part yet, because the accessories are the most expensive things in the Lost Ark game. Because of every Tiar, quality, game patch, the players are forced to throw away old accessories set that cost over 100k.

So if you are a normal player, then don’t waste much gold on accessories and gear and costly class builds. Therefore, focus on having fun and saving gold to buy the most valuable thing in the Lost Ark game, which is the legendary skins for your lovely classes.

How To Farm Gold In Lost Ark?

It is very easy in the Lost Ark game to get gold, but the problem lies in the quantity required to achieve things. To illustrate, what one character can farm is very limited and low.

Besides, it’s not enough for 10% of one character’s simple needs, such as increasing the gear level or buying items from the marketplace.

Therefore, to farm gold in Lost Ark, players must create more than one character. This means you need to make many Alts to progress.

As a result, it allows players to complete more daily and weekly PVE activities in Lost Ark. In addition, it can be repeated continuously to get a larger amount of gold in Lost Ark as long as you have more Alts or characters.

But for many Lost ark players, this may serve enough to improve only one main character according to the method followed, which leads us to the next point in this guide.

All The Best Ways To Start Getting Gold In Lost Ark:

This section will be explained in the future:

  • Selling Materials & Crafted Gear.
  • Grind & Repeat Weekly Gold Dungeons.
  • Sell Dungeon Carry.
  • Buy Dungeon Carry (AFK).
  • Obtain Epona Badge.
  • Secret Maps.
  • Buy Lost Ark Gold (Not recommended).
  • Guild Wars (P2W).
  • Island Events (Too Low).

Moreover, you can check our youtube channel playlist from the link below to see all these ways in practice:

For more details and a guide explaining all these ways to farm and get gold in Lost Ark, see the following:

Selling Items, Materials, And Crafted Gear:

Selling items and Materials is considered one of the early gold farm ways that might suit new players when they start their Lost Ark journey.

If you are a free-to-play player it is a waste of time trying to keep up with the Lost Ark game updates because you will inevitably lose. As we always say and everyone knows, Lost Ark is designed for those who pay real money. So your only goal as a F2P player is to have fun without trying to be a competitor.

Therefore, All you have to do is sell everything (items, materials, and crafted gear) that is valuable in Lost Ark Market by observing it and don’t focus on raising your item level.

Because there will always be events, updates, and P2W cash shop items in Lost Ark that will give easy ways for all players to obtain high equipment instead of traditional honing attempts will make you lose gold and time.

Grind & Repeat The Weekly Gold Dungeons:

Repeating the weekly gold dungeons is considered the first traditional, brainless, and grindy way to farm and get gold in the Lost Ark Game.

All you have to do is create as many Alts characters as possible in your accounts then go grind and repeat Void/Abyss raids and dungeons every week.

Where many new players may depend on this method to farm gold in the Lost Ark world in the early game stages.

Forcing Yourself To Grind Will Lead You To Quit Lost Ark:

However, this considers the worst way in any game that leads many players including 99% of our friends to quit Lost Ark shortly. However, 2 of them have ended up something like a zombie in front of their PC.

Well, this is somehow similar to what Black Desert Online does to their player base. However, in the Lost Ark game, you grind dungeons but in the Black Desert game, you grind mobs.

Moreover, there are kinds of players who can repeat the same dungeons such as 30 times and more every week. Where they do it in a form of weekly group rotations that were previously scheduled using communication apps like discord.

Keep in mind that this method is also considered exhausting, useless and time waste, if it is only intended for raising the gear level faster.

As we said before, Lost Ark is a PVE game mostly and everything became easier over time. To illustrate, progression will be lost since the old gear losses its value. Plus, low Tiar can be skipped to the new high Tiar level or gear quality.

Therefore, see the video below that shows you one of these Void/Abyss dungeons that give gold in the Lost Ark MMORPG:

However, if you don’t care about losing gold to level up items that quickly become irrelevant. In addition, you are aiming to be the first player or higher-level gear player no matter what. Then the Grind & Repeat The Weekly Gold Dungeons method is for you.

Buy Dungeon Carry:

As everyone knows, there is a required or recommended item level (not a character level) to enter most dungeons in Lost Ark Game. However, the requirement dungeon level doesn’t mean that you can finish it mostly. In the same way, it’s can be an entry pass to finish one of the stages only.

Consequently, the old, high-level, P2W, and hardcore players can sell these dungeons to other players by soloing them so easily. This is because the gear level in Lost Ark is broken and gives too much strength including a great gap in power between players.

In addition, new and low-level players who have many weak characters that can’t do any dungeons can benefit from this.

To clarify, they can give a share of the gold reward to P2W or high-level players when they complete your requests or dungeons. For example, it can be done by making a message in the group’s window requesting to buy an AFK Carry.

In one of the Lost Ark 2021 updates, raising gear becomes easy and sometimes free to level 1302. In turn, new players can make many weak Alts characters level 1325 easily.

Therefore, they can buy dungeons like a level 1325 or more (such as the dungeon in the previous video) from players with character levels +1415 or more. As a result, they can get free gold while they are AFK.

Furthermore, below you can see a video about buying a Guardian Dungeon Belganus AFK Carry:

You can sell materials for gold and gear up your Alts:

Sell Dungeon Carry:

However, If you are the one who sells the dungeons, you can make a group or join any group. Therefore, when finishing the dungeon you can receive your gold from them in the mail.

Furthermore, in the video below you can an example about selling a Test Paths Dungeon (Boss Rush) Carry:

You can notice that other players in my group can’t finish this type of dungeon without high-level gear. Plus, it’s a waste of tickets if they enter at a low level.

So they were looking for help and I did the Test Paths Run for them for free. However, they can stack them until reaching the highest level and then use them or sell them as a Test Paths Dungeon Carry Run.

Obtain Epona Badge:

Epona Badge is an item or quest currency in the Lost Ark that can be exchanged for gold boxes from an in-game NPC located in the cities. In addition, there is an RNG to receive an additional huge amount of gold from the biggest boxes.

Epona Badge can be obtained by doing all weekly and daily quests via entering the Lost Ark game every day with one character.

However, if you have 2 or more characters then you can just finish some weekly and some daily quests and get all your weekly Obtain Epona in one day.

Moreover, you can see the following videos to know more about Epona Badge:

You can see in the previous video how the whole process is done, from obtaining the Epona Badgeto and exchanging it.

The other Lost Ark video shows the result of using 10K Epona Badges to buy 20 Gold Caskets which dropped over 25,000 Gold.

Secret Maps & Hidden Dungeon:

Secret Maps & Hidden Dungeon is one best and easiest farm ways to earn gold in Lost Ark. Because it can work for Casual Normal F2P players.

How To Get The Secret Map?

You can get these Secret Maps by going into secret dungeons as shown in the video below:

In addition, you can see maps of higher-level regions through the following video:

In addition, there are several types of secret maps in Lost Ark, each of which leads to a hidden dungeon, where the rewards depend on the quality of the map.

Through the video below, you can see the massive amount of rewards from the best map in the Lost ark, which is a red artifact map that is very very rare to drop.

However, Lost Ark Artifact Secret Maps is different and is for one person only, unlike the rest of the secret maps. Plus, it’s the only map that gives raw gold, see the video below.

How To Get Gold From Legendary Secret Maps In Lost Ark:

Players can invite other people that have the same legendary secret map to get X4 drop from hidden dungeons in Lost Ark. Then sell all the rewards to the market to get soo much gold as 99% of dropped rewards are tradable.

Note: To avoid scammers, we recommend doing Legendary Secret Maps or Hidden Dungeon with your friends and/or your Guild Members as a part of Guild Activities.

If you don’t like to wait for items to be sold in the market and to end things fast. In addition, if you think that you will get bad rewards from 4 hidden dungeons, which is something unlikely to happen.

So, you can sell 3 group spots for gold and get a lot of raw gold based on what people are willing to pay to enter.

Moreover, you can do the same with other maps but legendary save time. Based on our test, the x4 legendary maps dropped rewards are equal to x12 epic maps dropped rewards.

Be aware, that it’s a waste to use one map to enter one hidden dungeon. It’s also a waste using the Secret Maps with another player who has lower map quilty or Tier.

Gold From Guild Wars PVP (P2W):

Guild Wars (GVG) is one of the farm ways in which you can earn gold in Lost Ark. But unfortunately, this is not for everyone.

Because Guild vs Guild PVP fights in Lost Ark depends on the item level of gear. As result, Guild Wars PVP at this moment is for P2W players. Thus, the top winner in the GVG wars will get gold.

This is unfair and bad since the broken gear in Lost Ark gives ridiculous power and strength that leads to wiping an entire guild by one shoot from one P2W player.

But there are types of Guild VS Guild competitions that depend on the Guild level and the skills of players, but it’s a form of children’s races.

We don’t mean that it’s bad by saying children’s races, but it can’t be compared to the intensity of wars. In addition, it doesn’t give any gold.

So the Guild Wars PVP method of collecting gold is only for players who pay too much real money.

Finally: Don’t Stick To One Method To Get Gold In Lost Ark

Diversifying the methods of farming gold in the Lost Ark game will reduce the stupid grind in its system. As the result, you will enjoy the game more.

Be aware you don’t have to finish all dungeons in the same week. As it is ok to skip some dungeons or not do them at all if you stopped feeling the fun.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t waste time like everyone else and just focus on having fun. In addition, you are not bound at all to waste gold to excessively raise the level of your equipment or beyond your capacity.

Everything will come to you for free through regular events and updates. These events and updates always come in the interest of those who cannot play much.

However, these events and updates waste the effort of those who play and pay a lot of money or time.

Finally & as always, we hope that our Lost ark gold farm guide is simple and good enough to be considered as a starting point for new players. Since other methods may be discovered in the future alongside new updates.

Moreover, additional information will be added If this post got enough support (such as sharing, views, and comments). Therefore, if you think that we are missing something, just leave a comment below.

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