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Lost Ark Artist F2P Guide & Best Builds: SUP/DPS Painter

Lost Ark Artist (Painter) Guide/Builds: Gameplay, Skills, Stats

Artist (Painter) the new SUP class (can build as powerful DPS in PVP/PVE) and Specialist profession in Lost Ark game that was recently added in early 2022. Besides, it’s a completely new female support character addition to the Lost Ark with a gorgeous childish-looking that is based on Asian calligraphy.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Artist (Painter) class PVP/PVE guide with SUP/DPS builds that include engravings, gameplay, stats, and skills. Therefore, you will acquire an idea about this small adorable specialist profession.

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In short: Artist (Painter) is the 1st female Specialist profession that fights with illusion power in the Lost Ark MMORPG game. This specialist profession is not just a SUP class since many are already building it as a DPS for the highest end-game content. Still, the same in any Lost Ark class you can build the Artist (Painter) engravings, skills, and stats as you like that suit your time spent in the game.

Artist (Painter) Class Overview:

Artist (Painter) is a specialist-type and long-range support class in the Lost Ark MMORPG world. Plus, she uses a big brush as her main weapon. Also, she is considered the first female specialist character and the 22nd class in the Lost Ark game.

The Specialist class is connected with nature and faces enemies with unique skills. It can summon a divine beast with an illusion power, which when advanced will strategically support party members.

Moreover, players can choose the Artist (Painter) profession at a character level of 10 from the advanced specialist class selection. Additionally, the Aeromancer profession, which was newly added to the game, is now included in the specialist classes alongside the Artist (Painter) profession.

For more information, check the link below:

However, since this adorable specialist character considers a support class, you can find below other related Lost Ark classes:

Artist (Painter) Identity:

The Artist (Painter) Identity is about acquiring Harmony Energy to fill the gauge every time she hits an enemy with a skill, and when it became full, it will create up to 3 harmony marbles or Orbs.

Afterward, the Orb of Harmony can be consumed to use the Setting Moon and the Rising Sun skills as follows:

  • The Setting Moon skill can instantly power up a large number of party members with the power of writing.
  • The Rising Sun skill is a skill that creates a sun orb that can restore the health of a single party member with the power of silent magic.

Many Players Build the Artist (Painter) Class As A DPS In Lost Ark:

We have noticed that many players in Lost Ark KR are using a DPS build for Artist (Painter) class rather than just support.

The DPS builds percentage among the Artist (Painter) players is way more than what we can find in the Holy Knight (Paladin) class or the Bard class. Not only, but also it was so easy to find DPS gameplay for this specialist profession.

This absolutely confirms the stated fact, which says that all classes in Lost Ark are just DPS. This makes Lost Ark similar to any mobile game ​RPG rather than a real MMO.

Lost Ark Artist (Painter) Gameplay In PVE & PVP:

The videos below show the gameplay of the Artist (Painter) class in various levels in the Lost Ark endgame, which will help and guide you to understand the gameplay of this specialist character.

The previous video shows small previews of the Artist (Painter) profession that include her trailer, skins, and skills gameplay, which the Lost Ark KR region introduced in early 2022.

Another PVE gameplay video for the Artist (Painter) Class, this time about doing solo guardian Boss dungeon. This class is also able to use it as a method to farm gold from other players.

This time you can notice that the Artist (Painter) class is using a PVE Support Build inside the Legion Raid dungeon of Brelshaza the Phantom Legion Commander in Lost Ark MMO.

Furthermore, the video above shows the Artist (Painter) PVP gameplay in the Lost Ark 3V3 Arena.

Best & Top Engravings For Artist (Painter) Class In Lost Ark:

Here we present two ways to build the Artist (Painter) Engravings based on the gameplay way you chose to play in Lost Ark MMORPG.

To illustrate, the Balanced Artist (Painter) build is One For All that should be low-cost as possible, effective, and easy to get for Casual Normal F2P and PVP players. As an example, 1st Balanced DPS Regression Engraving Build For PVP & PVE.

Further, the Common Artist (Painter) Build is for P2W or Hardcore players with high item levels in Lost Ark. It’s a build for those who don’t care about wasting gold, or losing their entire Specialist build every patch, and seeing the game as a second job. As an example, the Common P2W Regression DPS Build for PVE.

Note: SUP Engraving Builds are always friendly for everyone and lower in costs.

Consequently, check the shortlist of the Lost Ark Artist (Painter) Engravings builds that are based on Regression and Full Bloom, which are presented below:

1st Balanced DPS Regression Engraving Build For PVP & PVE:

  • Regression: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Mass increase: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: you can switch Mass increase with Spirit Absorption if you care more about speed. Plus, you can use this build with Critical/Agility stats.

2nd Balanced DPS Regression Engraving Build For PVE:

  • Regression: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Adrenaline: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 1 or 2.

Note: you can use Mass increase instead of Adrenaline or Heavy Armor. Plus, you can use this build with Critical/Agility stats.

Full Bloom SUP Engraving Build For PVE:

  • Full Bloom: Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Expert (Specialist): Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Near-Death (Crisis Evasion): Level 3.

Note: you can use this build with Specialty/Agility stats.

Common P2W DPS Regression Engraving Build For PVE:

  • Regression: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Super Charge: Level 1 to 3.

Note: you can switch Super Charge with Full Bloom or Adrenaline. Plus, you can use this build with Agility/Critical stats.

Guild War PVP (GVG) Artist (Painter) Builds For Lost Ark:

These engravings can be included in any Artist (Painter) build you like to use to be suitable for Lost Ark GVG or open-world PVP events.

  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Besides, the Balanced engraving guide such as Artist (Painter) the Balanced DPS Regression Engraving Build is good enough for Lost Ark GVG or PVP island, which massively saves gold since it’s an All In One build.

Unfortunately, the Lost Ark PVP in Guild War islands is massively P2W. In Turn, it’s not fair at all since you will get a one-shot kill if you have an Artist (Painter) class with an average item level (non-hardcore F2P or PVP player). Thus, to understand more, check below:

Class Engravings Details For Artist (Painter):

You can see below a brief of the Artist (Painter) class engravings effects at level 3. In addition, those can power up the Identity or the special abilities of this specialist profession in Lost Ark:

Regression Lv.3: When using the Setting Moon and Rising Sun skills, Dohwa grants you a +12% Critical Strike Rate and a +40% Critical Damage increase for 60 seconds.

Full Bloom Lv.3: When acquiring the marble, the energy of the rising sun spreads widely, recovering +15% of the painter’s maximum HP to party members within 24m including the target who obtained the marble.

For more details about all engravings that can be used for the Artist (Painter) class. Besides, if you want to substitute the above-mentioned engraving, check the guide below:

F2P Artist (Painter) Guide For Fast & Fun Lost Ark End-Game:

To advance faster with your Artist (Painter) class as a F2P player with less time and repetition to maximize the fun instead of grinding. Also, to know the game better, check the following:

The following shortlist presents Artist (Painter) class combat stats that are likely to be used in PVE and PVP:
Note: Specialty = Specialization / Agility = Swiftness.

PVE Combat Stats:

1st PVE Stats: ~60% Critical & ~40% Agility.
For example, ~1600 Critical & ~700 Agility.
Note: this is preferred for balanced.

2nd PVE Stats 2: ~70% Agility & ~30% Critical .
For example, ~1800 Agility & ~600 Critical.
Note: this is preferred for a common build, which needs critical chance effects from the gear set and engravings.

3rd PVE Stats 3: ~45% Specialty & ~55% Agility.
For example, ~500 Specialty & ~1500 Agility.
Note: this is preferred for SUP Builds.

Arena PVP Combat Stats:

1st PVP Stats: 80% Agility & ~20% Subdue & ~1% Critical.
For example, 1000 Agility & ~249 Subdue & ~1 Critical.
Note: many Lost Ark classes including Artist (Painter) use the 1st PVP stats. Besides, Subdue can be replaced with Specialty.

2nd PVP Stats: 60% Agility & ~40% Critical.
For example, 800 Agility & ~450 Critical.
Note: all Lost Ark classes including Artist (Painter) can use the 2nd PVP Stats.

Skill Tree & Tripods Builds For Artist (Painter) PVE/PVP In Lost Ark:

Last, here you can find some Artist (Painter) class skill tree builds and tripod guides that you can use in Lost Ark. In addition, there are a lot of DPS and SUP builds for the Artist (Painter) class with different tripods. Therefore, change anything and everything until you find what works for you.

DPS & SUP PVE Skill Build Example:

You can get an idea of the Artist (Painter) class skill tree builds and tripods from the example image below (skills are translated by google):

Lost Ark Artist (Painter) Guide/Builds: Gameplay, Skills, Stats examples

PVE DPS Skill Builds:

PVE SUP Skill Builds:

Finally, we hope that our Artist (Painter) class guide is simple and useful enough for everyone. As always, we highly recommend performing changes to any Artist (Painter) based on your gameplay style.

Therefore, don’t just copy Artist (Painter) builds, but learn from all of this and make changes to this Specialist profession or any class builds and be different in Lost Ark MMO to be the best.

Furthermore, if you are a F2P player and non-hardcore, then try not to skip our notes and tips that can advance your Artist (Painter) class faster by knowing the Lost Ark game better. Also, use only one build for your wonderful Specialist profession to maximize fun (no grind).

Furthermore, support our Lost Ark Ark Artist (Painter) F2P guide by sharing it, also leave a comment for more Specialist Painter builds and continuous updates.

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  1. OwMaGwah! You are a STAR! <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH
    Would be much easier for me to level her up, still not sure dps or sub but will try to get her to 50 and compare with holy knight see whats the difference between, I got a feeling that she can solo most of stuff without expensive dps engravings XD
    I mean like the Thronespire, my holy knight can only did floor 20 with 4×3 engriavings, i kinda wonder if this painter with 4×3 can do it without Grudge and damage gems lol

    1. OH BTW…I see painter you recommaond use Adrenaline, I actually saw some dps paladin running with Adrenaline instead of Keen Blunt Weapon, but in your post, you didn’t recommend using Adrenaline with pala, I wonder why?

    2. Paladin as DPS class doesn’t have a choice other than going Critical/Agility stats.

      Where using a lot of Agility will deplete mana fast and will be forced to stop damaging to refill the mana.

      As a result, there will be more than enough critical stats, so the adrenaline engraving will not get its full potential and became a waste of time and gold. Also because its conditions to apply are annoying for some classes.

      Havening more than enough Critical stats makes Keen Blunt engraving the best choice and also because Paladin has too many skills with multi-hit and critical chance tripods, so 90% of the time you will do Critical hit.

  2. LOL I know demon hunter is crazy dmg when changing to demon form, I tried on other players’ account test out, and was thinking of making an alt but oh well, i just cba as already make a mistake on the lance master, so i just focus on holy knight and maybe a painter in future that’s it lmao

    I still can’t see the icon in the photo hahaha, very sorry to ask you to do this but can you maybe upload the photo on imgbb and put a link here please XD sorry for the trouble.

    1. NP, I will update the skills guide tomorrow using the builder tools.

  3. Oh, I didn’t mean to solo bussing lol, I was thinking to get another 3 DPS or something like that or if the judgement build is good enough 2 man bus with another DPS, but i doubt I would get enough DPS lol

    Anyway, thanks for your opinions 🙂 the last thing want to ask is, would you please reupload the painter build photo please please please 😀
    It’s too small to see the tripods and skills

    Thank you once again <3

    1. Hi & You are welcome,
      I know that the Argos boss needs at least two people to be finished but most of the time you’ll be alone at some phases if you are 2.

      Even if you are 4 players, you and your team won’t need Blessing Arua Heal. The HP potions + survival skills/abilities/tripods will be enough. Also since having a high gear level will make the boss attack like a joke.

      Anything can be good enough if you know what are you doing.
      For example, last year I came across a demonic class user in Alts Argos Phase 1 run who was able to do ~50% DMG Done with a gear level of 1370 using just the demon class engraving and Blitz Commander. Plus, some classes did higher DMG by replacing Grudge with Awakening on a test target (on a real target Grudge will lose more due to the side effect).

      For now, I changed it into the bigger image, but it’s translated by google so follow the numbers and skills look rather than the words until we update it later using skills builder tools.

  4. Thank you for quick reply, is pity that you already quit, I understand how boring and frustrated with this massive P2W system, I think I stay just because the end game, once finish the last boss Brelshaza, I think will also quit due to all the reason you said above My other friend who is playing on RU server but told me hardly to get player to do Brelshaza, that’s enough to say RU server are dying with this game lol

    But you haven’t tell me, did you use your holy knight to bus Argos carry? If 1445 good enough with Blessing Arua Build?

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      No, I didn’t do any carry with the Holy Knight class.

      Well, I never liked the solo curry thing for farming gold and I only did it using the destroyer class a few times for free to help a friend Alts mostly in the T3 Void/Abyss dungeons.

      But I don’t think that Blessing Arua Build is good enough for Solo DPS. Also, I haven’t seen anyone use Blessing Arua Build to solo farm dungeons such as Belganus because it needs a good DPS Build to farm it faster.

  5. Hey hey I finally make an alt to try out painter! I have few things want to discuss with you about this painter and pally, but don’t want to make 2 post hope is okay just write all here

    1. My painter only level up to 30 so far, but I feel her are are much stronger than pally, while my pally alt have engravings, ruined, plus 7% crit rate cards, she actually ad fast as my pally on same levels, do you think painter are way more powerful in dps compares to pally?

    2. I saw YouTube have painter solo Valtan bus NM, but not see pally solo bus and right now everyone can using their main to bus carry to make gold, I wonder if pally can bus carry Argos with 1472 ilvl?

    3. If 1472 can carry Argos, what relic set gears and build you think would be better? 4 man or 2 men bus? I seem saw someone 4 man carry Argos with just Blessing Aura build, is that even possible?

    4. Are you not play LA anymore? Lol want to play with your Destroyer

    1. Hi,
      The Paladin class is melee range and harder to play as DPS since it shines in fast and tanky gameplay that is unsuitable for popular P2W meta builds that use Grudge and Cursed Doll engraving which turns Paladin into a slow squishy class. In short, if you keep running with the Paladin including using long cast-time skills, you will do no DPS.

      On the other hand, a new Painter class like any new class will start OP. Also, it’s easy to play with long-range skills that can do one big number of damage (run then hit big damage or memorized combos) which is what P2W players favor (also because of how gear works).

      The game gear is broken, you won’t know what is the best class unless you play the equalized content.

      The upper top players in Lost Ark are whales P2W (like AsmonGold) and the bottom top are no-life zombies who do the same content a hundred times every week to maintain their gear level, which wasted every update.

      Either way, you can’t rely on their gameplay opinions (which include YouTubers) to find fun gaming. Because some P2W/hardcore players’ advice is too much that can turn your gaming into a nightmare.

      You may be noticed that we keep telling people to make changes and try different builds and classes until they can find the most enjoyable regardless of what has been nerfed or buffed. Since most of our content is based on popular things and takes into account many opinions.

      In short, play with the class you find fun and don’t care about what others are doing except to learn from their mistakes.

      lastly, I and every friend I know have stopped playing Lost Ark.
      They left the game one by one until I found myself alone. But I didn’t quit the game until I had to take a break due to moving to a new place.

      When I came back a month later to Lost Ark, I found an event that gives everyone’s gear level close to mine (~1450) in a few days, on which I spent hundreds of thousands of gold to get by playing like a zombie. Also, I started thinking about quitting long before that when I got one shot in GVG without being able to do any damage (+20 vs +15).

      Overall, I realized how much time I wasted doing non-fun loop content for nothing. After that, I focused on equalized content until I got bored and lost the will to log in (sometimes we log in to check for new patches to update our content).

      The game loop makes things too boring. Why do I have to do the same content hundreds of times to feel like I’m progressing normally, and then they take everything away after a few weeks? Not to mention how bad this game has surpassed in terms of P2W.

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