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Lost Ark Bard Guide & Builds: Gameplay SUP/DPS, Skills/Stats

Lost Ark Bard Class Guide & Builds

Bard Class Guide & SUP/DPS Builds for PVP/PVE: the best and the most marvelous female support class in the Lost Ark MMO world, which everyone needs in all stages of the game content.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Bard Character Guide and Builds for PVP and PVE including gameplay, stats, and skills as well as DPS builds. Accordingly, you’ll have a good idea of this advanced female mage support profession.

In short: Bard is the 2nd advanced magical support class in Lost Ark MMORPG. Besides, this class is very needed in PVP and PVE. Although it has a low attack power. However, Bard is the best support class, which is way better than Holy Knight (Paladin) and Warlord (Gunlancer). Besides, Bard can be built as a DPS in Lost Ark to solo hard content same as any other class in the game.

Bard Class Overview:

Bard is a mage-type character and a long-range advanced support class in the Lost Ark MMORPG world.

Besides, it’s the second female mage class that uses a holy harp as the main weapon, which unleashes melodies and serenades to attack enemies or support allies.

The Bard class can be chosen at a character level of 10 from a mage advanced professions group selection that also includes Summoner, Arcana, and Sorceress classes.

Further, you can check out the following advanced magical professions that are associated with the Bard class, including their Lost Ark class guide and builds:

Many may feel that the bard class has low attack power. But it can do a good DPS and solo dungeons in Lost Ark.

Still, a good DPS build is needed for Brad to solo hard dungeons. Whereas in the case of Chaos Dungeons, this class can solo it with any kind of build even with support once.

Bard The Best Support Class In Lost Ark:

Bard is an absolutely superior support class that is necessary for all types of dungeons in Lost Ark. As it can help allies on the battlefield from the rear using various buffs and shields as well as fully recovering their health.

The Bard class is way much better support than the Holy Knight (Paladin) and Warlord (Gunlancer). Therefore, if you are looking for a DPS/Tanky high-defense/support class in Lost Ark then you can go with Warlord (Gunlancer).

However, if you are looking for a DPS class with less SUP or hybrid class then you can go with the Holy Knight (Paladin).

Furthermore, see the link below to know more about Holy Knight (Paladin) and Warlord (Gunlancer):

Likewise, you can check below the Artist (Painter) Class, which is a support class that also can be a good DPS for the Lost Aark end game content:

Bard Identity:

Bard class Identity or special ability in the Lost Ark MMORPG world is all about using the Serenade Skills depending on the battle situation (Need Healing or DPS Buff).

Where to use the ability, it requires Serenade Bubble to be consumed from level 1 to 3. Consequently, the ability increases the attack power of party members or recovers their HP based on consumption level.

Lost Ark Bard PVE & PVP Gameplay:

To get the idea about the Bard class in Lost Ark, watch the gameplay videos below:

The previous video shows a PVE Bard gameplay inside one of the Tier 1 PVE Void/Abyss Dungeon.

This was an old video where the Bard was playing with the old SUP skill build, which should have been the DPS skill build back then since the Bard was very high in gear score level compared to a dungeon recommendation.

The second video above shows a Lost Ark PVE SUP gameplay of the Bard class inside one of Tier 3 guardian boss dungeons in the game.

Another PVE video, but this time it shows a DPS build and gameplay for Bard class from Lost Ark game and inside one of the end-game abyss legion raid dungeons.

As we always say, any class can do DPS if you know what you’re doing even if its main role is supporting.

In addition, the last video shows the Bard class PVP gameplay in Lost Ark arena 3V3.

Be aware that you can play with this marvelous female support class differently and as you like (DPS OR SUP). These videos are just to show what this class looks like in the game.

Best & Top Engravings For Bard Class In Lost Ark:

Here we share Bard class balanced engravings builds that can be used in the Lost Ark game. The shortlists below are what we recommend for this supporter class in PVE and PVP according to our opinion:

1st Low Cost Bard DPS Build:

  • Cantata of Valor: Level 3
  • Any DPS Engraving: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: the Low-cost Bard Engravings Build is a One For All Build, which is designed to be used in all PVP & PVE content.

Plus, it’s intended for F2P Players with low gold and low playing time in Lost Ark who looking to enjoy playing with Bard class with less grinding.

2nd Low-Cost Bard SUP Build:

  • Urgent Rescue: Level 3
  • Expert (Specialist): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 1 to 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 1 to 3.

Note: it’s hard to choose fewer engraving than this, but be aware that the last engravings can be good enough in the first and second levels if you feel that it’s expensive builds by time or/and gold.

1st Urgent Rescue SUP Engravings Build:

  • Urgent Rescue: Level 3.
  • Expert (Specialist): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Near-Death (Crisis Evasion): Level 1 to 3.

Note: This may look to many as a P2W Bard build, ​but it is less expensive than other Lost Ark classes engraving builds.

2nd Urgent Rescue SUP Engravings Build:

  • Urgent Rescue: Level 3.
  • Expert (Specialist): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Vital Point Strike: Level 1 to 3.

Note: You can notice that the first four engravings are the same for Bard support builds.

Cantata of Valor DPS Build for PVE & PVP:

  • Cantata of Valor: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor or Grudge: Level 3.

Note: the Cantata of Valor engraving depends on what you choose between balanced or common gameplay for your bard class in Lost Ark.

Bard Guild War GVG/PVP Build:

These can be added to any Bard build to be suitable for Lost Ark GVG or open-world PVP events:

  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will: Level 3.

Moreover, any engraving build and guide for bard with Heavy Armor level 3 is good enough for Lost Ark GVG or PVP island.

However, the PVP type in the Lost Ark Guild War is P2W is not fair for non-hardcore F2P and PVP players.

Therefore, to understand more about it, check below:

Lost Ark Bard Class Engravings Details:

Below is a small brief of level 3 effects of Bard class engraving, which can power up the Identity or the special abilities of the advanced support mage character in Lost Ark:

Urgent Rescue: After using “X” healing ability, recover an additional 24% of Max HP.

Cantata of Valor: After using “Z’ buff ability, increases additional damage +15% and Crit Rate +10%.

For more details about the rest of the engravings that can be used for Bard and other classes, check the guide below:

F2P Bard Guide For Fast & Fun Lost Ark End-Game:

To progress faster with this female outstanding support class in Lost Ark as a F2P player in less time and repetition.

Plus, to maximize the fun while playing with your Bard class instead of grinding all the time, as well as getting to know the game better, check out the following:

Here is the shortlist of Bard class combat stats that are likely to be used:

PVE/SUP Stats:
70% Agility / 30% Specialty:
For example: 1500 Agility / 500 Specialty.

PVE/DPS Stats:
70% Critical / 30% Agility:
For example: 1500 Critical / 500 Agility

PVP Arena Stats 1:
80% Agility / 20% Supdue:
For example: 1000 Agility / 250 Specialty.

PVP Arena Stats 2:
80% Agility / 20% Specialty:
For example: 1000 Agility / 250 Specialty.

General PVP Arena Stats: Used by 90% of lost Ark classes.
50~65% Agility / 50~40% Critical:
For example: 800 Agility / 450 Critical.

Lost Ark Bard Skill Tree & Tripods Builds For PVE/PVP:

Ultimately, here are Lost Ark Bard class skill tree builds and tripods guides that are used in PVE & PVP. Where below we include popular skill builds for this magical Support class as well as the ones we modified:

SUP PVE Skill 356 Points Builds:

SUP PVE Skill 244 Points Builds:

DPS PVE Skill 356 Points Builds:

The DPS build below can be used with Bard class to solo the hard-type dungeons.

PVP Arena Skill Points 340 Builds:

Finally, we hope that our bard class guide is simple and useful for everyone. As always, we highly encourage modifying any build you find for this advanced support female mage profession to your way of gaming.

Furthermore, if you’re a non-hardcore F2P player who wants to play with the Bard class in Lost Ark. Then try not to skip our guides and recommendation on how you can progress with this advanced support class faster.

Especially, if you’re a new Lost Ark player who also wants to have fun with this amazing female mage SUP character in this MMORPG game with the least amount of effort and time.

Furthermore, support our Lost Ark Bard guide by sharing it. Plus, for updates and more builds leave a comment here or on our social media pages.

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    1. Thanks for your comment,
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