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What Is Lost Ark Guild Wars? Is It P2W? See Gameplay: PVP, GVG, Guild VS Guild

Lost Ark Guild Wars: as in any MMORPG game, this game does have guild wars, which can be watched through our gaming video playlist above. Besides, there are many types of GVG in Lost Ark like PVP and non-PVP such as racing.

In short: this post covers gameplay videos of the Island capture GVG. In addition, the most popular type of PVP guild war happens between two guilds in the Lost Ark game. Besides, It’s a P2W PVP with one shot that depends on gears and gives gold as a reward.

It’s Not As It Seems, But It’s Fun:

However, it’s not like what you might think. Because Lost Ark guild war is similar to any other content, it is a dungeon in form of an island.

Where the guild members enter at a specific time from the guild UI. Also, not all members can join the battle, since only 8 to16 guild members can participate in the GVG Island.

In addition, two guilds randomly enter the GVG Island, in which they fight to collect points by capture flags and keep them as much time as possible as well as defeat who got them from the other guild.

Gold From Lost Ark Guild War:

The guild that gets one of the top five places, its members will get a huge amount of gold. For example, a first-place guild will get 75,000 gold, in which guild leader can divide it to its members.

Lost Ark Guild War GVG IS P2W:

Unfortunately, as is the case in other F2P/P2W MMORPG games, this type of PVP depends heavily on the gear level.

As we wrote before, the Lost ark gearing system is broken since there is a huge imbalance and gap in the power between equipment.

As a result, there is no way a non-hardcore F2P player could compete in a GVG battle. This mode is very suitable for hardcore players who create dozens of characters as well as P2W players who invest real money in the game.

More About Lost Ark Otherwise Guild Wars/PVP/GVG/Guild VS Guild:

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