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Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Guide, DPS Builds, Engravings, Skills, Stats

Lost Ark Hawkeye/SharpShooter Class Guide & Builds: PVP, PVE, DPS, Stats, Skills

Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class Guide & Builds For PVP/PVE: Archer in the Age of Technology, Lost Ark made an unusual combination class in this MMORPG. Yet, it produced a very amazing ranger class, which is one of the gunner characters with fun gameplay in PVE and especially in PVP.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class PVP/PVE guide with DPS builds that include engravings (Second Companion or Death Strike), gameplay, stats, and skills. Therefore, this can help you during your experience with this unique gunner or mechanical archer class.

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In short: Hawkeye (SharpShooter) is the 3rd male gunner and bow user character in Lost Ark MMORPG. Besides, it’s a different and unfamiliar ranger class with high survivability. Additionally, it is not a bad PVE class and there is a lot of misunderstanding about its gameplay in Lost Ark. However, everyone agrees that it’s a good PVP class. Moreover, it may be a difficult class to play, but if you choose the build that supports your playing style or you like this class, you will be the best.

Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Class Overview:

Hawkeye or SharpShooter is a unique gunner-type and ranged character that wields mechanical bows as a main weapon in the Lost Ark MMORPG game.

Besides, it’s the third male gunner character that has various short and long-range skills including his high survivability in PVP and PVE. Since it possesses excellent stealthy machinations and speed that keep him safe and fight for longer.

Hawkeye (SharpShooter) may semes for many as an unfamiliar class since it’s a mechanical type of archer. However, it’s fun to play with it same as all other classes in Lost Ark.

Moreover, the Identity or special ability of Hawkeye (SharpShooter) is about summoning a silver hawk that can attack nearby enemies automatically.

Besides, to summon the Silverhawk, a Hawk Gauge need to be charged. Where it continuously charges during battles. In addition, the Silver hawk can use exclusive skills that include AOE attacks that can deal with groups of enemies.

Furthermore, Hawkeye or SharpShooter can sacrifice the Silverhawk to do a big explosion. Where in some Lost Ark builds it becomes like a secondary awakening.

Instead, Hawkeye or SharpShooter can combat with the Silver Hawk. In turn, it can create a huge advantage in long-term battles, which also depends on the type of build and stats player used with this class.

Further, check out below Hawkeye (SharpShooter) related classes in Lost Ark MMORPG, including their guide and builds:

Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Is Not A Bad PVE Class In Lost Ark:

First of all, you should know that there is no bad PVE class in Lost Ark. However, Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class may be difficult for some, especially with the wrong build, skills, and engravings.

In addition, classes in the Lost Ark game receive balanced updates all the time, which change things weekly without you even noticing.

So you can take the time to master this ranger class. Plus, consider choosing the build that suits your gameplay style and makes you have fun.

No matter how your Hawkeye (SharpShooter) build is different from the others, as long as you do well in Lost Ark PVE dungeons.

Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) PVE & PVP Gameplay:

You can watch the videos below about the endgame gameplay of Hawk-Eye or SharpShooter class in the Lost Ark MMORPG dungeons:

The video above shows gameplay inside a level of Abrelschud Commander, which is a legion/leader boss dungeon in Lost Ark MMORPG.

Another video shows one of the end-game PVE dungeons in Lost Ark. As you can see the Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class is not bad at all. Therefore, any class will be good as long as they are in the hands of a good player.

In the third video above, you can see the Hawkeye or SharpShooter PVP gameplay in a 3 VS 3 arena in the Lost Ark game.

Best & Top Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Engravings:

You can build your Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class engravings in a variety of unique ways that suit your gameplay style in Lost Ark.

Besides, you can take the Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) character engravings builds and guides that we share here as a starting point. Also, it can help new, casual/normal F2P MMORPG players.

First: the balanced Hawkeye (SharpShooter) engravings build/guide focus on enjoyment in the Lost Ark game, such as the Balanced Second Companion Engraving build.

The F2P Balanced Build Priorities: time-efficient, lower-cost, fewer repeating, and grinding. Based on our opinion, it’s one build for all Lost Ark stages and contents, which is suitable for Hawkeye (SharpShooter) character in PVE and PVP gameplay.

Second: the common Hawkeye (SharpShooter) engravings build/guide is for P2W or hardcore players. Since they focus on too much serious gameplay.

The common P2W & Hardcore Build Priorities: Lost Ark is your secondary job, high-priced build, don’t care about time, don’t care about losing progression (Engravings within Accessories).

In addition, the common build is designed for Hawkeye (SharpShooter) players who can have their gear reach +20 fast especially the mechanical bow weapon before the next Lost Ark update.

Finally, here are the Lost Ark Hawk-Eye or SharpShooter engraving builds/guides:

PVE/PVP Balanced Second Companion Engraving Build [Casual/Normal F2P]:

  • Second Companion: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: you can swap Awakening LVL 3 with Cursed Doll LVL 3 or any offensive engraving. Additionally, this build requires your Hawk Eye or SharpShooter character to be based on Critical/Agility stats.

PVE DPS Common Second Companion [High-Level Hardcore & P2W]:

  • Second Companion: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander: Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.

Note: same as the balanced build your Hawk Eye or SharpShooter character should be based on Critical/Agility stats.

PVE DPS Common Death Strike Build [High-Level Hardcore & P2W]:

  • Death Strike: Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.

Note: you can switch Grudge engraving Level 3 from the Hawk-Eye/SharpShooter Common Death Strike with Heavy Armor engraving Level 3 if you are looking for a balanced build. Plus, this needs Specialty/Critical stats.

PVE DPS Common Faster Build [High-Level Hardcore & P2W]:

  • Death Strike or Second Companion: Level 1.
  • Awakening: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 2.

Note: this is the same as the previous Death Strike Build but with more speed. However, you can change Death Strike to Second Companion as you wish. Plus, this build needs Specialty/Critical stats.

Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Guild War GVG & PVP Build/Guide:

The following engravings can be added to any Hawk-Eye or SharpShooter build to be ready for Lost Ark GVG or open-world PVP events.

  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Additionally, if you used the same Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Balanced PVE & PVP engraving build/guide that includes Heavy Armor level 3, then it’s good enough.

Still, in the Lost Ark Guild Wars [GVG], the PVP once is heavily P2W. Besides, the previous Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class builds and guides won’t help normal F2P Lost Ark players. Also, It’s because Guild VS Guild fights are for massive P2W guilds or super hardcore PVE players.

You won’t be capable of dealing any significant damage if your Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class is lower than them in items or equipment level. Therefore, check below to understand more about it:

Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Class Engravings Details:

Below are small briefs of the Hawkeye (SharpShooter) engravings level 3 effect, which can power up the Identity or the special abilities of this arch gunner user character in Lost Ark:

Death Strike: recover the remaining Hawk Meter by 50% when using Last Rush. Plus, increase the damage by 40% that received by the hit target for 8s.

Second Companion: when the Silverhawk MK-II has summoned the character’s Move Speed increases by +4%. Plus, the Silverhawk’s Basic Attack damage increases by +150% and its summon duration increases by +50%. Also, Silverhawk now adds a Mark of Death on the target that hits it with his basic attack.

For more details about the rest of the engravings, check the guide below:

F2P Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Guide For Fast & Fun Lost Ark End-Game:

Sometimes, creating lesser builds for your in-game character such as Hawkeye (SharpShooter) or other Lost Ark classes may maximize this MMORPG game’s enjoyment.

Especially if you don’t want or can’t spend too much time playing with your Hawkeye (SharpShooter) character to power it up. This is because this game is massively grinding and needs many characters to repeat the same Lost Ark dungeon many times.

Keep in mind, sometimes following P2W or hardcore numerous guides for Hawkeye (SharpShooter) expensive builds might ruin your fun playing your ranger character and make you quit the game quickly.

The progression is wasted quickly in Lost Ark. Therefore, focusing on gearing up your Hawkeye (SharpShooter) fast is not worth it because it wastes a lot of gold that can be used to buy beautiful skins.

This is due to the unhealthy gearing system. Since it’s not fair to lose it after such pain and also it gives broken power. Check here if you went to learn about this system:

Moreover, you may also want to obtain gold for your Hawk-Eye/SharpShooter character in Lost Ark. Therefore, check below to know how to get or farm gold in this MMORPG game:

Recommended Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Combat Stats In Lost Ark PVE & PVP:

The shortlist guide below shows Hawkeye or SharpShooter combat stats builds in Lost Ark PVE and PVP. Besides, recommended stats, percentages, notes, and examples were included: Note: Specialty = Specialization / Agility = Swiftness.

Second Companion Build Combat Stats:

PVE Stats 1: 75% Critical & 25% Agility.
For example ~1700 Critical & ~600 Agility.

PVE Stats 2: 70% Agility & 30% Critical.
For example ~1600 Agility & ~700 Critical.

Death Strike Build Combat Stats:

PVE Stats 3: 75% Specialty & 25% Critical.
For example ~1800 Specialty & ~600 Critical.

Arena Combat Stats:

PVP Arena Stats: You can replace Specialty with Subdue.
80% Agility / 20% Specialty / ~1% Critical:
For example: 1000 Agility / 249 Specialty / 1 Critical.

General PVP Arena Stats for all classes:
50~65% Agility / 50~40% Critical:
For example: 800 Agility / 450 Critical.

Lost Ark Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Skill Tree & Tripods Builds For PVE/PVP:

Finally, the following are Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class skill tree builds and tripod guides that you can choose from:

PVE Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Skill Build:

Arena PVP Hawkeye (SharpShooter) Builds:

Finally, We hope this Hawkeye (SharpShooter) class guide is simple and useful for all. Besides, new players can take it as a start point when getting into the Lost Ark game. Also, these builds and guides can help when making a new Hawkeye/SharpShooter as an Alt character.

As always, I highly recommend performing changes to our Hawkeye (SharpShooter) builds in this article based on your gameplay style.

Furthermore, if you are a F2P player and non-hardcore, then try not to skip our notes and tips in this Hawkeye (SharpShooter) guide and build that was mentioned before including in our other posts.

Especially, if you are a new Lost Ark player who wants to try out this amazingly Hawkeye or SharpShooter for the first time with less effort and time-consuming in this MMORPG.

Moreover, additional information and more builds will be added. If this post got enough support (such as shares, views, and comments).

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