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Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) F2P Guide & Best Builds: Destructive Gunner

Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) Class Guide & Builds: PVP, PVE, Gameplay, Skills/Stats

Blaster (Artillerist) Class, the Destructive Gunner profession which has overpowered combos in the Lost Ark MMO world. Besides, his ease of use and massive firepower makes him one of the outstanding DPS characters for beginners in Lost Ark PVP and PVE.

In this article, we share the Blaster (Artillerist) class guide for PVP and PVE in our Lost Ark Series. Where it covers the best engraving builds (Firepower or Barrage), gameplay, stats, and skills. Thus, you will get a good impression of this Destructive Gunner profession.

In short: Blaster (Artillerist) Class, the 2nd male gunner profession that fights with destructive firepower in Lost Ark MMORPG. Plus, it’s one of the easiest classes to master in the game that holds overpowered combos. As always, we’ve shared three ways to build the Blaster (Artillerist) class by the gamer type, especially F2P friendly. So they can enjoy the game without having to grind in the Lost Ark P2W.

Blaster (Artillerist) Class Overview:

Blaster or Artillerist is a heavy gunner mid-range type, which is a gunner’s second class in Lost Ark MMORPG. Besides, the heavy big weapon launcher this class uses has so much firepower (same name as its engraving) that can inflict huge damage to the enemy.

This class weapon can transform into different modes and then launch all kinds of massive firepower such as machine guns, rockets, flamethrowers, place turret launchers, and even transform himself into a huge turret with a high shield/parry.

Blaster (Artillerist) can be chosen at a character level of 10 from the advanced gunner professions group selection that also includes Devil Hunter (Deadeye), Scouter, and Hawkeye (SharpShooter) classes.

Furthermore, check out the similar professions to Blaster (Artillerist) alongside their Lost Ark class guide and builds:

However, the Gunslinger class is from a different gunner group selection that includes only female characters. Moreover, you can check the Gunslinger guide below to know more about it:

Blaster (Artillerist) Is An Easy Lost Ark Class To Master:

The Blaster (Artillerist) has unique and fun gameplay like other professions in Lost Ark. Although it is considered a slow profession, it is one of the easiest classes to play in Lost Ark PVP and PVE. Additionally, this class has shields and parries skills which make its defenses higher.

Not only, but also Blaster (Artillerist) class possesses powerful AoE skills and can easily take down large groups of enemies like those monsters in Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons.

Some may think that the Blaster or Artillerist class is bad because his skills are easy to be dodged due to his slowness in PVP and PVE.

However, they forget that some combos are very easy to master, which in turn makes this an overpowered class in Lost Ark and hard to kill in PVP and do high DPS in PVE.

Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) Gameplay:

Here we show the Blaster (Artillerist) gameplay in various levels in Lost Ark. Therefore, you’ll see how the heavy gunner profession performs in this MMORPG game.

The following video shows the Blaster (Artillerist) PVE gameplay inside one of the high-level boss dungeons in the Lost Ark game.

Here is another Blaster (Artillerist) gameplay video, this time showing a PVP war battlefield between players in Lost Ark. As you can notice, it seems that combat counts the broken equipment level, which makes it a ridiculously P2W fight.

Best & Top Engravings For Blaster (Artillerist) In Lost Ark:

We present here three methods to build Blaster (Artillerist) Engravings for Lost Ark: Low-Cost, Balanced, and Common. Thus, pick carefully the proper build for your destructive gunner class based on the time and real money you accept to lose.

Therefore, see the suggested Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) Engravings builds below:

Low-Cost Engravings: F2P Firepower Build

  • Firepower Enhancement Level 3.
  • Master of Strike (Hit Master) Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor Level 1-3.

Note: this Blaster (Artillerist) Friendly F2P Build should be ideal for Lost Ark players with LOW Gold who dislike grinding, repeat loops, accessory RNG, and costly builds loss. This is also an All-In-One Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) build (PVE and PVP) and can work for Alts.

Note: the Critical/Agility stats are preferred and Heavy Armor Level 3 is required for PVP (extra fun in PVE). Plus, you can replace Master of Strike (Hit Master) with Increases Mass or Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon).

Balanced Engravings: All-In-One Firepower Build

  • Firepower Enhancement Level 3.
  • Master of Strike (Hit Master) Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon) Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption Level 1-3.
  • Heavy Armor Level 1-3.

Note: it’s an All-In-One Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) build (PVE and PVP) for those who dislike meta, niche, and multi-builds. Besides, this is a simple Firepower engraving build that prefers Critical/Agility stats.

Common Engravings: P2W Barrage & Firepower Builds

Please take note that the following Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) Engravings builds are used by whale Pay-To-Win and Hardcore players (costs time, gold, and real money).

Common Firepower Enhancement:

  • Firepower Enhancement Level 3.
  • Grudge Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon) Level 3.
  • Master of Strike (Hit Master) Level 3.
  • Increases Mass Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption or Adrenaline Level 3.

Note: Common Firepower Enhancement is preferred with Agility (Swiftness) / Critical stats and it’s a PVE-only.

Common Barrage Enhancement:

  • Barrage Enhancement Level 3.
  • Grudge Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon) Level 3.
  • All-Out Attack Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll Level 3
  • Adrenaline Level 3

Note: Common Barrage Enhancement is preferred with Specialty (Specialization) / Critical stats and it’s a PVE-only.

PVP Engravings For Guilds War (GVG):

These can be added to any Blaster (Artillerist) build to be suitable for Lost Ark GVG. knowing that any basic build (All-In-One) for the Destructive Gunner profession with Heavy Armor at level 3 is enough.

  • Heavy Armor Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption Level 3.

Note: Since Lost Ark PVP is P2W outside of the arena, your average Blaster (Artillerist) level will most likely get a one-shot. Thus, to know more, check below:

Class Engravings Details For Blaster (Artillerist):

Here are an overview guide of Blaster (Artillerist) engravings effects in Lost Ark MMORPG:

Firepower Enhancement: Damage taken is reduced, and the critical rate increases depending on the firepower buff.

Barrage Enhancement: The damage of the Barrage skill is increased. Plus, when there is no Firepower Buff, the Meter will be increased. When Firepower Meter is fully recharged, the Cooling effect is removed.

For other engravings overviews, check the guide below:

The following shortlist presents Blaster (Artillerist) class combat stats that are likely to be used in PVE and PVP:
Note: Specialty = Specialization / Agility = Swiftness.

PVE Combat Stats:

1st PVE Stats: ~75% Critical & ~25% Agility.
For example ~1800 Critical & ~600 Agility.
Note: this is preferred for Low-Cost & Balanced Firepower Enhancement builds.

2st PVE Stats: ~50% Critical & ~50% Agility.
For example ~1200 Critical & ~1200 Agility.
Note: this is preferred for Common Firepower Enhancement builds.

3nd PVE Stats: ~25% Critical & ~75% Specialty.
For example ~600 Critical & ~1800 Specialty.
Note: this is preferred for Common Barrage Enhancement builds and requires critical chance effects.

Arena PVP Combat Stats:

1st PVP Stats: ~80% Agility & ~20% Specialty & ~1% Critical.
For example ~1000 Agility & ~249 Specialty & ~1 Critical.
Note: Specialty can be switched with Subdue.

2nd PVP Stats: 60% Agility & ~40% Critical.
For example, 800 Agility & ~450 Critical.
Note: this is also a General PVP stats for all classes.

Blaster (Artillerist) Skill Tree & Tripods Builds:

Finally, here is some PVE & PVP skill tree builds for the Blaster (Artillerist) class in Lost Ark MMO, including their tripods guide:

Note: we recommend learning from the Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) skill builds below to create your own best destructive build.

PVE Skill Builds:

PVP Skill Builds:

In the end, we hope our Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) guide is simple and useful for everyone, especially for F2P players. As always, we highly recommend modifying any builds of this heavy gunner profession based on your gameplay style.

In addition, if you are a F2P player in this P2W MMO, your best option is to use only one Blaster (Artillerist) build to avoid grinding. Besides, you can take advantage of the following articles:

To Download & Play Lost Ark, check below:

Furthermore, support our Lost Ark Blaster (Artillerist) F2P guide by sharing it, also leave a comment for more gunner class builds and continuous updates.

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