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Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Guide & Easy Builds: Spear Fighter

Lost Ark Lance Master Class Guide & Builds: PVP, PVE, Gameplay, DPS, Stats, Skills

Lance Master (Glaivier) Class Guide & Builds For PVP/PVE: the spear fighter DPS class in Lost Ark MMORPG, which is quite different from the rest of the martial art professions and can be easy to play.

In this article, we share our Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Class Guide and Builds for PVP/PVE, which includes Engravings (Abstinence & Zenith), Gameplay, Stats, and Skills that can give you a good idea about this female spear fighter character.

In short: Lance Master (Glaivier) is the 4th female Martial Artist profession that fights with a huge spear in the Lost Ark MMORPG game. Besides, this class is considered hard class to master. However, you can use an Abstinence build for your Lance Master (Glaivier), which is based on one weapon that requires fewer skill points and is super easy to master.

Lance Master (Glaivier) Class Overview:

Lance Master (Glaivier) is a playable female fighter-type character in the Lost Ark MMORPG game. Besides, it’s a melee-range DPS that uses a long spear as her main weapon.

Furthermore, the Lance Master (Glaivier) considers the fourth female fighter that can be chosen at a character level of 10 from a professions group that also includes the Battle Master (WarDancer), Infighter (Scrapper), and Soul Master (SoulFist) classes.

Besides, the striker class can also be taken into account since it’s also a fighter character. However, it can be only selected from the male fighter professions group.

Additionally, check out below Lance Master (Glaivier) related classes in Lost Ark MMORPG, including their guide and builds:

Is Lance Master (Glaivier) a Hard Class To Play In Lost Ark?

Yes & No at the same time, it’s because the Lance Master (Glaivier) Class ​depends on whether you choose to master both weapons or master the first by locking the second to increase the power of the first.

To explain, if you used a common two-weapons build for Lance Master (Glaivier) class that is based on the Zenith Engraving, it will be one of the hardest classes in the Lost Ark game.

This is due to the need ​for more skill points. In addition, various mistakes, delays, lower DPS, and slowness ​might occur when switching weapons during difficult battles.

On the other hand, using an easy one-weapon build that is based on Abstinence Engraving that power-up its skill too much. In turn, the Lance Master (Glaivier) class will become one of the easiest classes in Lost Ark in terms of gameplay and build.

Since your second weapon is locked, your class becomes much faster and also easier to build at a lower cost. ​Plus, you no more ​need to memorize the combos, which leads to more DPS.

In the PVP balanced arena, you cant lock the second weapon to increase the first one power. So you have no choice but to use two weapons unless you find good gameplay and build based on one weapon.

PVE & PVP Gameplay For Lance Master (Glaivier) In Lost Ark:

First of all, to get an idea about the Lance Master (Glaivier) class in Lost Ark, watch the gameplay videos below:

The previous video shows unique gameplay for the Lance Master (Glaivier) class, which by using only one weapon or stance while fighting a Tier 3 guardian boss in the Lost Ark MMORPG PVE dungeon.

Besides, you can notice it’s the Abstinence Engraving & Skills Builds, which considers an easier build to play as we said before.

The previous PVE gameplay video shows the same Lost Ark player using the same one-weapon skills build with Lance Master (Glaivier) class. However, this time the player is playing one of many phases in the dungeon of Abrelshud (Brelshaza) the Phantom Legion Commander.

Not only, but the player also adds more challenges by removing all combat items including potions. But we must not forget that Bosses or dungeons in Lost Ark become a joke when you surpass them in gear item level.

Another PVE gameplay video for Lance Master (Glaivier) Class fighting Valtan the Demon Beast Commander in Legion Raid dungeon. You can notice that this Martial Artist profession is using the Zenith build to solo the dungeon, which many players do mostly to collect gold for and from other players.

As we said, the Zenith build is a difficult Lance Master (Glaivier) build due to weapon switching and skill points required to be effective for Lost Ark dungeons.

The latest video shows a great PVP gameplay montage for the Lance Master (Glaivier) class in one of the Lost Ark MMORPG arenas.

Best & Top Lance Master (Glaivier) Engravings Builds:

Here we present two ways to build the Lance Master (Glaivier) Engravings based on the gameplay type you chose to play in Lost Ark MMORPG.

To explain, the Balanced Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Build (one for all) should be low-cost as possible, effective, and easy to get for Casual Normal F2P and PVP players, such as the Balanced Abstinence Engraving DPS Build that works in PVP and PVE.

Additionally, the Common Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Build is for P2W or Hardcore players with High-Level Equipment who can waste hundreds of thousands of gold and consider the game like a second job, such as the Common Zenith Engraving DPS Build that is for PVE only.

Furthermore, check the shortlists of Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Engravings builds below:

Balanced Abstinence Engraving DPS Build For PVP & PVE:

  • Abstinence: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Mass increase: Level 3.
  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.

Note: you can swap Mass Increase with Cursed Doll or Adrenaline. Besides, this build needs Agility/Critical stats. Moreover, you can use Heavy Armor level 1 or 2 since it’s so good to have in PVE, but in PVP you need LVL 3.

1st Common Abstinence Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Abstinence: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.

Note: you can swap Sharp Blunt with Adrenaline if you don’t have enough critical stats. Same as the balanced build, it also needs Agility/Critical stats.

2nd Common Abstinence Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Abstinence: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Adrenaline: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.

Note: you can swap Sharp Blunt with Backstab Master. Also, it needs Agility/Critical stats.

1st Common Zenith Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Zenith: Level 3.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 3.

Note: you can swap Sharp Blunt Engraving with SuperCharge or any engraving that can increase attack power if you don’t use crit such as a skill with 100% critical chance. Moreover, this build needs Agility/Specialty stats.

2nd Common Zenith Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Zenith: Level 1.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.
  • Awakening: Level 2.
  • Backstab Master (Master of Ambush): Level 3.

Note: This build needs a lot of gold and luck or a P2W player. Moreover, this build also needs Agility/Specialty stats.

3rd Common Zenith Engraving DPS Build For PVE:

  • Zenith: Level 1.
  • Grudge: Level 3.
  • Mass increase: Level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: Level 3.
  • Blitz Commander (Raid Captain): Level 3.
  • Sharp Blunt (Keen Blunt Weapon): Level 3.

Note: This build also requires a lot of gold and luck or a P2W player. In addition, this build also needs Agility/Specialty stats.

PVP Engravings For Lance Master (Glaivier) In Lost Ark Guild War (GVG):

You can use the following engravings in your Lance Master (Glaivier) class build to be able to engage effectively in the Lost Ark GVG Wars or open-world island PVP events:

  • Heavy Armor: Level 3.
  • Indomitable Will: Level 3.
  • Spirit Absorption: Level 3.

Besides, the balanced Lance Master (Glaivier) engraving guide such as the Abstinence Engraving build is good enough for GVG. In Addition, you may consider using Spirit Absorption if you lack Agility stats.

Still, the Guild War in Lost Ark is P2W and not for non-hardcore F2P players. Therefore, check the following to understand more about it:

Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Class Engravings Details:

Below is the summary of the class engravings effects assigned to the Lance Master (Glaivier) profession in the last level, which is Lvl 3:

Abstinence Lv.3: the second weapon cannot be used. However, the damage done from the first weapon skills increased by +36%.

Zenith Lv.3: the character ability is greatly enhanced, which activates when changing your stance/weapon while the dual scale stage is full.

For more details about the rest of the general engravings, check the guide below:

F2P Lance Master (Glaivier) Guide For Fast & Fun Lost Ark End-Game:

To advance faster with your Lance Master (Glaivier) class as a F2P player with less time, and repetition and to maximize enjoyment instead of grinding dungeons all the time, check the following:

The shortlist guide below presents the Lance Master (Glaivier) combat stats builds for Lost Ark PVE and PVP: Note: Specialty = Specialization / Agility = Swiftness.

PVE Combat Stats:

PVE Stats 1: ~30% Critical & ~70% Agility.
For example ~600 Critical & ~1700 Agility.

Note: PVE Stats 1 needs a gear set and engraving that increases the critical chance.

PVE Stats 2: ~40% Critical & ~60% Agility.
For example ~1000 Critical & ~1300 Agility.

PVE Stats 3: ~30% Agility & ~70% Specialty.
For example ~600 Agility & ~1700 Specialty.

Arena PVP Combat Stats:

PVP Stats 1: ~80% Agility & ~20% Specialty & ~1% Critical.
For example ~1000 Agility & ~249 Specialty & ~1 Critical.

Note: You can replace Specialty with Subdue.

PVP Stats 2: ~60% Agility & ~40% Critical.
For example ~800 Agility & ~450 Critical.

Note: all classes can use this.

Skills Tree/Tripods Builds For Lance Master (Glaivier) In Lost Ark:

Lastly, the following are Lance Master (Glaivier) class skill tree builds and tripod guides that you can choose from:

Note: Don’t forget to change any Lance Master (Glaivier) skills build and tripods you find online based on your current Lost Ark patch (region), item level, and gameplay style.

Abstinence PVE Skill Build (No Weapon Change):

Zenith PVE Skill Build (With Weapon Change):

Arena PVP Skill Builds:

Finally, we hope this Lance Master (Glaivier) class guide is simple and useful for everyone. As always, I highly recommend doing modifications to any builds you find anywhere for this Martial Artist profession based on your gameplay style.

Furthermore, if you are a F2P player and non-hardcore, try not to skip our notes and guides that can advance your Lance Master (Glaivier) class faster in Lost Ark.

Especially, if you are a new Lost Ark player who wants to try out this marvelous female character for the first time with less effort and time-consuming in this MMORPG game.

Furthermore, support our Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) guide by sharing it. Plus, for continuous updates and more Lost Ark builds leave a comment here or on our social media pages. Also, you can share your Lost Ark Lance Master (Glaivier) Builds, Engravings (Abstinence or Zenith), Stats, and Skills with us here.

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  1. Totally agreed! that’s why I like your equalized contents 😀
    Your destroyer is SOOOO cool! make me want to make one lmao but I know I can’t play well with that weird ability need to stand on side of the boss? but make me laugh at the hammer attack on the boss with those smash sounds XD

    I saw the last few videos are played with bards, do you think bards are easier than pally in equalized dungeons? since they heal more and stuff seem more forgiven for mistakes on red zone etc

    what is the blue bubble you have with the destroyer? He seems to be able to stand in the red zone without taking dmg? looks very OP 😮

    I so regret didn’t record the gameplay that day when someone use grudge level 1, he died like 3 times in 1 min, and when someone told him shouldn’t use level 1, he blame my pally as DPS not heal, what a joke next time going to make a clip put on YT, people shouldn’t always follow those KR server players

    1. Do you mean this sound XD

      Bard is a superior support class. But lately, we’ve been seeing more players than usual playing the Bard class as a DPS.
      Holy Knight (Paladin) isn’t that good at support compared to the Bard Class.

      Do you mean the destroyer core orbs identity? It powers up purple skills and gives a shield at 2 or 3 cores as well charges the gravity bar.
      We use Heavy Armer LVL 2, which makes the class very tanky and give confidence that we won’t get one shot from the boss.

      Grudge + Caused doll engravings are a pain even at LVL 3. Bad defense + lower healing.

      They believe that ~3% DMG of Grudge engraving will ​make them defeat the boss faster, what a joke. They will waste time running.

      Why say it’s 3%, not 20% because the ~3% is the difference between Grundge and any other DPS engraving that doesn’t make your class like a paper.

      Not only KR players, but the game is also already conquered by P2W people since they are at the highest gear score, so the normal or new players will listen to them by believing that they are professional. It is the same mistake we made until we woke up, but late. More than a whole year was already wasted without any noticeable progress including bad recommendations that made our life in-game harder.

  2. Haha, I did watch the video but didn’t watch the end, coz I went to watch your equalize dungeons video XD
    I’m finally stuck at 1340 so use the time watching the whole list lol
    I’m about to ask questions there lol
    I did make 2 Glaivers today just for alts and yes will stay with blue stand no change weapons, coz one of the red skill are annoying lmao

    Thank you for your answer 🙂

    1. You Are Welcome, 🙂

      We are glad that you liked our videos, as we see that equalized content is the only worthy thing to do in Lost Ark. Well, we stopped doing other content in Lost Ark because ​is a waste of money, and life (in our opinion). xD

  3. Thanks for the nice guide again 🙂
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    Question is…if Abstinence can be able to do all T3 dungeons and raids farm?
    You know like Sorceress Reflux braindead mode, very cool for solo and stuff but if go Reflux in raid probably get complain or kick out of the party? 😀

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 ,

      The easy things are always the most enjoyable thing in any game.
      You don’t have to bother yourself with people who take the game too seriously.
      Just play smarter by having fun without putting yourself under unnecessary pressure to satisfy those who complain or threaten to kick out.

      Because until you get what those want, your gear will become no longer relevant and you will throw away your old accessories since progression ​cannot be maintained. This will make you need to build your class again, which leads you to lose interest in the game and then quit.

      Also, you may have missed ​one of the videos included in this guide that shows Lance Master (Glaivier) doing a 47% DMG done (MVP) using the “Abstinence class engraving” with one weapon in one of the top and latest Tier 3 guardian boss dungeons in Lost Ark. This proves that it’s effective.

      Lastly, if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to answer them.

    1. Thanks for your comment, it’s fixed with a quick build at the moment. Besides, we will edit it if needed and add more PVP build shortly.

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