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PGR A2 NieR Automata Guide & Builds: S DPS Tank

Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) A2 NieR Automata S Tank Guide, Builds & Gameplay

A2 (YoRHa Type A No.2), the NieR Automata character that came to the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game as a playable S Rank Physical Tank Construct in the Untold Naraka Event.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about the S A2 NieR Automata (YoRHa Type A No.2) S Rank Tank character in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game guide series. Moreover, it covers her Type-4O Lance Kai – Mod 6-star weapon build and Memory builds (Such as DPS/Debuffing Build), as well as her gameplay, and skills.

In short: A2, the S-Rank Tank DPS construct with 100% physical damage in the PGR (Punishing: Gray Raven). Additionally, if you can get her 6-star weapon, it will greatly increase her effects. Plus, her main build is Patton & Catherine Memory Set, and for the best result use the 9S and 2B characters in the team.

NieR A2 Character Short Overview:

A2 is an S Rank Tank Construct that is also known as YoRHa Type A No.2, she is 100% physical damage, which is a playable character in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) RPG game. Although A2 considers a Tank character, she can deal great DPS to enemies.

The A2 Construct came to the game along with the 9S and 2B characters with the introduction of the NieR Automata Collab update.

Punishing Gray Raven released an update called the Untold Naraka Event, which tells the A2 story and other NieR characters in the PGR game.

The A2 Construct and her Type-4O Lance Kai – Mod 6-star weapon are available for a limited time and only during the Untold Naraka Event If it follows the same CN region release.

NieR A2 Is Free In The First Untold Naraka Event:

The S-Rank NieR A2 construct has been released for free including her coating (Destroyer Outfit) without the need for Gacha from the Untold Naraka event shop.

If you are a F2P player, you don’t have to pull her from the banner unless you want her to SS rank. But this doesn’t apply to the Pay-To-Win player who may want to pull the A2 character to her SSS+ Rank.

However, if you really like A2 as a F2P player and want her SS rank or her 6-star signature weapon (Type-4O Lance Kai – Mod), you can skip the 2B character pull.

This is because the Untold Naraka Event will returns again after several months (rerun). However, this time will come with a free 2B character If PGR Global follows the same CN region release.

Also, you need to know that A2 is an overpowered character who can solo or carry a weak team during the most challenging game content and still maintain her full HP.

You can see from the video below that we chose to get the A2 Physical Tank at SS Rank (Pull + Event) instead of summoning Attacker 2B. Also, we got lucky with her 6-star signature weapon (Type-4O Lance Kai-Mod).

A2 Gameplay In Punishing Gray Raven:

The A2 gameplay is all about going into the ultimate signature mode and maintaining a shield gauge with a 3 or long-press dodge to slide.

Moreover, by pressing and holding a normal attack, the A2 Construct will perform a deadly charged attack, which consumes all Yellow orbs.

The ultimate signature mode will continue as long as the shield is active even when off-battle (switching her with other teammates).

Moreover, to get a better idea of the A2 NieR S Tank character in Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) watch her gameplay below:

Nier A2 Skills Guide:

Here you can see the most important skills Info for the A2 NieR S Tank character in a simplified way. However, we didn’t get into some percentages and numbers because they may change in every game update. So check them inside the Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) game for more detailed info.

Normal skills:

Red Orb (Vortex Barrage): Attack forward continuously, dealing physical damage, and knocking down enemies in the area. Moreover, pinging 3-orb will enhance the next Basic attack for a few seconds, which deals physical damage and will gain some percentage of HP worth of POD: Shield.

Yellow Orb (Pursuit): the A2 construct attacks forward continuously, which deals physical damage.

Blue Orb (A140: Gravity): the skill unleashes a gravity field ahead of her using the POD, which deals physical damage, and continuously pulls in enemies for a few seconds. Note: the pull speed outside the field is slower and does not deal damage.

Ultimate Signature Skill: A2 Berserk Mode

Berserk Mode can be activated when the “POD: Shield” is fully charged. The received damage to A2 is decreased, and her movement speed is increased. Moreover, her damage is increased and she gains Super Armor during Berserk Mode.

During A2 Berserk Mode, the Basic attack speed is increased. When using a 3-orb combo, it will release an electric burst, which deals additional physical damage.

Every second, the Berserk Mode consumes a few percent of the maximum HP. However, it will consume the “POD: Shield” if it was active as it has the priority.

The Berserk Mode can be turned off manually or when A2’s HP reaches the 60% threshold and It cannot be activated again for a few seconds after being turned off.

The “POD: Shield” will continues to drain if the Berserk Mode is active even when A2 leaves the battlefield.

If A2 is not on the battlefield, the Berserk Mode ends the “POD: Shield” became empty, which means that it won’t switch to drain any HP.

Core Passive: Prototype

When pinging a 3-orb combo, A2 gains or recovers a few percent HP worth of “POD: Shield” (5% and up to 30% HP).

At the same time, summons a missile pod that fires 6 randomly homing missiles aimed at enemies, which deals physical damage and gains her a few percent HP worth of “POD: Shield”.

Homing missiles apply a Provoke effect for a few seconds, which reduces enemies’ defenses. When 2B and 9S are on the same team, the effect is doubled.

When moving in a direction, pressing and holding the dodge button will give an initiate sliding and gains a small amount of HP worth “POD: Shield” each second. Plus, electricity will be produced from sliding that will drag nearby enemies along. However, the dodge meter won’t regenerate while sliding.

A2 QTE Skill: Trigram Assault

the QTE skill performs a consecutive attack, which deals physical damage.

A2 Leader Skill: Growth

The dodge limit increases and the physical damage for 2B, 9S, and A2 are boosted.

Rank Passive Effects:

A2 rank effects evolve by using Inver-Shards as follows:

Note: It’s okay if you can’t get these A2 rank effects as F2P. Since A2 at S Rank can do all the contents of the Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) game. So focus on having fun without overthinking unless you can go Pay To Win.

SS Rank (Last Type A): Upon entering the battlefield, A2 gains half the threshold of “POD: Shield”. During Berserk Mode, the pod will autonomously launch homing missiles every few seconds including off-field.

Moreover, when 2B and 9S are in the same team, the next active character receives a physical damage boost until Berserk Mode ends.

SSS Rank (Rebel Android): The damage decreases by 70% from enemies within the gravity field. Plus, the Pod homing missiles damage is increased by 100%. In addition, Provoke effect decreases enemies’ defense is increased to 40%.

SSS+ Rank (Null Code): The HP threshold of Berserk mode is lowered to half of what it was. Additionally, the Signature Move drains lower HP percent per second, and damage increases even more, when the “POD: Shield” is active during Berserk mode.

PGR Nier A2 Weapon & Memory Builds:

See the recommended Nier A2 weapons and memory builds for the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game below:

A2 Weapons: Tactical Lance

A2 can work fine with the 5-star weapon. However, the 6-star weapon, which is called Type-4O Lance Kai – Mod will double her leader bonus effect. Moreover, it will boost the Berserk Mode by lowering its entrance requirement and increasing the Nier A2 attack damage.

Plus, the Press and hold Basic Attack within seconds of dodging unleash a more powerful attack, that deals physical damage.

Not only, but when pressing the button again, it will unleash a follow-up attack that deals more powerful physical damage. Knowing that Basic Attack damage is scaled with its skill level.

Furthermore, charging the lance will consume all yellow orbs and each orb will deal physical damage (100% to up to 300%) and grant a few percent of “POD: Shield”.

Yellow Orb consumption of any amount increased the physical damage to the charge for 15 seconds.

A2 Memory Builds:

See the memory build set for the A2 Nier S Tank character in Punishing Gray Raven as follows:

4 Patton & 2 Catherine Set: DPS & Debuffing Targets Build

The Patton & Catherine Memory build set focused on empowering A2 Nier’s physical damage and debuffing enemies’ physical defense for her and other team members.

4 Patton Memory Set: TOP

2 Set Effect: increase the critical rate and Physical damage.
4 Set Effect: increase and stack crit rate until the character gets critical. Plus, the critical hits will increase physical damage for a short time, which can stack.

2 Catherine Piece Memory set: Bottom

2 Set Effect: QTE and 3-Ping skills reduce the target’s physical defense for a few seconds.

4 Patton & 2 Frederick Set: Solo DPS Build

The Patton & Frederick Memory build set focused on A2 Nier solo DPS without switching her off at all to other members.

2 Frederick Piece Memory set: Bottom

2 Set Effect: increases all damage bonus and movement Speed when dodging.

PGR Resonance For Nier A2 Weapons & Memories:

6 Stars Weapon Resonance: Type-4O Lance

  • 1st Slot: Physical damage produces a Smash effect that reduces the target’s physical resistance.
  • 2nd Slot: Gain extra random signal orbs.
  • 3rd Slot: Matrix dodge, increase movement speed, and decrease enemies’ damage deduction.

All Memory Resonance:

  • Top Memory Slot: ATK +15, CRIT +15.
  • Bottom Memory Slot: Tank Skill.

Team Setup For Nier A2 In Punishing Gray Raven:

Nier A2 can fit any physical team in PGR. However, for the best results use 2B & 9S NieR Automata constructs, see the following:

Only Teammates:

  • 2B NieR Automata: S-Rank Physical Attacker.
  • 9S NieR Automata: S-Rank Physical Support.

Similar to the A2 rank and Leader skill effects, the 9S and 2B increase the Nier Automata Collab team’s power. However, you can use your A2 construct with any team you want and have fun.

Even if you can’t evolve her rank effects to SS, SSS, and SSS+, she can be still a good Tank DPS that can carry any Physical Teammates you have.

Check their guides below:

Finally, we hope that our Nier A2 the S-Rank Tank Physical Construct Guide & Builds for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is simple and useful for everyone. For additional information, check below:

Furthermore, support our Punishing Gray Raven Nier A2 character guide by sharing. Knowing that sharing will motivate us to produce more content like this. Also, you can leave a comment for Suggestions, Updates, and Fixes.

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