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PGR 9S NieR Automata Guide & Builds: S Overclock Support

PGR 9S NieR Automata S Support Guide, Builds & Gameplay

9S (YoRHa No.9 Type S), the NieR Automata character that came to Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game as a playable S Rank Support Construct in Untold Naraka Event.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about the S 9S NieR Automata (YoRHa No.9 Type S) S Rank Support character in our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game guide series. This guide also covers the Cruel Oath – Mod build, a 6-star signature weapon that is destined for the 9S character, as well as his memory sets (such as QTE Support & DPS builds). It also introduces the 9S character’s gameplay and his skills in a simple way.

In short: 9S is an S-rank Support construct with 100% physical damage in the PGR (Punishing: Gray Raven). Additionally, if you can get his 6-star Katana weapon, it will greatly increase his effects. Plus, his main SUP build is Da Vinci & Philip II Memory Set, and for the best result use A2 and 2B in the team.

NieR 9S Character Short Overview:

9S is an S Rank Support Construct that is also known as YoRHa No.9 Type S, he is 100% physical damage, which is a playable character in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) RPG game.

The 9S Construct came to the game along with the A2 and 2B characters with the introduction of the NieR Automata Collab update. Plus, the character is available for a limited time including his Cruel Oath – Mod 6-star signature weapon If it follows the same CN region release.

Yokohama type 9S is the deuteragonist of NieR: Automata. He is an Android that served during the 14th Machine War. Although YoRHa No.9 Type S has an offensive performance, his body is designed for investigation tasks. As a member of the YoRHa force, he is good at collecting intelligence using hacker technology.

NieR 9S Is Free In The First Untold Naraka Event:

The S rank NieR 9S Support construct is free, including his coating without Gacha by just logging in during the first Untold Naraka Event.

As a F2P player, you don’t have to pull the NieR 9S construct from the banner unless you want to get him to SS+ Rank by skipping the 2B character pull.

If PGR Global follows the same CN region release, the Untold Naraka Event will returns again after several months (rerun) with a free 2B character.

Otherwise, you can pull the 9S construct if you are Pay To Win player who wants to get him to SSS+ Rank.

9S Gameplay In Punishing Gray Raven:

The 9S character gameplay is about triple anything you have and then using the core orb that appears on the right side of the screen.

Additionally, watch the gameplay below to get a clear idea about the 9S NieR S Support character in Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR):

Nier 9S Skills Guide:

Here you will see a simple skills introduction of the 9S NieR Automata S Support character for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) the RPG game.

Normal skills:

Red Orb (R010: Laser): Fire a laser using the pod, which deals physical damage.

Yellow Orb (A110: Slow): Unleash a deceleration field, which deals physical damage and halts enemies within the area for a few seconds.

Blue Orb (A080: Wave): Launch from the pod an expanding electric ring, which deals physical damage to targets that contact with the ring while healing allies according to 9S Attack.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Hacking Sequence

Consuming energy will trigger a hack on the target, which deals a high amount of physical damage when the hack is successful. Note: You can turn off the Minigame on the Character Skills page.

Core Passive: Overclock Strike

The battle will starts with 100 Overclock Energy points. When a ping 3 orbs and when Overclock Energy is higher than 50, consumes 50 Overclock Energy and gains an Overclock Indicator Orb of the same color on the right side. Every second, 20 Overclock Energy is generated up to 100.

Moreover, pressing the Overclock Indicator Orb will consume all existing same-color orbs, which summon POD to unleash a bullets barrage that deals physical damage. Note: Overclock Indicator Orb is unique and doesn’t follow the normal orb rules.

Overclock Indicator returns a random number of extra orbs if the amount of Signal Orbs used is over 3 seconds. Furthermore, the switch cooldown of other characters is reduced by 1 second for each Overclock Indicator performed and up to 4 seconds.

9S QTE Skill: Tactical Hacking

Recover allies’ HP equal to 100% of 9S’ attack on the field by Hacking.

9S Leader Skill: Scan Domain

The physical damage is boosted and received damage is reduced if 2B, 9S, and A2 are in that same team.

PGR Nier 9S Weapon & Memory Builds:

See below the recommended Nier 9S character weapons and memory builds that can be used in the Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) game:

9S Weapons: Katana

9S can work fine with the 5-star weapon same as other NieR Automata Collab characters in PGR. However, the 6-star weapon, which is called Cruel Oath – Mod will increase his physical damage, Healing effects, and leader effect.

9S Memory Builds:

See the memory build set for the 9S Nier Support character in Punishing Gray Raven as follows:

4 Da Vinci & 2 Philip II Set: QTE Support Build

The Da Vinci & Philip Memory build set focuses on empowering 9S Nier’s QTEs, healing effect, and physical attack damage and defense.

4 Da Vinci Memory Set: Bottom

2 Set Effect: Every time 9S Nier’s QTE is activated, it will increase active character attack and defense for a few seconds.
4 Set Effect: 9S Nier’s QTE will activate another character’s QTE, If there are 3 characters on the field, the attack will be increased.

2 Philip II Memory set: TOP

2 Set Effect: 9S Nier’s healing effect is increased. Plus, the next healing effect will increase physical damage and defense for a few seconds.

4 Frederick & 2 Darwin Set: DPS Build

The Frederick & Darwin Memory build set focuses on empowering 9S Nier damage and Movement Speed upon dodging and also when using signal orbs.

4 Frederick Memory Set: Bottom

2 Set Effect: Increases all 9S Nier’s damage bonus and movement Speed when dodging.
4 Set Effect: 9S Nier’s dodge will reduce the target speed and extra damage Reduction for a few seconds.

2 Darwin Memory set: TOP

2 Set Effect: For every pinged orb, the extra damage bonus for 9S Nier is increased for a few seconds. Moreover, it can be stacked up to 5 times and the duration will be reset every time it is activated.

PGR Resonance For Nier 9S Weapons & Memories:

6 Stars Weapon Resonance:

1st: healing increases the healed target attack.
2nd: Increase the attack of all characters of the team.
3rd: After Dodge Matrix, increase movement speed and decrease enemies’ extra damage reduction while in Matrix.

All Memory Resonance:

Top Memory Slot: ATK +15, CRIT +15.
Bottom Memory Slot: Signature Move.

Team Setup For Nier 9S In Punishing Gray Raven:

Nier 9S can fit any physical team in PGR. However, for the best results use it with the NieR Automata constructs, the 2B Attacker & the A2 Tank, see the following:

Only Teammates:

  • 2B NieR Automata: S-Rank Physical Attacker.
  • A2 NieR Automata: S-Rank Physical Tank.

Check their guides below:

Finally, we hope that our Nier 9S the S-Rank Support Physical Construct Guide & Builds for Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is simple and useful for everyone. For additional information, check below:

Furthermore, support our Punishing Gray Raven Nier 9S Support guide by sharing. Knowing that sharing will motivate us to produce more content like this. Also, you can leave a comment for Suggestions, Updates, and Fixes.

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