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Lost Ark Papunika Story Gameplay List: T3 New Beginning

Playlist: Lost Ark Papunika Story Gameplay

Lost Ark Papunika Story: this is one of many beautiful storylines in Lost Ark, which can be watched through our gaming video playlist above.

Plus, it includes dungeons as part of the Papunika storyline, which can be played alone for solo players.

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Moreover, this post covers the best parts gameplay videos of Papunika’s story that was previously recorded. Plus, we included some additional information.

Is Papunika the Best Story In Lost Ark?

This is not the best story from my point of view. Also, It can be seen as a story that can give players a sense of calm and peace.

This comes after victory against evil demons in the previous T2 content stories.

However, calm and peace never last, and a new storm begins. As always, the evil returns more powerful than ever in the next main storyline that follows, which takes place in South Bern.

Papunika Is The Beginning of T3 Content & Item Level 1302:

In conjunction with this story comes a new item level and a new beginning. Besides, everyone lost months of gear progression again. Therefore, everyone including new players will be able to start from T3.

More About Lost Ark Otherwise Papunika Story:

For more information or videos other than the Lost ark Papunika story gameplay list. Check the link below as well as our YouTube channel.

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