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PGR Pulao Dragontoll Guide & Best Builds: Martial Arts Vanguard

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Pulao Dragontoll is an exceptional S-Rank Martial Arts Vanguard character in Punishing Gray Raven. Her fine-tuned Transcendant frame and unique skills granted her extraordinary power. Available to play starting from the Wandering Dream With Whale/Reveries With A Whale update in the global edition.

In this article, we share the Pulao Dragontoll guide, as part of our Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) Series. it focuses on signature weapons, the memory build, and the best physical team for her.

In short: Pulao Dragontoll is a PGR S-Rank Transcendant Vanguard that can utilize physical elements, dealing burst damage. Her 6-star weapon is called Infinity, a Dragon Maelstrom (T) that primarily boosts Physical Damage and Critical Rate. She has only one memory build, the Marcco Set, which was designed for her. Lastly, her best teammate is Qu Pavo.

Pulao Dragontoll Character Overview:

Pulao Dragontoll in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) is an S-Rank Physical character with a Transcendant Vanguard frame and featuring martial arts gameplay. Capable of dealing 100% Physical Elemental Damage, she wields the Dragon Maelstrom (T) as a weapon, which enhances her combat capabilities. She is also known by many players as Pulao Ornate Bell or 蒲牢·华钟 in the PGR China edition.

Same as all Vanguard characters in PGR, Pulao Dragontoll can be easily pulled out from the Transcendant banner with a pity of 100% while the event is active. Additionally, she is from the Kowloong Chamber of Commerce (KCC) Army, she has the ability to summons a weapon using her signature move to assist in combat and can inflict burst damage using her Core Passive.

You can take a look at the Reveries With A Whale update through the PV official game trailer below, which presents Pulao Dragontoll with her coating skin in Punishing Gray Raven Global and more:

About Pulao Dragontoll:

She had learned some dance moves before becoming a Construct, these moves were incorporated into her attack animations. Pulao Dragontoll was evaluated as more like agile martial arts than elegant dance, which makes her attacks unique and different from other characters in Punishing Gray Raven.

Her frame, the Dragontoll was designed with attention to detail. According to investigations by the Kowloong Chamber of Commerce (KCC) army, her frame does not have any outstanding design in terms of strength output. Accordingly, her extraordinary power comes entirely from the fine-tuning of her frame and the unique skills she has developed in her M.I.N.D system.

While Pulao Dragontoll doesn’t require weapons to fight, she chose the Boundless (Infinity) weapon because of its weight. This weapon is heavy enough that she doesn’t have to worry about dropping it, even if she overuses her strength. It’s a weapon that complements her strength and style, making her even more destructive in battles.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Pulao Dragontoll’s character is her past. She doesn’t remember anything about her life before boarding the Nightship. However, she knows that it must have been a valuable memory. At the same time, she was aware that she had chosen to exchange it for something even more valuable.

Although she doesn’t know much about values, she wants to protect everyone who is seeking value and all that is dear to her and her comrades. This desire to protect others is what makes her an essential character in the game.

The Gameplay of the Pulao Dragontoll Character:

When playing as Pulao Dragontoll in Punishing Gray Raven, there are some points you need to keep in mind to achieve optimal gameplay:

  • Firstly, it’s important to use her Ultimate Signature Move or QTE Skill as soon as possible in order to launch the sword around the map.
  • Secondly, when the gauge is at least half full, it’s best to ping orbs into the sword and then use the basic attack to trigger her core passive.
  • Thirdly, for the powerful skill, long-ping on the Ultimate Signature Move button to trigger it.
  • Finally, repeat the first point to keep the gameplay flowing optimally.

Note: You can build up the gauge using both basic attacks and orbs. To orchestrate the core passive easily, you can call the sword back to Pulao by pinging the Ultimate Signature Move button.

But as we always recommend, you don’t have to strictly follow the above, as you can play the Pulao Dragontoll character in the way you prefer that brings you the best enjoyment. Besides, you can check her gameplay video below:

The PGR gameplay video below is shown Pulao Dragontoll with one of her stunning coating skins that changes the visual effects of her attacks. Moreover, it shows the additional changes to Pulao Dragontoll’s gameplay in the next updates.

Skills Guide Introduction For Pulao Dragontoll In PGR:

Here you can learn about the essential skills of the Pulao Dragontoll in Punishing Gray Raven, which are introduced as follows:

Normal Skills:

Red Orb (Magpie Cut): Perform a devastating roundhouse kick to enemies, dealing Physical Damage. The Dragon Axe triggers the Dragon Force Combo and consumes Dragon Force in the process. Also, gain Super Armor on 3-ping.

Note: the Switch-in skill will perform the 3-Ping version of this skill automatically.

Yellow Orb (Dragon Impact): Collect and strike enemies in a large area with Chi force, dealing Physical Damage and dealing Stillness. Trigger the Dragon Force Combo by using the Dragon Axe and gain Super Armor on 3-ping.

Blue Orb (Abyss Kick): Perform legwork skills with this Physical damage attack. The Dragon Force Combo is triggered when using the Dragon Axe. Also, gain Super Armor on 3-ping.

Ultimate Signature Skill: Spirit Blade Dance (Dragon Throw & Falling Stars)

Spent energy to trigger a Spirit Blade of the Dragon Throw, throwing the Dragon Axe and dealing Physical Damage to enemies in its way. Pulao can call the Dragon Axe to her position at any time by pinging the Ultimate Signature Move button.

With more energy, Pulao can trigger a Spirit Blade of the Falling Stars with a long pinging and holding the Ultimate Signature Move button, dealing a large amount of Physical Damage in a large area.

Core Passive: Snow Dragon

When Pulao comes into contact with the Dragon Axe, she will catch it and then throw it again, dealing the same damage as a Spirit Blade of the Dragon Throw. Besides, Dragon Force is generated by basic attacks and orb pings.

When Pulao’s orb attacks the Dragon Axe, Dragon Force Energy is consumed, resulting in the trigger of the Dragon Force Combo.

Ping Basic Attack repeatedly to perform a follow-up combo that inflicts Physical Damage. Also, the damage reduction will be increased when performing the Dragon Force Combo and the follow-up Combo.

Pulao Dragontoll Weapon & Memory Builds:

Pulao Dragontoll is a cute character and great to have in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR). However, most F2P players can’t also pull out her 6-star weapon, the Infinity. Therefore, choose the fitting Dragon Maelstrom (T) weapon in terms of resources and the black cards you have in PGR.

Weapons Guide:

If you’re a F2P player, the 5-star weapon, Whitefrost Ruler, is the only good choice for the Pulao Dragontoll to save Black Cards. Besides, It has an effect that can increase her damage of signature move.

For P2W players who don’t care about spending real money, the 6-star weapon, Infinity, is Pulao Dragontoll’s signature weapon. It has an effect that boosts her physical damage and base damage of the signature move more than the 5-star weapon. Also, every Dragon Force Combo performed increases the critical rate of the next use of Spirit Blade of the Falling Stars, which can stack up to 2 times.

Memory Builds:

In Punishing Gray Raven, Pulao Dragontoll is a Vanguard character, which means she has only one memory build. Check it out below:

6 Marcco: Main Set

This memory build provides a significant boost to Pulao Dragontoll’s damage output, amplifying both her combo attacks and the power of her Dragon Axe. Additionally, it can grant her a shield, further improving her survivability in combat.

  • 6 Marcco: TOP & Bottom.

PGR Resonance For Pulao Dragontoll:

To maximize Pulao Dragontoll’s potential in Punishing Gray Raven, here are the suggested Resonance for her 6-star weapon (Infinity) and all of her memories:

6-Stars Weapon Resonance: Infinity

  • 1st: Limit Break.
  • 2nd: Signal Overload.
  • 3rd: Matrix Burst.

All Memory Resonance: Marcco

  • Top Memory Slots: Attack & Critical.
  • Bottom Memory Slots: Signature Move Level.

Team Setup For Pulao Dragontoll In PGR:

When it comes to building a team in Punishing Gray Raven, Pulao Dragontoll can only synergize the best with Transcendant teammates. Here are some of the best options to consider for maximum effectiveness:

Suggested Physical Team:

  • 100% Physical: Qu Pavo.
  • 20% Physical: Camu Crocotta.

Check the available guides below:

Finally, we hope that our Pulao Dragontoll guide and builds for Punishing Gray Raven are easy and helpful for everyone, especially F2P players and beginners. Besides, Pulao Dragontoll is an amazing addition as a Martial Arts character to the PGR mobile game.

Her unique frame, gameplay, and skills make her a fascinating character to play. Her backstory and her desire to protect others add depth and make her journey worth discovering.

For more information, check below:

Further, support us by sharing our Punishing Gray Raven Pulao Dragontoll guide, it will encourage us to create more content like this.

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